Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Top 25 National Sprint Car Poll - Week 11

Lucas Wolfe claimed the $10,000 Weikert Memorial at Port Royal Speedway

The Memorial Day weekend gave us a little taste of the summer months as we'll begin to see more races take place with an increased number of specials. This week, our voters' ballots take into consideration all of the races that were contested from May 26th-29th.

Donny Schatz reclaimed the No. 1 spot in the poll following his third and fourth place runs at The Dirt Track at Charlotte and Lawrenceburg Speedway over the holiday weekend. His consistency all season is evidenced by his series-leading 21 top five finishes on tour this season. He'll look to get back to victory lane this weekend as the World of Outlaws visit the Jackson Motorplex.

David Gravel slides down to the No. 2 spot following a weekend where he was able to claim a pair of top ten finishes. The remainder of the top five spots is comprised of World of Outlaws drivers Brad Sweet, Shane Stewart and Daryn Pittman. The first non-Outlaw competitor in our rankings comes in at No. 8, and that's where you'll find Grain Valley, MO's Brian Brown.

NASCAR driver Kyle Larson makes his way back into the Top 25 Rankings for the first time since our Week 1 rankings back in February following his performance in a thriller at Lawrenceburg Speedway. Hopefully we're able to see Larson race a little more often soon as the mid-week shows begin to pile-up.

Lucas Wolfe is this week's Hard Charger Award recipient as he moved from Not Ranked to No. 18 in our poll. Wolfe bested a strong field of cars Monday evening at Port Royal Speedway to claim the $10,000 Weikert Memorial victory. He returns to the Top 25 Rankings after briefly dropping out last week for the first time all season.

Our panel of voting members included the following:
Anthony Corini, Brian Liskai, Bobby Gerould, Kyle Symons, Mike Leone, Mike Mallett, Shawn Miller and Tyler Beichner.

Previous rankings: Preseason Week 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |

1. Donny Schatz, 200 points (8)
Recent Results: Contended for the win at Charlotte and Lawrenceburg but settled for two Top 5 finishes
Previous Ranking: 2nd (+1)

2. David Gravel, 190 points
Recent Results: An uncharacteristic weekend found him finishing 8th & 10th at Charlotte and Lawrenceburg
Previous Ranking: 1st (-1)

3. Brad Sweet, 184 points
Recent Results: Followed up his runner-up finish at Charlotte with a 4th place run at Lawrenceburg
Previous Ranking: 3rd (NC)

4. Shane Stewart, 165 points
Recent Results: Found victory lane in a Lawrenceburg thriller following a 7th place finish at Charlotte
Previous Ranking: 6th (+2)

5. Daryn Pittman, 161 points
Recent Results: Grabbed a 7th place at Lawrenceburg finish after finishing on the podium Friday at Charlotte
Previous Ranking: 4th (-1)

6. Jason Johnson, 157 points
Recent Results: Just cracked the Top 10 at Lawrenceburg following a mediocre 14th at Charlotte
Previous Ranking: 5th (-1)

7. Logan Schuchart, 145 points
Recent Results: Got the win in front of a huge Charlotte crowd before blowing a motor at Lawrenceburg
Previous Ranking: 9th (+2)

8. Brian Brown, 133 points
Recent Results: Accompanied his win at Jackson Motorplex with another podium run at Knoxville Raceway
Previous Ranking: 8th (NC)

9. Lance Dewease, 132 points
Recent Results: A 3rd place run at Williams Grove set up his win and 6th place finish at Port Royal
Previous Ranking: 7th (-2)

10. Ian Madsen, 126 points
Recent Results: He ran 4th at Jackson on Friday before picking up his 2nd Knoxville win of the year
Previous Ranking: 11th (+1)

11. Danny Dietrich, 107 points
Recent Results: A win on Friday highlighted a weekend of 3 top four finishes at Williams Grove & Port Royal
Previous Ranking: 13th (+2)

12. Tim Shaffer, 98 points
Recent Results: Separated his 11th & 12th place runs against the Outlaws with a F.A.S.T. win at Fremont
Previous Ranking: 14th (+2)

13. Sheldon Haudenschild, 95 points
Recent Results: Recorded finishes of 10th and 13th at Charlotte and Lawrenceburg, respectively
Previous Ranking: 10th (-3)

14. Rico Abreu, 74 points
Recent Results: His first start in a couple of weeks resulted in a 6th place against the WoO at Lawrenceburg
Previous Ranking: 19th (+5)

15. Dale Blaney, 71 points
Recent Results: Scored strong runs of 4th (Williams Grove), 3rd & 9th (Port Royal) in Central PA
Previous Ranking: 17th (+2)

16. Chad Kemenah, 70 points
Recent Results: Followed up a rough night at Attica by finishing 14th at Lawrenceburg Speedway
Previous Ranking: 12th (-4)

17. Kerry Madsen 62 points
Recent Results: Earned finishes of 6th (Jackson Motorplex) and 4th (Knoxville) over the weekend
Previous Ranking: 16th (-1)

18. Lucas Wolfe, 51 points
Recent Results: Now $10,000 richer following his Weikert Memorial win at Port Royal Speedway
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

19. Freddie Rahmer, 49 points
Recent Results: Settled for runner-up at Williams Grove before picking up the win at Lincoln Speedway
Previous Ranking: 25th (+6)

20. Kyle Larson, 45 points
Recent Results: Settled for 2nd place at Lawrenceburg after losing a heartbreaker to his own car
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

21. Greg Hodnett, 44 points
Recent Results: Ran 5th at Williams Grove before claiming back-to-back 8th place finishes at Port Royal
Previous Ranking: 18th (-3)

22. Jason Sides, 42 points
Recent Results: Struggled all weekend as evidenced by a pair of 19th place finishes
Previous Ranking: 15th (-7)

23. Parker Price-Miller, 39 points
Recent Results: Followed up his DNF at Attica with 2nd and 11th place finishes at Fremont and Lawrenceburg
Previous Ranking: 23rd (NC)

24. Mark Dobmeier, 38 points
Recent Results: Finished 2nd at the Jackson Motorplex in preparation of this weekend's WoO visit
Previous Ranking: 21st (-3)

25. Kyle Hirst, 30 points
Recent Results: The California native had no '410' races to enter on the west coast this weekend
Previous Ranking: 20th (-5)

Dropped Out of Rankings
Joey Saldana (22), Brian Montieth (24)

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