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2015 Super Dirt Week Pick'Em Contest Scoring Page

And the Triple 20's are in the books and we have some scores to update! Remember, if you picked Larry Wight in your selections you already had 10 points as he set quick time on Thursday.  The points for the triple 20's went as follows:  Win= 15: Top 5 = 10: Top 10 = 5.

Here's the Points Table headed into Sunday's 200 lap finale:

Pos. Entry Name Points

1 3 Darrin Davis 80
2 17 The Penetrator 80
3 1 Tim Gunter 75
4 12 Jason Skow 75
5 31 Calvin Knapp 75
6 51 John Lo Presto 75
7 55 Mrs. Missle 75
8 65 Greg 75
9 24 Josh Guttin 70
10 25 Matt 70
11 26 Scott Van Luven 70
12 36 Mo Wanchuk 70
13 42 Julie 70
14 49 Krystina Lloyd 70
15 29 Ariana Arsenault 65
16 33 Buzz 65
17 41 Thomas Getz 65
18 47 Nerfbar 65
19 53 Krystine Wason 65
20 62 Bill Naughright 65
21 63 TH39 65
22 71 JD 65
23 78 Casey 65
24 82 Beckster01 65
25 23 Mighty Casey 60
26 16 Michelle Kennedy 55
27 5 Jared Butcosk 55
28 32 uNLeashed410 55
29 45 Keith Fassett 55
30 48 Larry Wrobel 55
31 50 Destiny Sheldon 55
32 44 Steve  C 55
33 76 ggorton 55
34 4 Whitney Wallace 50
35 19 High Wide and Handsome 50
36 38 Janna Knapp 50
37 40 Brock Murphy 50
38 52 Trevor Hawkins 50
39 68 Josh Bayko 50
40 75 James Bivighouse 50
41 79 PA Posse 50
42 6 cme1235 45
43 8 Roger Everts 45
44 13 Lucas Punkari 45
45 14 AJ Flick 45
46 18 Jake Booth 45
47 21 Aaron Clay 45
48 22 Moandtracy 45
49 27 Troy Ruth 45
50 59 Brighton Speedway Mark 45
51 35 Ric Blevins 45
52 58 Jason Stearns 45
53 69 Tommy Schirnhofer 45
54 70 James Dandy 45
55 73 RIch Berry 45
56 77 Kyle Stramaski 45
57 81 Levi Vander Weide 45
58 83 Tyler Quinn 45
59 2 Andrew Loria 40
60 7 Kim Gerber 40
61 10 Guy Fortier 40
62 11 Brian Knox 40
63 15 Pat Miller 40
64 20 Doug England 40
65 34 Patti Butler 40
66 37 Tyler Beichner 40
67 39 Bob Pine 40
68 46 Mark Flick 40
69 54 buell12cc 40
70 61 Rich Watkins 40
71 64 Cody 40
72 67 D1rtInMyBeer 40
73 72 Zeek 40
74 80 Krystal 40
75 28 Kyle Symons 35
76 43 Eggy 35
77 56 Scott Priester 35
78 57 Jarret Zendt 35
79 66 Dobie 35
80 74 Howard Carr 35
81 9 James Barber 30
82 60 Mike Davies42 30
83 30 Jason Thomas 25

Here's how the drivers in our contest scored on Saturday:

Friesen- 15
Wight- 15
Terrance- 15
Tremont- 10
Sheppard- 10
Hearn- 10
Decker- 10
Howard- 10
Ward- 10
Phelps- 10
Coffey- 10
Cozze- 10
Dunn- 10
Danny Johnson- 5
Fuller- 5
Blaney- 5
Horton- 5
Williamson- 5
Laubach- 5
Heffner- 5
Godown- 0
Bachetti- 0
Alan Johnson- 0
Tomkins- 0
Britten- 0

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

TDN Super Dirt Week Preview: One More Mile To Go

And this is it. For the final time, the beasts of the east will grace the Moody Mile dirt in the salt city. For years, Syracuse was the race anybody and everybody wanted to win. It brought out Indy guys, Nascar guys, and every big money dirt driver within a reasonable distance whether they traditionally drove a modified or not.  And to this day, it's still the pinnacle of the north eastern modified season.

And that day, will come and go later this week.  A new tradition at a new facility will take the spot that the event has now, but will never quite be the same experience at Syracuse provided since 1972.  So, if you're in the area, enjoy it! Savor it! And appreciate the history behind it, and all the great times and relationships that have come from it over the years.

But....there's still one more mile to go.

Where: The New York State Fairgrounds

When: Thursday through Sunday October 7-10

Details: For daily schedules, driver lists and ticket information: Click Here  There'll be sportsman modifieds, 358 modifieds, pro stocks and of course.....Big Blocks, culminating in the 200 lap finale on Sunday

How to Follow: Get the Pay Per View Package from It'll all be available.  Can't do it? then follow the wonderful @DTDMike (Mike Mallet) on twitter or facebook, he's a TDN hall of famer and doesn't miss a beat! For LIVE updates as they happen, try this link from Dirt Track Digest

What's at Stake?: $50,000 and a place in dirt racing history!

For a list of past winners, look no further! Syracuse 200 winners list

So what does it take to win? Well, it takes skill, patience, a great car, and a great team. But more than that, it takes the ability to make the car last 200 miles while putting yourself in position to win. Lots of guys can nurse the car around the track and finish 20th. But to win, a driver must know when the exact moment to go for the win is. It's a unique race, with a pit stop to boot. Some say it's like a nascar race on dirt. And yes, sometimes it comes down to fuel mileage.  But no matter what you may think of it, the uniqueness of the format and distance make it special. 

As far as the track goes, the mile tends to get hard and slick fairly quickly. Slower can be faster as the action goes along. But the driver that wins, is the driver that can stay consistent and yet keep the leaders in view until it's go time!

Now, let's talk about some drivers. We'll start with the prime contenders!

First of all, did you read our most recent edition of our North East Modified Rankings?

Stewart Friesen: Last year's winner and two time champion comes in fairly hot once again and is the favorite coming in. Friesen's got he experience, the nerve, and the skills to repeat and become the final champion. But it might not be enough as there's a driver that's as hot as Friesen has been there is lurking.

Billy Decker: He could easily be the champion as he's driven the wheels off the car in recent action. Decker's won here before, but not since 2005 and would love to take the last 200 on the mile more than ever. He'll have the car to beat in the final 50 laps perhaps as he knows how to keep it fresh over the first 3/4's of the race, and he'll be hunting like a hungry dog this year.

Matt Sheppard:  The 2009 champion and three time Super DIRTcar Series winner comes into the affair a little on the cold side, but don't let that fool you. Sheppard is more than capable of getting the job done.

Brett Hearn: The six time champion, traditionally hated as much as he is loved (the great ones usually are) may be a surprise fan favorite to take the final checkered flag at the mile. And not many are really talking about him which is a little surprising. Because if there's one thing we can assume, it's that he's going to give it his best shot. It's his last opportunity to put a 7th name on the cup so to speak. He comes in a little bit cold, not that it should matter though as his instincts are still amazing and his car will be more than up to the challenge

Here's some others to look for!

Dave Blaney: It's been a while for the former Nascar and World of Outlaw Sprint driver, but Blaney could be a dark horse worth following beyond the novelty factor of his appearance.  Like riding a bike, you never lose the ability. The only question is can he get enough seat time to feel comfortable for a good time trial run. If not, he could still come from the mid pack or further back to win this one.

Danny Johnson: If the Dr can make the machine last, he could be in the top 5 at the end. And if that's the case, anything's possible!

Billy Dunn: The surprise 2013 winner has looked good in practice and should still be a top 10 factor for most of 200 laps, he may need some luck to make it happen again, and he's due for some.

Kenny Tremont:  He's been incredibly hot down the stretch and he's done it before (1999)

Larry Wight: Lightning Larry Wight has taken his game up a notch in 2015 and has been fast everywhere he's run this year.

Frank Cozze:  Yes, we know some of you are asking who he is.  He's a former champion that looked great in practice this week!


To simply reach into a hat of the four names of the top contenders and draw one would be silly.  They've all got a great chance. So Friesen and Decker are the two obvious choices. But we could be due for a first time winner in the last edition of the 200 as we know it, and if that is the case, we'll go with Larry Wight in a mild upset!

Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 North East Modified Rankings Volume 4

Okay folks, it's time for another edition of our Northeast Modified Rankings! Remember, we throw it all together here, big blocks, 358's, from all areas of the north east and Canada on Hoosiers or American Racers. Sail Panels or not, it does not matter as long as it's a modified!  So check it out and enjoy how we rank the best of the best in north east modified action

You can check out the first three volumes below:

2015 North East Modified Rankings Volume 1

2015 North East Modified Rankings Volume 2

2015 North East Modified Rankings Volume 3

Rankings Explained: 

 For this edition, we'll be using the time from August 27th to October 4th as the official review period. The weekly action is over for this ranking period, so we'll be focusing on the money races from now until our final edition in November!

Here's a few guidelines to consider:
  • How many races did the driver partake in
  • How big are the purses
  • What is the level of competition at home tracks or in special events
  • Bad luck factor, wrecks, mechanical problems
This is for entertainment purposes only, we like to have fun, but if you object to the order of the list, feel free to make a comment.

1. Stewart Friesen - Last Ranking- 3rd

We're at that point of the season where the money races play a bigger part of these rankings, and it's a tough call this month. We could really have 1 and 1A here, but we'll give the nod to Friesen who had it not been for mechanical gremlins at Fulton in the Outlaw 200 could have four big money wins in the review period. Friesen completed an Super DIRTcar Series hat trick which straddled the period with SDS wins at Ransomville and Rolling Wheels plus a 2nd at Fonda. Throw in a Short Track Super Series Win at Thunder Mountain and as of right now, he's got the slightest of edges over our second ranked driver.  Friesen looks primed to take another trophy home at the Moody Mile. 

2. Billy Decker - Last Ranking- 5th

Decker ended the review period as hot as Friesen began it, and is coming into prime form at the right time! Decker snagged the SDS tour win at Fonda in late September and then took home the money in the Outlaw 200 at Fulton. What's more, his consistency has returned which makes rumors of being on shaky ground at team Gypsum all the more puzzling. If Friesen is to be toppled in his quest to go back to back at Syracuse, Decker will definitely be one of the guys doing the toppling. 

3. Matt Sheppard - Last Ranking- 1st

His dominant weekly season is now over, and it's onto the year end specials for Super Matt where to be quite honest, he's looked non Sheppard-like. He did however snag a nice $10,000 pay check at the Race of Champions sanctioned New York-er 200 at Utica-Rome, which is really only a 100 lap race but we digress. He's been finishing outside the top 5 for a little while now when the best of the best are put together. We can't tell if it's time to be concerned, or if it's a calm before an October storm, but we'd bet on the latter. 

4. Larry Wight- Last Ranking- 7th

Young Mr. Wight rises in this edition on the heels of an SDS tour win at Autodrome Granby and and podium finishes at Fonda and Ransomville and another podium at the Outlaw 200. Like his Gypsum teammate he's getting hot at the right time and probably makes the best dark horse selection for the Super DIRT Week finale! This season for him has proved one thing, that the greatness we saw in 2014, stuck around throughout the entire year for the most part with no huge dips in results except for a hard luck second middle stretch. He rebounded!  

5. Jimmy Phelps - Last Ranking- 4th

He's got a weekly win at Brewerton and a top 10 or top 5 virtually everywhere else he's put the car on the track. Look for a satellite show win from him during SDW, and a win at the mile is not completely out of the question should he wind up with some luck.

6. Duane Howard- Last Ranking- Honorable Mention

Had he run a little more in some of the other big money shows, he probably makes the top five for sure. Nevertheless, Howard won the All Star Shootout at New Egypt and ran fourth at  the Freedom 76er at Grandview and everything else has been in the top five.

7. Brett Hearn - Last Ranking- 2nd

Wow! Mr. Hearn has run across hard times ever since he ran out of gas, on the track anyway, (some say he never runs out of gas and stand downwind of him). Since the review period has started, Hearn's finished outside the top 10 more times than in it, but did manage a weekly win at Albany-Saratoga. Still though, there is great reason to expect a win or podium finish in the 200, it's the last one and he's going to give it everything he has.

8. Danny Johnson- Last Ranking- 8th

He's actually started 90 races this year, most of any other modified driver which is quite an accomplishment for a man his age.  He's had a rough second half and a fair review period for the Dr's standards, garnering weekly win at Ransomville and some podiums here and there. There'd probably be more if the 358 DIRTcar series weren't so protracted this year (what happens to it in 2016?). But anyway, we're hoping for a turnaround for him at SDW.

9. Tim Fuller - Last Ranking- Unranked

He's been a quiet soul for most of the year. A new car, new ride and time away from full time modified racing will do that for you. But as the season's gone along, he's gotten better and now he's getting consistent in the money shows. Fuller's put almost everything in the top 10 lately, including a 4th place finish at the Outlaw 200.  Perhaps it was a little too much to expect him to jump right back into action and be a title contender. But if the season started today, he'd be among the 5 or so drivers with a chance at a title.

10. Ryan Godown- Last Ranking- Unranked

And we welcome Mr. Godown back to the top 10 this time out with a New Egypt win and a Coalcracker 72 win at Big Diamond with pretty much every PA/NJ star in the house.

Honorable Mentions: 

Craig VonDohren: Hat's off to the PA/NJ veteran who snagged $25,000 in the Freedom 76er with the victory. He's quietly gone about his business and had a very good season at Grandview this year.  

Mat Williamson: Mighty Mat's been keeping it close by lately with a handful of races since his red hot's a calm before a storm, and odds are if you haven't heard much about him already, he'll be a household name by November..stay tuned.

Erick Rudolph: Continuing his true outlaw season, Mr Rudolph took home three wins in various weekly and unsanctioned specials. He's been active too, spending time with the SDS, RoC and STSS too, and he's basically a threat to win on a given night in all three.

Kevin Hartnett & Jordan Watson: Co honorable mentions go to Mr. Hartnett and Mr. Watson who each took home tour wins on their home tracks with Hartnett winning the RoC "Clash at the Can" while Watson found himself in victory lane at Georgetown in STSS action.

And that'll do it for this edition. We've got one more to go as a season in review awaits you all in November when we unveil our North East Modified Driver of the Year!

Cole Duncan Claims the 17th Annual Freedom 40 and $4,000

The inaugural Freedom 40 at Atomic Speedway (Waverly, OH) took place in 1990, but there was never a more dominating performance than the ones fans witnessed last night as Cole Duncan dominated the race from it's onset. The Lockbourne, OH native got off to a hot start on the evening when he timed in 2nd quick out of the 32 cars that took time. He continued on to win his heat, redraw the number 1 pill, and lap up to the 5th position during his $4,000 triumph.

Cole Duncan was never seriously challenged throughout the 40 lapper. He was able to maneuver through lapped traffic, and when it was all said done Duncan had lapped up through the 6th position. The win was his 5th triumph of the season, 4 of which have come at the Atomic Speedway. His other victory on the 2015 season came at Fremont Speedway (Fremont, OH).

Atomic Speedway under a beautiful and sunny October sky
Brad McCown and his crew had Atomic Speedway in tip-top shape following a week of cold and rainy weather. Relentless track work and sunny skies proved to be the remedy as the high-banked 3/8th mile oval was bad-fast from the drop of the green in hot laps to when the checkered flag flew at the end of the night.

The favorite heading into the night's racing had to be the "King of the All Stars" Dale Blaney, who had won in each of his last 7 visits to the speedway. 33 other drivers vied to unseat him atop his Atomic Speedway throne.

The no. 22 machine piloted by Cole Duncan paced the field to green for the 40 lap finale with National Sprint Car HoF inductee Danny Smith alongside. Duncan took command heading into the first turn and held the point position as he crossed under the flagstand to complete lap one followed by 4th starting Caleb Armstrong, Danny Smith, Cap Henry and Sheldon Haudenschild.

The first race stoppage came with 2 laps complete as the familiar no. 56 of Ryan Myers came to a stop on the top of turn 3. The field returned to green after Myers rejoined the field but it was short lived. Only one more lap would be completed before the 2nd place car of Caleb Armstrong, who had set quick time on the night, got upside down in turns 1 & 2.

Fresh off the red flag, Cole Duncan led the field back to green with just 3 laps complete. By the time 7 laps were in the books, Sheldon Haudenschild had worked up from his 8th starting spot to claim the 2nd position and began his pursuit of the polesitter Duncan.

The field quickly got into traffic on the 8th circuit but it did not last long. Ryan Myers stopped to bring out his 2nd yellow of the evening, which reset the field. Only one more lap would be completed after the ensuing restart as R.J. Perkins would wind up on his lid when his no. A79 machine turned over in turn 4. Open red flag conditions followed with 9 laps scored; crews could add fuel only.

Cars got back to green with 9 laps completed following the 2nd red flag of the event and two laps later the 2nd place car of Sheldon Haudenschild found trouble when he also got upside down in the middle of turns 1 & 2. Haudenschild's night came to a disappointing end. Also retiring to the pit area under red was Cap Henry, who was running 4th when the red flew.

Inheriting the runner-up spot was again Danny Smith. Restarting behind him with 11 laps complete were Dale Blaney, Jimmy Stinson, and Danny Holtgraver.

The final 29 laps were run caution free following the 3 red flags and 2 cautions that slowed the field previously. On the restart following the Haudenschild mishap, Jimmy Stinson found the top-side of the speedway as he moved from 4th to 2nd in one lap. Stinson then had his sights set on the leader but had nothing for him.

Duncan moved into lapped traffic once again on the 16th circuit and by lap 26 had opened up a straightaway advantage over Jimmy Stinson.

Through the middle portions of the race it was Danny Holtgraver who appeared to have the fastest car on the track. Holtgraver, who was piloting the no. 70 owned by Pete Grove for the first time, found a lot of speed through the middle of the speedway. After starting in 11th position, he had quietly moved up through the field.

Biding his time, Holtgraver finally worked into the 3rd position after getting under Dale Blaney who was having trouble getting by a lapped car. Dale Blaney would hold the 4th position for the remainder of the race with Randy Hannagan sitting a ways back in 5th.

Caleb Armstrong was all smiles after
receiving his $500 Fast Time award
Dean Jacobs, the winner of the B-Main and 17th place starter, had moved up into the 6th position at one point but a flat RR retired him from the race with 7 laps to go.

Cole Duncan took the checkers on lap 40, finishing 3.862 seconds ahead of Jimmy Stinson. Danny Holtgraver, Dale Blaney, and Randy Hannagan rounded out the top 5.

Caleb Armstrong earned the $500 Fast Time award when he set quick time over the 34-car field with a lap time of 11.739 seconds. Winning the four heat races were Armstrong, Cole Duncan, Jimmy Stinson, and Danny Smith

Dean Jacobs car following his nasty
flip during hot laps. His crew did make repairs
Six drivers got upside down on the evening. Dean Jacobs flipped off of turn 2 during hot laps. The crew was able to rebuild the car in time for his heat race. Chris Fraley and Bob Tucker brought out red flags in their respective heat races. Caleb Armstrong, R.J. Perkins, and Sheldon Haudenschid all flipped during the 40-lap finale.

The OVSCA 410 Sprints were also joined on the card by 44 Modified ($1,500 to win) and 30 Sport Mods ($1,000 to win).

Freedom 40 Finish [start]: 1. 22-Cole Duncan [1] ($4,000) 2. 6-Jimmy Stinson [3] 3. 70-Danny Holtgraver [11] 4. 1-Dale Blaney [7] 5. 11N-Randy Hannagan [6] 6. 4-Danny Smith [2] 7. 9P-Parker Price-Miller [10] 8. 60-Kory Crabtree [13] 9. 22B-Ryan Broughton [14] 10. 22D-Josh Davis [22] 11. 8-Dave Smith [20] 12. 40-Mark Imler [21] 13. 30-Hud Horton [18] 14. 97-Dean Jacobs [17] 15. 35R-Ronnie Blair [15] 16. 99-Todd Kane [12] 17. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild [8] 18. 21-Cap Henry [5] 19. 59-Bryan Nuckles [16] 20. A79-R.J. Perkins [19] 21. 56-Ryan Myers [9] 22. 7c-Caleb Armstrong [4]

Qualifying Results: 1.7c-Caleb Armstrong 2. 22-Cole Duncan 3. 1-Dale Blaney 4. 21H-Cap Henry 5. 11N-Randy Hannagan 6. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild 7. 6-Jimmy Stinson 8. 4-Danny Smith 9. 56-Ryan Myers 10. 84-Nathan Skaggs 11. 70-Danny Holtgraver 12. 99-Todd Kane 13. 60-Kory Crabtree 14. 9P-Parker Price-Miller 15. 35R-Ronnie Blair 16. 59-Bryan Nuckles 17. 21-Kody Swanson 18. 40-Mark Imler 19. 3F-Chris Fraley 20. c1-Clay Riney 21. 22D-Josh Davis 22. 22B-Ryan Broughton 23. 3FX-Dean Kester 24. 83x-Nate Reeser 25. 8-Dave Smith 26. 22R-Kevin Roberts 27. 9w-Lance Webb 28. 30-Hud Horton 29. 08-Brandon Conkle 30. 12-Nick Roberts 31. A79-R.J. Perkins 32. 45-Bob Tucker     NT. 7A-Dave Dickson     NT. 97-Dean Jacobs

Heat One: 1. 7c-Caleb Armstrong 2. 11N-Randy Hannagan 3. 56-Ryan Myers 4. 60-Kory Crabtree 5. 8-Dave Smith 6. 22D-Josh Davis 7. 08-Brandon Conkle 8. 21-Kody Swanson    DNS. 7A-Dave Dickson

Heat Two: 1. 22-Cole Duncan 2. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild 3. 9P-Parker Price-Miller 4. 22B-Ryan Broughton 5. 97-Dean Jacobs 6. 40-Mark Imler 7. 84-Nathan Skaggs 8. 12-Nick Roberts 9. 22R-Kevin Roberts

Heat Three: 1. 6-Jimmy Stinson 2. 1-Dale Blaney 3. 70-Danny Holtgraver 4. 35R-Ronnie Blair 5. A79-R.J. Perkins 6. 3FX-Dean Kester 7. 3F-Chris Fraley 8. 9w-Lance Webb

Heat Four: 1. 4-Danny Smith 2. 21H-Cap Henry 3. 99-Todd Kane 4. 59-Bryan Nuckles 5. 30-Hud Horton 6. 83x-Nate Reeser 7. c1-Clay Riney 8. Bob Tucker

Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Super DIRT Week Pick'Em Contest Presented by Dirt Track Digest

Welcome to our Inaugural Super Dirt Week Pick'Em Contest! It is the last year for racing at the legendary Moody Mile, (if only we'd come along sooner we'd have been doing this one every year!), but nevertheless, we have it for you now and we hope you enjoy it!

Mark Elsie Photo

This contest is free to play and open to everybody, and it helps make the racing a little more interesting as those of you who have played our other national event pick'em contests already know.


1st Place-  $50.00 Visa Gift Card
2nd Place-  $15 Subway Gift Card and a Dirt Track Digest tshirt
3rd Place- Dirt Track Digest tshirt

The winner also receives a place in our TDN Pick'Em Hall of Fame. 

HOW TO PLAY: *All entries must be received by Thursday October 8 at 12 Noon.

It's very simple. We'll give you a link at the end of this page to our contest entry form, simply click to begin and make your selections and provide information on ALL 7 Pages!!!  ONLY entries that have all selections made and include a name and email address will be scored! Scores will be updated after the Triple 20's are run. 

Your selections will be scored with the following scoring system:

If your one of your selections sets the overall quick time during time trials, you will be awarded
10 points

For the Triple 20's:

The following points will be awarded if any of your drivers finish in the following positions:

Win= 15
Top 5 = 10
Top 10= 5

For the 200:

Win = 30
Top 5 = 20
Top 10 = 15
Top 15 = 10
Make The Show = 5

If any of your drivers are the leader at the 100 lap mark (halfway), you will receive an extra 10 point bonus!

And now, about our sponsor....

Dirt Track Digest is one of the premier dirt racing websites in the world. It provides complete coverage of all divisions and has been a home to the finest Big Block/North East modified coverage found on the internet! The supersite features stories from the track, interesting and on point columns, and it's world class forum has been a home to modified fans from the north east for years! Be sure to make it a daily mouse click for great stories, information, and much more!

So are you ready to play? Did you do your homework? Have you looked over the past winners and top five finishers from years past?  Then you're ready! Simply click the link below to start your entry and enjoy!  Good luck, and thanks for playing!!

2015 TDN Super Dirt Week Pick'Em Contest Presented by Dirt Track Digest: Click Here!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dietrich and Hodnett Highlight the Northeast's Talent; Other Area Races Heating Up

It's almost impossible to deny, so why beat around the bush? Week in and week out this season since the snow melted and tracks opened their gates, Central PA drivers Danny Dietrich and Greg Hodnett have been the fastest and most consistent drivers hands down.

Other competitors have thrown their hats into the ring at different points in time, and we've witnessed some pretty incredible hot streaks in 2015. Stevie Smith's domination of PA Speedweeks, Dale Blaney's masterful driving in July, and Brent Marks three Port Royal triumphs in a seven-day span come to mind. But my point still stands, Dietrich and Hodnett have been the creme of the crop.

As evidenced by our Northeast Sprintcar Championship presented by R&R Racewear, the pair has blown away the competition (full standings can be found here).

Pos. [Points] Driver Name - Wins
1. [116] Danny Dietrich - 15 wins
2. [114] Greg Hodnett - 14 wins
3. [92] Dale Blaney - 12 wins
4. [80] Brian Montieth - 9 wins
5. [59] Stevie Smith - 9 wins

With the number of events winding down, I don't foresee anyone coming from 3rd on back to make a run at the title. However, a we have some very tight battles in each of our local breakdowns.

Dietrich and Hodnett will have a cage match of their own as they still have remaining races at Williams Grove, Port Royal, Lincoln, Susquehanna, and Path Valley Speedway.

In particular, the Ohio and Western PA areas are experiencing the tightest races. Byron Reed is holding down the top spot but only by 4 markers over fellow Ohio native Cole Duncan. With just 3 races left in the area at Atomic Speedway ($4,000 to win), Millstream Speedway, and Eldora Speedway (ASCoC-sanctioned), a win at either event could certainly shake up the standings.

The closest race can be found in Western PA where competitiveness comes at a premium. Veteran driver Mercer Raceway Park track champion Jack Sodeman, Jr sits just 1 point ahead of 2nd year driver and Lernerville Speedway track champion A.J. Flick. Brandon Matus, who finished 2nd in both points standings, is just 3 points behind Sodeman and 2 behind the youngster Flick. The $3,000 to win Steel City Stampede at Lernerville Speedway is the only race left that these guys are likely to enter. Look for the results of this race as it will likely determine the top Western PA driver of the season.

Points will end and become official on October 31st. Remaining tracks with counting point races are Williams Grove, Port Royal, Susquehanna, Path Valley, Port Royal,

Central PA
1. Danny Dietrich [116]
Byron Reed currently leads the Ohio area points
2. Greg Hodnett [114]
3. Brian Montieth [80]
4. Stevie Smith [59]
5. Lucas Wolfe [48]

1. Byron Reed [40]
2. Cole Duncan [36]
3. Cap Henry [33]
4. Craig Mintz [22]
5. Dean Jacobs [21]

Western PA
1. Jack Sodeman, Jr [22]
2. A.J. Flick [21]
3. Brandon Matus [19]
4. Carl Bowser [18]
5. Ed Lynch, Jr [15]
Western PA hotshoe Jack Sodeman, Jr holds a 1 pt. lead
over youngster A.J. Flick in the Western PA points

All Star Circuit of Champions
1. Dale Blaney [92]
2. Sheldon Haudenschild [51]
3. Cody Darrah [49]
4. Greg Wilson [37]
5. Ryan Smith [37]

World of Outlaws
1. Donny Schatz [32]
2. Shane Stewart [18]
3. Joey Saldana [11]
4. Daryn Pittman [8]
    Paul McMahan [8]

1. Rico Abreu [12]
2. Sammy Swindell [9]
3. Steve Kinser [8]
4. Dave Blaney [6]
    Tanner Thorson [6]