Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend Scoreboard

Welcome to scattered, covered and smothered results from this weekend in DIRT! The World of Outlaw Sprints had to call off the rest of their Canadian invasion thanks to mother nature, but the All Stars were in action this weekend, and of course the $50,000 to win World of Outlaw Late Model USA Nationals took center stage Saturday night as Jonathan Davenport added to his Crown Jewel collection with yet another big money victory!

So here's a bunch of results for your viewing pleasure from all over the place. If it's one thing we like to do at TDN, it's to help keep fans of every division (the truly enlightened)..all together on the same page! 

Saturday August 1:

World Of Outlaw Late Models at Cedar Lake Speedway (WI)- ($50,000)

1. Jonathan Davenport  2. Billy Moyer  3. Dennis Erb Jr  4. Billy Moyer  5. Chase Junghans
6. Frank Heckenast Jr  7. Shannon Babb  8. Jason Feger  9. AJ Diemel  10. Mike Marlar
11. Josh Richards  12. Shane Clanton  13. RC Whitwell  14. Scott Bloomquist 
15. Morgan Bagley  16. Boom Briggs  17. Billy Moyer Jr  18. Eric Wells  19. Tim McCreadie
20. Chris Simpson  21. Jimmy Mars  22. Brandon Overton  23. Darrell Lanigan
24. Mitch McGrath  25. Rodney Sanders  26. Chub Frank  27. Brandon Sheppard
28. Jesse Stovall  29. Bobby Pierce

All Star Sprints at Atomic Speedway (OH)

1. Dale Blaney  2.Ryan Smith  3. Sheldon Haudenschield  4. Cale Thomas 
5. Kevin Swindell  6. Cole Duncan  7. Ryan Broughton  8. Tim Shaffer  9. James McFadden
10. Greg Wilson  11. Jimmy Stinson  12. Chad Kemenah  13. Danny Holtgraver
14. Randy Hannagan  15. Kory Crabtree  16. Steve Kinser  17. Brandon Wimmer
18. Danny Smith  19. Lee Jacobs  20. Bryan Knuckles  21. Rob Chaney  22. Cody Darrah
23. Ryan Meyers  24. Travis Philo  25. Jac Haudenschield

USAC National Midgets at Belleville High Banks Speedway (KS)

1. Bryan Clauson  2. Christopher Bell  3. Rico Abreu  4. Tracy Hines  5. Jerry Coons Jr
6. Kevin Thomas Jr  7. Zach Daum   8. Tanner Thorson  9. Cody Brewer  10. Dave Darland
11. Tyler Thomas  12. Patrick Stasa  13. Jeff Stasa  14.  Issac Chapple  15. CJ Johnson 
16. Michelle Decker  17. Chett Gherke  18. Chad Frewaldt  19. Matt Johnson 
20. Kyle Jones  21. Steve Buckwalter  22. Spencer Bayston  23. Garrett Hood
24. Warren Johnson

Southern National Late Model Series at Tazewell Speedway (TN)- ($10,000)
*Series Champion (2015) Casey Roberts

1. Vic Hill  2. Mack McCarter  3. Donald McIntosh  4. Billy Ogle Jr  5. Austin Smith
6. Jeff Wolfenbarger  7. Casey Roberts  8. Craig Vosbergen  9. Stacy Boles
10. Jeff Neubert  11. Chad Ogle  12. Josh Collins  13. Phillip Thompson  14. Mark Dotson
15. Anthony Arnwire  16. Bo Eaton  17. Randy Davis  18. Mitchell Burke  19. Bobby Davis

410 Sprints at Lincoln Speedway (PA)

1. Danny Dietrich  2. Robbie Kendall  3. Cory Haas  4. Tyler Ross  5. Alan Krimes
6. Glenndon Forsythe  7. Jim Siegel  8. Tim Glatfelter  9. Kyle Moody  10. Gerard McIntyre
11. Freddie Rahmer  12. Austin Hogue  13. Adam Wilt  14. Chase Dietz  15. Brian Montieth
16. Darren Mollenoyux  17. Billy Dietrich  18. Steve Owings  19. Scott Fisher
20. Tim Wagaman  21. Hunter Mackison  22. Zach Eucalano  23. Brandon Rahmer
24. Raney Baughman

410 Sprints at Port Royal Speedway (PA)

1. Logan Wagner  2. Lucas Wolfe  3. Davey Sammons  4. Mike Wagner  5. Ryan Taylor
6. Greg Hodnett  7. Kevin Nouse  8. Brent Marks  9. Lance Dewease  10. Doug Esh
11. Dylan Cisney  12. Brock Zearfoss  13. Blaine Heimbach  14. Dave Ely  
15. Kyle Reinhardt  16. Dave Hahn  17. Rick Lafferty  18. Trenton Scheaffer  
19. Dustin Baney  20. Joey Hershey  21. Nicole Bower  22. Curt Stroup  23. Ed Aiken
24. Nate Snyder

410 Sprints at Fremont Speedway (OH)

1. Tyler Gunn  2. TJ Michael  3. Byron Reed  4. Chris Andrews  5. Craig Mintz
6. Dean Jacobs  7. Caleb Griffith  8. Brian Smith  9. Broc Martin  10. Cap Henry
11. Gary Taylor  12. Joe Stewart  13. Joe Armbruster  14. Tony Beaber  15. Mike Burns
16. Nate Dussel  17. Stuart Brubaker  18. Bob Tucker  19. Todd Heller 20. Bruce White 

Big Block Modifieds at Canandaigua Motorsports Park (NY)

1. Matt Sheppard  2. Tim Fuller  3. Justin Haers  4. Gary Tomkins  5. Brian Sage
6. Dave Rauscher  7. Alan Johnson  8. Vic Coffey  9. Chad Homan  10. Derrick Podsiadlo
11. Justin Wright  12. Mike O'Brien  13. Dan Wisner  14. Tommy Keyes  15. Eldon Payne
16. Loren Lincoln  17. Steve Paine  18. Dave Allen

Big Block Modifieds at Fulton Speedway (NY)

1. Tom Sears Jr  2. Billy Decker  3. Pat Ward  4. Chad Phelps  5. Tim Sears Jr
6. Chris Hile  7. Billy Whittaker Jr  8. Tim Schneider Jr  9. Jimmy Phelps  10. Vinnie Vitale
11. Ryan Phelps  12. Chuck Bower  13. Tim Kerr  14. Joe August Jr  15. Jim Witko Jr
16. Roy Shields  17. Andrew Ferguson  18. Danny Johnson  19. Matt Fink  20. Larry Wight

358 Modifieds at Merrittville Speedway (Ont, Canada)

1. Chad Brachmann  2. Billy Dunn  3. Mark D'Ilario  4. Mat Williamson  5. Erick Rudolph
6. Scott Wood  7. Tommy Flannigan  8. Tim Jones  9. Bill Bleich  10. Pete Bicknell  
11. Tyler McPherson  12. Mike Bowman  13. Fred Carleton  14. Chris Bellamy
15. Boyd Mctavish  16. Dennis Giancola  17. David Flannigan Jr  18. Rick Hoctor
19. Travis Miller  20. Brett Clarke  21. Rick Bellante  22. Todd Gordon

Friday July 31:

All Star Sprints at Atomic Speedway (OH)

1. Dale Blaney  2. Sheldon Haudenschield  3. Chad Kemenah  4. Cole Duncan
5. Greg Wilson  6. Tim Shaffer  7. Jimmy Stinson  8. James McFadden  9. Steve Kinser
10. Ryan Smith  11. Cody Darrah  12. Cale Thomas  13. Kory Crabtree  14. Ron Blair
15. Randy Hannagan  16. Brandon Wimmer  17. Dave Blaney  18. Rob Chaney
19. Travis Philo  20. Ryan Meyers  21. Danny Holtgraver  22. Caleb Armstrong
23. Danny Smith  24. Andrew Palker  25. Todd Kane

410 Sprints at Williams Grove Speedway (PA)

1. Danny Dietrich  2. Brent Marks  3. Pat Cannon  4. Brian Montieth  5. Lance Dewease
6. Greg Hodnett  7. Adam Wilt  8. Aaron Ott  9. Austin Hogue  10. Lucas Wolfe
11. Kyle Pruitt  12. Cory Haas  13. Kyle Reinhardt  14. Darren Mollenoyux  
15. Daryl Stimeling  16. Jim Shuster  17. Troy Fraker  18. Rick Lafferty  19. Brock Zearfoss
20. Nicole Bower  21. Alan Krimes  22. Jay Reichart

Southern National Late Model Series at Smoky Mountain Speedway (TN)

1. Randy Weaver  2. Billy Ogle Jr  3. Casey Roberts  4. Austin Smith  5. Craig Vosbergen
6. Dennis Franklin  7. Vic Hill  8. Donald McIntosh  9. Derek Ellis  10. Mack McCarter
11. Robby Moses  12. Dale McDowell  13. Mark Douglas  14. Tommy Kerr
15. Stacy Boles  16. Josh Welshan  17. Skip Arp  18. Jeff Wolfenbarger
19. Mark Whitener  20. Roger Best  21. Ross White  22. Mark Dotson

410 Sprints at Attica Raceway Park (OH)

1. Cap Henry  2. Dean Jacobs  3. Nate Dussel  4. Byron Reed  5. Craig Mintz
6. DJ Foos  7. Broc Martin  8. Tyler Gunn  9. TJ Michael  10. Caleb Griffith  
11. Stuart Brubaker  12. Chris Andrews  13. Jordan Ryan  14. Brian Lay
15. Jimmy Colvin  16. Gary Taylor  17. Tony Beaber  18. Joe Armbruster
19. Kevin Shelbo  20. Duane Zablocki  21. Bruce White  22. Jordan Harble
23. Mitch Harble

358 Modifieds at Big Diamond Speedway (PA)

1. Scott Albert  2. Colt Harris  3. Kyle Follweiler  4. Kevin Beach Jr  5. Duane Howard
6. Rick Laubach  7. Andy Burkhart  8. Billy Pauch Jr  9. John Willman  10. Ray Swinehart
11. Meme Desantis  12. Joe Mooney  13. Steve Searock  14. Heath Metzger
15. Shawn Fitzpatrick  16. Paul Moyer  17. Kent Reinart  18. Jimmy Bobbit  20. Justin Grim
21. Jared Umbenhauer

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Story From Lernerville- Williamson, Bowser and Ferree Pad Win Totals; Fosnaught Finds Victory Lane

The Fab Four returned to Lernerville Speedway Friday night underneath beautiful sunny skies and a full moon.  But despite it's presence, the action on the track went smoothly as Mat Williamson, Carl Bowser and Alex Ferree each tacked on another victory to their 2015 win totals while 2014 Sportsman Stock champion Jim Fosnaught took his first checkered flag of the campaign in dramatic fashion following a thrilling duel with points leader Corey McPherson.  

Diehl Automotive Group Modifieds

Mat Williamson had victory snatched from him last week at the Modified Mania special event by Rex King Jr who took home the win in a fantastic finish. This week, the racing gods smiled upon Williamson as lady luck went his way during his fourth victory of the season. However, Williamson put himself in position to be the benefactor. 

Rex King Sr and Garrett Krummert made up the front row of the main event and it was Krummert who took the early lead going to the outside of King Sr on lap 1. Behind him, King Jr, Steve Feder and Rodney Beltz were all set to chase Krummert down forming a pack behind the leaders. But the chase was futile as Krummert stretched out to a three plus second advantage. Krummert used the high side to set the blistering pace of the initial stages of the race which would see him also maneuver through lapped traffic with ease. 

Meanwhile, Williamson would start to close in on fourth running Kevin Bolland. The two drivers then engaged in a tight battle for the position which Bolland would yield to Williamson on lap 9.  As the race wound down, and with no caution flags in sight, it appeared that Krummert was well on his way to his second victory of the season. Williamson then managed to get around King Sr on lap 17 to take the second spot but was still a good length behind Krummert with precious few laps remaining. 

Krummert looked to be in strict command, until his drive shaft failed him on lap 20, giving the lead to Williamson who would not relinquish it the rest of the way en route to the victory. Jeremiah Shingledecker finished an amazing charge to the front for a second place finish from his 11th starting spot. But the night belonged to Williamson who worked forward from his 10th spot at the drop of the green flag, to enable him to take advantage of Krummert's disaster. 

"I've lost races like that," Williamson said referring to Krummert's misfortune. "You never want to see that happen to anybody, but when you can win them like this, they still count. We had a phenomenal race car tonight and we're on a bit of a roll here so we just want to keep it going into August."

Top 10:

1. Mat Williamson
2. Jeremiah Shingledecker
3. Rex King Jr
4. Rex King Sr
5. Steve Feder
6. Dave Murdick
7. Kevin Bolland
8. Tom Winkle
9. Mike Turner
10. Rick Regalski

Pat Miller Photo

Peoples TWP Sprint Cars

Carl Bowser had the car and the starting spot to beat Friday night in sprint action, earning his fourth victory of the season in a race that saw him lead from green to checkered flags. 

Bowser took to the early lead from the pole with AJ Flick and Jack Sodeman Jr firmly behind him in the early going.  Sodeman Jr then managed to get around Flick on lap three. Behind them, a strong running Brandon Matus, who'd looked particularly strong in his heat race effort, began making a run towards the front from his 7th starting position. But as the pack behind him began their chase, Bowser had checked out to a commanding lead as he encountered lapped traffic and dispatched it with ease, racing to clean air as quickly as possible. Sodeman Jr had begun to shave some tenth's off Bowser's lead when a spinning Eric L Williams in turn two managed to keep his car on the track, and right in the way of Jack Sodeman Jr. The caution flag stayed in the flag stand for the time being and Sodeman's charge took a backward step 

The caution flag would wave on lap 12, and on the ensuing restart, Sodeman briefly appeared to be able to engage in a battle for the lead, but Bowser was too strong and pounded the top side of the speedway with authority as he faced one final swarm of lapped traffic at the lap 18 mark. Bowser would then survive one final caution and restart when Mike Miller spun in turn four, taking away a Brandon Matus pass of Sodeman Jr for the second spot. 

On the final restart,  Sodeman Jr went directly to the bottom to find any grip he could but he came up short on his bid to snatch the win from Bowser. 

"This one's a credit to the crew, they did a phenomenal job tonight," Bowser said in victory lane. "I saw Jack a few times on the restarts and I knew he'd be tough and I knew he'd probably be on the bottom but I could roll the top pretty nicely so I just put it up there."

Top 10:

1. Carl Bowser
2. Jack Sodeman
3. Brandon Matus
4. Brent Matus
5. AJ Flick
6. Eric Williams
7. Ralph Spithaler
8. Dan Shetler
9. Scott Priester
10. Dan Kuriger

Precise Late Models

There's only one way to forget a bad week at the office, have a great one then following week. Alex Ferree did just that and a little more Friday night in taking his third victory of the season.

Chuck Sarver got out to the early lead as Kenny Schaltenbrand, Ferree and Michael Norris formed a formidable chase pack behind him. Ferree made his way around on Sarver on lap five as would Schaltenbrand, but Ferree then proceeded to stretched out a sizeable advantage in the early part of the race. Behind him, Norris and Schaltenbrand would partake in a hard fought battle for the second spot that continued for the majority of the 25 lap feature. Schaltenbrand would work the very bottom of the surface while Norris kept his office towards the cushion and both of them were within a tenth of a second of each other lap after lap. Meanwhile, Jared Miley and Matt Lux began making charges towards the top five.  

The only thing left in Ferree's way was a small amount of lapped traffic barely seemed to phase him over the closing laps as Norris would finally win the battle for second and Schaltenbrand would round out the podium. .

Ferree's third victory came with a bonus of $1,000 courtesy of ERacers Go Kart Park, and in victory lane, Ferree explained what a difference a week can make. 

"We definitely got lucky tonight, Jared's been fast all year and Kenny was really good in the beginning, but there's a lot of fast guys here and to beat those guys on a night like tonight was fun," Ferree remarked.  "The track was interesting but a lot of fun and a lot of good racing out there tonight. I was a little hot under the collar last time out, and you've got to stay cool and collected and I got a little mad and I drove like it. But when you hone down and keep your cool and drive the way you need to drive you can be fast."  

Top 10

1. Alex Feree
2. Michael Norris
3. Kenny Schaltenbrand
4. Jared Miley
5. Matt Lux
6. Gary Lyle
7. Chuck Sarver
8. Andrew Wylie
9. Tommy Beck
10. Dan Swartzlander

Pat Miller Photo

Millerstown Pic a Part Sportsman Stocks:

Jim Fosnaught had yet to taste victory lane in 2015 after several near misses and heartbreaking endings. But on this night he ran down points leader Cory McPherson like a man on a mission en route to pay dirt.

Brett McDonald and Terry Young made up the front row of the 20 lap feature event, but were passed from the outset by one Joe Kelley. Behind him, Cory McPherson began to make his move to the front. And the two engaged in a battle for the lead that would see McPherson up high and Kelley in his normal position at the bottom of the surface.   

The caution flag came out on lap six when Noah Brunell spun in turn four and on the ensuing restart,  McPherson appeared to take the lead on the high side, but Kelley drew even in turns three and four and the two drivers found themselves stalemated for the majority of the race, taking turns in the lead at the flag stand.  Fosnaught then went to the bottom and and found some bite as McPherson slowed slightly after some brushes with the cushion. McPherson appeared to be losing just enough traction and momentum off the top as the race wore on, to allow Fosnaught to creep closer lap by lap as he made his way around Joe Kelley with six laps to go. 

Fosnaught then took the lead for good on lap 17 after a door handle to door handle battle with McPherson and in an odd twist, McPherson jumped the cushion in turn four on the final lap as he spun near the pit exit causing him to come home with a 16th place finish instead of a podium spot. 

"It took us all year to figure out that we had some issues, break issues, carb issues, and we've been chasing some setup issues too," Fosnaught said. "The track was slick tonight, but every week it's been different and I thought Cory had me there for a minute when he was up top but it must have went away on him." 

Top 10:

1. Jim Fosnaught
2. Joe Kelley
3. Mark Sanders
4. Joey Zambotti
5. Wayne Carbo
6. Paul Schreckengost
7. Brett McDonald
8. Brandon Wearing
9. Terry Young
10. Jeff Miller

Thursday, July 30, 2015

On Tap; Who Wins Free Cheese In Wisconsin?; Outlaws Terrorize Canada; All-Stars Blow Up Atomic

After a few weeks off, it's time to bring back on of our favorite segments where we get to tell you about what to be on the lookout for on the track in the way of events....and what beer would best complement them from time to time as we beg for a beer sponsor that need only pay us in product to be a complete partner here at TDN!

This week we offer up a great find for the beer connoisseur. It's an incredibly drinkable product from Erie Brewing Company called Railbender Ale. It's very balanced, not too sweet, not too dry, not to hoppy, with subtle tones and a nice head, but a nice alcohol content too!  We recommend this one, it's a beer drinker's beer if there ever was one! And, it has been known to give you whiplash from your belches too which as good a reason to drink some as any!

So, if any representatives of the Erie Brewing Company would like to sponsor our on tap segments for free product, it'll be fine by us, we'll sing your praises and chug your beer for you with pride!

Now's what's On Tap this weekend!

Free Cheese Available In Wisconsin...and $50,000

Yep, it's that time of year again as the World of Outlaw Late Models take to the legendary Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wi for the 28th running of the USA Nationals. Some lucky driver goes home with a 25 pound wheel of smoked gouda...and $50,000.  The three day event actually starts Thursday night and concludes Saturday with the 100 lap final which takes place after what is probably the best pre race driver introduction production in dirt racing today!

Who's hot coming in? We don't need to tell you it's Jonathan Davenport, but be on the lookout for the traditional favorites in Scott Bloomquist, Billy Moyer, Jimmy Mars and the like. It won't have the same feeling without Brady Smith and Brian Birkhofer now that they've retired, but be on the lookout for AJ Diemel from the local contigent and also USMTS star Rodney Sanders will be looking to make an impression!

How to follow:

Our partner, has everything you need with pay per view broadcasts all weekend long, and a great dirtwire recap page with all the results and storylines! Don't miss it! Don't have a DoD subscription...get one!!

Outlaws Terrorize Canada

The greatest show on dirt continues their assault north of the border at Brockville Speedway on Friday and Autodrome Drummond in Quebec on Saturday.  Earlier this week, big block modified star Stewart Friesen won his first WoO Sprint feature at Oshweken Speedway, making him the first Canadian since Tim Gee, to take a WoO Amain.  We're not 100% sure whether Friesen would dare skip Fonda on Saturday (most likely not) to partake in racing at Drummond, but it's fun to play "what if".  Donny Schatz will be looking to take the sweep and pad his enormous point lead, but these tracks might just lend themselves to different driving styles, it'll be an interesting weekend for sure.

Points Coming Into the Weekend:

1. Donny Schatz- 7281
2. Shane Stewart- 6915
3. Kerry Madsen- 6828
4. Brad Sweet- 6787
5. Joey Saldana- 6780

How to Follow:

Free Audio on

All Stars Blow Up Atomic...and PPMS

Dale Blaney leads the All Stars into Atomic Speedway (OH) this Friday and Saturday, and then on to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania's Motor Speedway on Sunday. He'll encounter some tough locals at both locations, but also from tour mates Sheldon Haudenschield and Parker Price Miller. The two young guns seemingly get better every week and have been a true pleasure to watch develop in 2015.  If your in the area, don't miss these shows!

Points Coming Into the Weekend:

1. Dale Blaney-3548
2. Cody Darrah- 3379
3. Chad Kemenah- 3305
4. Greg Wilson- 3291
5. Tim Shaffer- 3161

How to Follow:

If you're not able to be there in person, hit up @ASCoC on twitter for live time updates, they're light years better in the Tony Stewart regime, as good as any updates out there!

Also This Weekend:

  • Fab Four Racing At Lernerville Speedway (Friday)
  • 410 Sprints at Williams Grove (Friday)
  • 410 F.A.S.T Sprints at Attica Raceway Park (Friday)
  • 410 F.A.S.T Sprints at Freemont Speedway (Saturday)
  • Weekly Racing Action at PPMS (Saturday)
  • 410 Sprints/Weekly Racing at Mercer Raceway Park (Saturday)
  • Big Block Modifieds at Canandaigua Motorsports Park (Saturday)
  • 358 Modifieds at Ransomville Speedway (Friday)
  • 358 Modifieds at Merrittville Speedway (Saturday)
  • Big Block Modifieds/ Weekly Racing at Sharon Speedway (Saturday)
  • 410 Sprints at Lincoln and Port Royal Speedway (Saturday)

And that'll do it for this weekend, now pick one of these races and get there!!

TDN Western Frontier Modified Rankings Volume 2


And welcome back for the second edition of out Western frontier modified rankings. Mother nature has cooperated a little better for this review period as Mercer, Sharon, Lernerville and the BRP Mod Tour all got a fair amount of dates in, relatively speaking.

Now for those who are new to these...let's explain a few things.

We include all big block and 358 drivers in the Western, PA, Eastern OH geography, however if a driver from outside the area spends time at a weekly show in our neck of the woods, their results from their other home track will be taken into account. 

Rankings Explained: 

For the second volume, we'll use results from early June through July.

Here's a few guidelines to consider, these all factor into rankings placement. 

  • How many races did the driver partake in
  • How big are the purses
  • What is the level of competition at home tracks or in special events
  • Bad luck factor, wrecks, mechanical problems
This is for entertainment purposes only, we like to have fun, but if you object to the order of the list, feel free to make a comment. Just remember, no vulgarity is tolerated

Pat Miller Photo

Now then, let's get this thing started!

1. Rex King Jr- Last Month-1

King Jr retains the top spot in volume two based on a pair of wins with extra money on the line. Firstly, he took home $5,000 for the BRP Tour win at Tyler County, and he ended the review period with a thrilling late race victory at Lernerville as part of Modified Mania, taking another $2,000 for the effort. He's got another weekly win at Lernerville as well since early June as well, and currently sits second in BRP Tour points behind King Sr.  It would be complete domination for King Sr, but he's had some bad luck here and there, and didn't come through with a weekly Sharon victory in his last four tries. Still though he's been money in a pair of money races so far and maintains a slight advantage over our second ranked driver.

From Mod Tour Racing Facebook/A.Rapp

2. Erick Rudolph- Last Month- Unranked

Okay, so some of you are saying to yourselves, "what's he doing in the rankings". Things change folks, and now that Erick is a true outlaw more or less for the rest of 2015, he's free to pick and choose where he's driving, and lately, he's selected this area.  He's got some Lernerville and Sharon starts in the review period, so we'll throw his Ransomville season into the mix like we would for Williamson at Merrittville or Richner at Sharon. 

So now that we have that straight.  He had a damn fine time since he's been here with a $5,000 BRP Tour win at Tri City and another one at EXPO, plus a couple of strong showings at weekly shows in our area and a couple of Ransomville wins. We're not sure how long it'll last, but he's here for now, and he's one of the best running in this area

3. Mat Williamson- Last Month-3rd

Williamson moves up a spot here with a pair of Lernerville victories since early June. He currently leads the points there, and has yet to finish outside of the top five. He also scored a victory at his other home track (Merrittville) in the review period and looks to have shaken off a bit of a rugged start there.  So far, the BRP tour hasn't exactly been kind to him, but he's got two special event wins in other places. This was a really close call, and had it not been for the big Tyler Co win for King Jr, Williamson could easily have been in our top two here, and may just yet be come our next update! It'll be fun finding out.  
Pat Miller Photo

4. Rex King Sr- Last Month- 4th

The elder King faired fairly well for himself for this period with consistent top 5 finishes at Lernerville and a win at Sharon plus three podium finishes in four attempts there. Bigger than that, he finds himself atop the BRP tour standings and will be hard to displace from that perch in the second half of the season.

5. Brian Swartzlander- Last Month- 2nd

Mr. Swartzlander got himself a victory at Sharon in June and has been his consistent self at Lernerville, save for one night where he suffered some mechanical misfortune. We'd love to see him in Merrittville and Ransomville in SDS action in a few days. Here's hoping the car is sorted out, if so, look for an even better second half to 2015.

6. Dave Murdick- Last Month- 7th

Murdick took the BRP tour opener at Eriez in June and has top 10 and top 5 finishes at Lernerville. He currently sits 4th in mod tour points and is still a threat to win every night, and we're still looking for a hot streak that's probably coming soon.

7. Rick Richner- Last Month- 8th

Rick picked up a Sharon win two weeks ago and currently sits third in BRP tour points as we speak which is actually pretty remarkable for the Niagara frontier driver. His Ransomville stats have been a bit pedestrian, but the level of competition there is high, and luck needs to go the right way there. It's not like Danny Johnson pulls in and wins every Friday!

Pat Miller Photo

8. Garrett Krummert- Last Month- 5th

Don't let the slight tumble in the rakings fool you for a minute. Krummert's as good a threat to win at Lernerville as anyone else we can name, and he's getting it pointed in the right direction at Sharon as well. More than that, he's looked completely comfortable on BRP tour nights currently residing 6th in points there.

9. Jimmy Holden- Last Month- 6th

The mayor of the Mercer 358's is king of the field once again. If fields were a bit more full there, he may have had a higher ranking.

10. Jim Weller Jr- Last Month- 10th
 He took home the Lou Blaney Memorial victory with the likes of Rudolph, Swartzlander, and a pair of Kings in the house, that in an of itself merits a ranking, though a few more Lernerville appearances would help his chances of climbing this ladder.

And that's it for July. We'll be back in late August/early September for round three and have a year end review after the Steel City Stampede!

Monday, July 27, 2015

The TDN Weekly Supler Late Model Power Poll: Week 12

Hey there kids. Tis' Monday evening, so that means it's time for me to post an update to these rankings that I toil over. Okay, I really don't have to toil over them. I set up the scoring so it's pretty easy for me to keep track of in about fifteen minutes each week, so long as tracks get their results in timely fashion. Which I have to say, even Roaring Knob is meticulous about now after being a deadbeat for most of the first half of the season. I'd like to think my putting them on blast for lazy updating led to the much improved updates on their site, but I know it's probably not the case. Or maybe it is. Who knows?

That said, this week, Lernerville and Marion Center had specials, and specials don't count in these standings, so no points were scored at either track. Port Royal and Bedford took the week off, in Bedford's case to setup for the fair there this week. Port Royal had a scheduled week off. Everybody else got their regular shows in.

I was able to find full results from last week for Marion Center, and those points will be reflected in this week's rankings.

So let's get to some rankings.

1. Mike Blose**, 33 points. Mike went scoreless this week.

2. Clate Copeman****, 30 points. Clate also put up a goose egg this week.

3. Jeff Rine***, 29 points. Jeff's points came from a second at Selinsgrove Saturday night.

4. Max Blair***, 27 points. Max picked up the win at Eriez Sunday night for his points this week.

5. Scott Rhodes**, 26 points. Scott scored a big five points with a win at Dog Hollow Friday.

5. D.J. Troutman**, 26 points. DJ took an 0fer this week.

7. Dwyane Tanneyhill*, 20 points. Dwyane's points came from a third at Dog Hollow Friday.

8. Alex Ferree*, 19 points. Alex had a scoreless weekend too.

9. Steve Campbell***, 18 points. Steve won Saturday night at Selinsgrove for his points this week.

9. Greg Oakes, 18 points. Greg ran second at Eriez Sunday night for his points this week.

And that's the first ten names on the list this week. Just four more weeks to go for this poll this season. Seems like the top of the poll is getting pretty tight, should be an interesting August. Weather looks like it should be fantastic this weekend, so pretty much everybody should get their shows in. I'm thinking I might even take in the show at Lernerville this week. Until next week, be young, have fun, and drink Pepsi.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

This Week in DIRT

In lieu of our normal scattered, covered, and smothered updates known as the TDN Weekend Scoreboard, we bring you yet another edition of This Week in DIRT. Let's face it, there's a lot to keep up with if you follow just about everything that races on dirt, and it helps to have everything in one place since so many people are just too damned lazy to look up stuff like stories and results. But life does get in the way of dirt racing enjoyment sometimes. 

Maybe you were bitten by a shark at the beach while you were drunk, trying to surf and ignoring the life guards plea to stop harassing pelicans and to pull up your improperly fitting swim trunks.  Maybe in laws that don't like racing stopped by for a cook out that lasted 8 hours too long, ruining any chance to get to the track or follow the action accordingly on twitter, race monitor, or ppv sites. Maybe your significant other kept you tied to the bedposts, or the lawn mower all weekend.  No worries, we'll help you catch up on the week that was in DIRT!  You get that free here at TDN!

Donny Schatz Appears on Milk Carton

(News Flash) : Schatz wins a race! At Lebanon Valley with less than a full field on hand

Yes, Donny Schatz sucks! Mr. Damn You Donny has not won a race in quite some time, (Since July 11th to be exact, unless he doesn't suck tonight at Lebanon Valley). The folks in Central PA were quick to point out as much too when he failed to win either night at Williams Grove this weekend.  Oh, to win so much to be hated is a true delight for the driver, and don't think Mr. Schatz doesn't relish in it.  Let's face it, if you go 7 races out of 90 or so without winning and people proclaim you to be in a slump, you're doing something right. By the way...if he hadn't have run out of gas at Eldora, you'd be calling him King Donny.

So, enjoy it Schatz haters of the world, he's had a rough two weeks, but know that he'll be off the milk crate in no time.

In the meantime, the Posse swept the action at the Grove, and (we should have made a separate headline) The All Stars threw a PA/OH ass whipping on Mr. Schatz at Lernerville this past Tuesday night courtesy of Mr. Darrah and Blaney. 

Here's some recaps from the races:

Stevie Smith Whips Donny Schatz
Danny Dietrich Throws Donny Schatz a beating
Blaney and Darrah Point at Schatz and Laugh in a Donny Double Team

Pat Miller Photo

And be sure to check out our own Pat Miller's photo gallery of Donny Schatz not winning at Lernerville earlier this week! Seriously, there's some great pictures here:

Don Martin Silver Cup In Pictures

Davenport and Moyer Point and Laugh at Outlaws-

Jonathan Davenport has never come close to being on any kind of milk crate in 2015, in fact his level of dominance has almost matched Schatz's (before he sucked). And he hammered that point home with a victory over the Outlaws at this weekend's Prarie Dirt Classic, picking off Dennis Erb on the last lap to take home $27,000 plus other contingency prizes not limited to a lifetime membership in the jelly of the month club and a free bushel of corn!  To add insult to injury to the Outlaws, Billy Moyer took the victory on Thursday at Quincy, IL

Here's some recaps from recent WoO/LM action:

Davenport Pulls off Hail Mary- Continues Season To Remember
Moyer Scores $8,000 at Quincy, IL- Buys Everyone In Attendance an Orange Whip

Buck Monson Photo

Rodney Sanders To Host Saturday Night Live

When you're hot, your hot. And also, a good choice to host Saturday Night Live! Series Producer Lorne Michaels recently let slip that Sanders would be hosting SNL as soon as the season opens in September and was quoted as saying "He's the real deal, and he's bringing his car too and also he's bringing BBQ Beef Brisket from Texas for the whole cast, and he wins! Movie stars are overrated, whiny little (expletives) we want real people on the show and it doesn't get more real than Rodney Sanders!"

Michaels couldn't have been more spot on, if there's as dominant a driver on dirt that's ascended to Schatz (When he doesn't suck)/ Davenport levels, it's Sanders who won this weekend's World Dirt Modified Championship at Deer Creek, MN. 

Read more about Rodney's Weekend, and Find out Why He makes Sense to Host SNL

Sanders Is The Man

What Happened At Lernerville?

Why not just ask us? Our own Trever Steele was on hand to cover the action at Modified Mania this past Friday night and filed this report!

The Story from Lernerville: King Jr., Hawkins & Hilton score wins on Modified Mania Night

And that'll do it for this week in DIRT. We hope you enjoyed it, and yourselves this weekend! Take care and stay DIRTY everyone!