Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Top 25 Weekly Sprint Car Poll

The man from Fargo, North Dakota almost made it a clean sweep in the first week of our National Sprint Car Poll, receiving seven of a possible eight first place votes. Donny Schatz's final point tally came to 199 points, where 200 was the maximum that a driver could receive. Positions 2-5 were filled by Danny Lasoski, Daryn Pittman, Brad Sweet (who also received a 1st place vote), and Greg Hodnett.

An incredible 46 different drivers received at least one point in the voting process. The breakdown of the Top 25 drivers looked like this: 8 WoO, 5 NSL, 4 ASCoC, 4 PA Posse, and 4 Midwest.

This weekly Sprint Car Poll is a brand new segment here at 'TDN'. Each week a panel of voters will submit their personal Top 25 rankings, and the final rankings will be derived from the total accrued points for each driver.

Our panel of voting members for Week 1 included the following:
Blake Anderson, Brian Liskai, Bobby Gerould, Tony Bokhoven, Mike Leone, Kyle Symons, Anthony Corini and Tyler Beichner.

1. Donny Schatz, 199 points (7)
Recent Results: Wins in Posse land at Lincoln & Weedsport. 3rd place run at Williams Grove.

2. Danny Lasoski, 167 points
Recent Results: A win at Knoxville and runner-up performance at Jackson Motorplex in National Sprint League action.

3. Daryn Pittman, 162 points
Recent Results: Notched 4th consecutive win at New Egypt & claimed 4th place at Williams Grove.

4. Brad Sweet, 161 points (1)
Recent Results: 4th place at New Egypt. Failed to crack the top 5 at Lincoln, Williams Grove, & Weedsport.

5. Greg Hodnett, 153 points
Recent Results: Runner-up finishes with WoO at Williams Grove & New Egypt. Add to that a 4th place finish with them at Weedsport.

6. Shane Stewart, 142 points
Recent Results: Cracked the Top 5 just once in the past week with a 5th at Weedsport.

7. Joey Saldana, 136 points
Recent Results: Notched a Top 5 when he finished 4th at Weedsport.

8. Dale Blaney, 131 points
Recent Results: 3rd place finish in ASCoC action at Wilmot.

9. Lance Dewease, 116 points
Recent Results: His WoO win at Williams Grove on Friday was his third win in his last three starts.

10. David Gravel, 113 points
Recent Results: Salvaged his trip through the Northeast with a 3rd place finish at Weedsport.

11. Danny Dietrich, 112 points
Recent Results: Strong runs resulting in a 2nd at Lincoln & 5th at Williams Grove with the WoO.

12. Sheldon Haudenschild, 104 points
Recent Results: Made it three straight All Star Sprint podium finishes with a win at Lincoln (IL) & 2nd at Wilmot.

13. Chad Kemenah, 97 points
Recent Results: After contending for the lead early on, settled for 4th in ASCoC action at Lincoln (IL).

14. Brian Brown, 94 points
Recent Results: Continued his streak of podium finishes at Knoxville with a runner-up finish in NSL action.

15. Kerry Madsen, 78 points
Recent Results: Held on for a 4th place finish at Jackson Motorplex with the National Sprint League

16. Terry McCarl, 76 points
Recent Results: Finishes 2nd place at the season opening of the newly renamed Badlands Motor Speedway against a huge field of cars.

17. Craig Dollansky, 74 points
Recent Results: Found NSL victory lane at Jackson Motorplex. Followed that up with a 4th place at Knoxville.

18. Logan Schuchart, 67 points
Recent Results: Returns home and impresses the fans with a 2nd at Weedsport & 5th at Lincoln.

19. Ian Madsen, 52 points
Recent Results: Bagged back-to-back Top 5 finishes with the National Sprint League by recording a 3rd at Jackson & a 5th at Knoxville.

20. Danny Holtgraver, 49 points
Recent Results: Broke a year-and-a-half winless drought with the All Stars with a win at Wilmot. Also finished 3rd at Lincoln (IL).

21. Jason Johnson, 44 points
Recent Results: A respectable run through the Northeast results in 9th place finishes at Lincoln & Weedsport.

22. Mark Dobmeier, 43 points
Recent Results: Captured the $27,000+ victory over the 47 car field at Badlands Motor Speedway.

23. Dusty Zomer, 28 points
Recent Results: Snagged a win at River Cities on Friday before mechanical failure ended his night while running 2nd at Badlands.

24. Brent Marks, 25 points
Recent Results: Impressive 3rd place finish at Lincoln highlighted his weekend with the Outlaws.

25. Bryan Clauson, 24 points
Recent Results: Spent the weekend away from dirt as he was qualifying for this weekend's Indy 500.

Monday, May 23, 2016

TDN's Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 3

Hey there folks, it' that time of the week where I write some stuff about  super late models and stuff and rank the drivers accordingly. Of course, I suspect you know that by now, but I gotta come up with a lead in to my rankings somehow.

Anyways, I know last week I opined that we'd get a full weekend of racing in and get some separation among the top ten of this poll. Well, as we all know, we didn't get the full racing weekend in, because all of the Saturday night scoring tracks rained out, except Port Royal, but they had on off night scheduled anyways. All of the Friday night tracks got it in, and Eriez managed to doge the rain last night and got their show in, too.

But we did get some separation. I mean, there's still some ties and such, but the very top of the poll seems to be working itself out a bit. That's good I guess, but I;m sure we'd all like to see some actual racing one of these weeks. Sadly, it seems that this coming weekend might suffer a similar fate. Ugh.

That said, let's talk about the rankings. With the picture leading into this writeup, it's  pretty obvious who managed to get himself into the top spot all by his lonesome. There was some omvement behind him, too, so let's get to all that juciness,

1. Jared Miley**, 14 points. Jared won Friday night at Lernerville.

2. Greg Oakes*, 10 points. Greg was first under the checkers last night at Eriez.

3. Max Blair*, 9 points. Max followed Greg across the line at Eriez last night. He was second at the special Clinton County ran Friday, though.

3. Dylan Yoder*, 9 points. Dylan didn't score any points this week.He apparently ran third at Clinton County Friday night  at their super late model special though.

5. DJ Troutman, 7 points. DJ got a second at Bedford Friday.

5. Jeff Rine, 7 points. Jeff was third at Bedford Friday.

7. Chad Hollenbeck*, 5 points. Chad went scoreless this week, but he did run tenth at Bedford Friday.

7. Michael Lake*, 5 points. Michael also put up a goose egg this week, but he did run sixteenth at Lernerville Friday.

 7. Devin Friese*, 5 points. Devin took home the big check at Dog Hollow Friday.

7. Andy Haus*, 5 points. Andy was the class of the field at Bedford Friday.

And that's the first ten names on my spreadsheet this week. A few different names in different places, but it's still early in the season. Let's hope we can get some actual shows in soon so we can get a real feel about how strong the cars are this year. Think happy thoughts of good weather. Please.

See ya next Monday.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Scoreboard- Tegg Scores at Canandaigua; Dewease Earns Split For Posse; Diemel Defends Home Turf

Folks, this just in.. Mother Nature officially hates most of us.  It's been a rough weekend in the eastern half of the US for many us. But there was racing here and there despite the huge green blob that lurked over much of us. So, since you can't be everywhere at once, and since our job is to try to keep stuff all on one page for, here's our weekend scoreboard.  Maybe you were stuck inside the house all weekend building that addition that the wife has been nagging you about for 12 years. Maybe you were skydiving. Or perhaps you went golfing and got hit by lightning.  No worries, we're here to help catch you up on what you've missed...

Weekend Highlights:

Victim To Mother Nature This Week:

  • Attica Raceway Park
  • Port Royal Speedway
  • Grandview Speedway
  • Fulton Speedway
  • Big Diamond Speedway
  • Lincoln Speedway
  • Your Speedway....most likely anyway

Saturday May 21:

Lucas Oil Late Models at La Salle Speedway

1. Brandon Sheppard  2. Tim McCreadie  3. Don O'Neal  4. Jonathan Davenport  5. Shannon Babb
6. Chris Simpson  7. Brian Shirley  8. Dennis Erb Jr.  9. Nick Anvelink  10. Jason Feger
11. Billy Moyer  12. Jared Landers  13. Darrell Lanigan  14. Billy Moyer Jr.  15. Scott Bloomquist
16. Steve Francis  17. Rich Bell  18. Earl Pearson Jr.  19. Jimmy Owens  20. Colton Flinner
21. AJ Diemel  22. Scott Schmitt  23. Jimmy Mars  24. Mike Malaragas  25. Ryan Unzicker

All Star Late Sprints at Wilmot Raceway

1. Danny Holtgraver  2. Sheldon Haudenschild  3. Dale Blaney  4. Brandon Wimmer 
5. Cory Krabtree  6. Cap Henry  7. Chad Kemenah  8. Parker Price Miller  9. Scotty Thiel
10. Kraig Kinser  11. Jeremy Schultz  12. Scott Neitzel  13. Lee Jacobs  14. Caleb Helms
15. Todd Daun  16. Caleb Armstrong  17. Kyle Marlen  18. Wayne Modjeski  19. Matt Vandevere
20. Phillip Mock  21. Dave Ultech  22. TJ Michael  23. Jordan Goldesberry  24. Jim Moughan Jr.

USAC Sprints at Brownstown Speedway

1. Kevin Thomas Jr.  2. Brady Bacon  3. Dave Darland  4. Thomas Meseraull  5. CJ Leary
6. Brady Short  7. Robert Ballou  8. Aaron Farney  9. Tyler Courtney  10. Kyle Cummins 
11. Max McGhee   12. Chad Boespflug  13. Jon Stanbrough  14. Chase Stockon  15. Dakota Jackson
16. Chris Windom  17. Cole Ketcham  18. Brandon Mattox  19. Matt Goodnight  20. Issac Chappele
21. Jordan Kinser  22. Landon Simon

Southern Nationals Bonus Series at Crossville Speedway (TN)

1. Donald McIntosh  2. Mike Marler  3. Cory Hedgecock  4. Shannon Buckingham  5. Billy Ogle Jr.
6. Brandon Kinzer  7. Ryan King  8. Stacy Boles  9. David Payne  10. John Owenby 
11. Chris Meadows  12. Jesse Horton  13. Jordon Horton  14. Kenny Collins  15. Skylar Marlar
16. Drew Kennedy  17. Chis Wilson  18. Jason Welshan  19. Anthony White  20. Robby Moses
21. David Crabtree  22. Mark Vineyard

410 Sprints at Fremont

1. Broc Martin  2. Cole Duncan  3. Trey Jacobs  4. Brian Lay  5. Stuart Brubaker  6. Travis Philo
7. Jordan Ryan  8. Jack Sodeman Jr.  9. Roger Campbell  10. Jody Keegan  11. Tyler Gunn
12. Cale Thomas  13. Karl Baker  14. Troy Kingan  15. Dean Jacobs  16. Duane Zablocki
17. Caleb Griffith  18. Shawn Valenti  19. Stuart Williams  20. Ben Rutan

Big Block Modifieds at Canandaigua

1. Gill Tegg Jr.  2. Tim Fuller  3. Alan Johnson  4. Matt Sheppard  5. Billy Decker  6. Dan Wisener
7. Justin Wright  8. Justin Haers  9. Peter Britten  10. Ryan Arbuthnot  11. Steve Paine
12. Mike Mahaney  13. James Maier  14. Vic Coffey  15. Mat Williamson  16. Dave Rauscher
17. Rich Richner  18. Rich Scagliotta  19. Mike O'Brien  20. Kyle Coffey  21. Mike Maresca
22. Eldon Payne Jr.  23. Gary Tomkins  24. Brian Sage  25. Derrick Podsiadlo  26. Rob Kristyak

358 Modifieds at Merrittville

1. Pete Bicknell  2. Erick Rudolph  3. Ryan Susice  4. Gary Lindberg  5. Scott Wood
6. Todd Gordon  7. Chris Steele  8. Tim Jones  9. Mark D'Ilario  10. Chad Brachmann
11. Tyler McPherson  12. Tommy Flannigan  13. Mike Bowman  14. Wayne Conn

Friday May 20:

World of Outlaw Sprints at Williams Grove

1. Lance Dewease  2. Greg Hodnett  3. Donny Schatz  4. Daryn Pittman  5. Danny Dietrich
6. Joey Saldana  7. Doug Esh  8. Shane Stewart  9. Ryan Smith  10. TJ Stutts  11. Aaron Ott
12. Cory Haas  13. Brian Montieth  14. Lucas Wolfe  15. Brent Marks  16. Pat Cannon
17. Jason Sides  18. Logan Schuchart  19. Sammy Swindell  20. Stevie Smith  21. David Gravel
22. Jason Johnson  23. Brad Sweet  24. Tim Shaffer 

Lucas Oil Late Models at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway (WI)

1. AJ Diemel  2. Chris Simpson  3. Jared Landers  4. Tim McCreadie  5. Brandon Sheppard
6. Jonathan Davenport  7. Don O'Neal  8. Darrell Lanigan  9. Billy Moyer  10. Chad Simpson
11. Nick Anvelink  12. Mitch McGrath  13. Dennis Erb Jr.  14. Earl Pearson Jr.  15. Jason Feger
16. Scott Bloomquist  17. Jimmy Owens  18. Brian Shirley  19. Colton Flinner  20. RC Whitwell
21. Brent Larson  22. Mike Mullen  23. Russ Scheffler  24. Billy Moyer Jr.  25. Shannon Babb

All Star Sprints at Lincoln Fairgrounds

1. Sheldon Haudenschild  2. Parker Price Miller  3. Danny Holtgraver  4. Chad Kemenah
5. Jerrod Hull  6. Dale Blaney  7. Cap Henry  8. Bret Triplett  9. Kraig Kinser  10. Caleb Armstrong
11. Joe B Miller  12. Jim Moughan  13. Cory Krabtree  14. Caleb Helms  15. Chris Urish
16. Lee Jacobs  17. Jordan Goldesberry  18. TJ Michael  19. Cory Bruns  20. Andrew Palker
21. AJ Bruns  22. Trey Datweiler  23. Hunter Mackison  24. Kody Kinser

USAC Sprints at I-69 Speedway (IN)

1. Scotty Weir  2. Brady Bacon  3. Kevin Thomas Jr  4. Max McGhee  5. Tyler Courtney
6. Colten Cottle  7. Kyle Cummins  8. CJ Leary  9. Chris Windom  10. Dave Darland
11. Thomas Meseraull  12. Robert Ballou  13. Chad Boespflug  14. Jerry Coons Jr.  15. Justin Grant
16. Shane Cottle  17. Jarrett Andretti  18. Chase Stockon  19. Aaron Farney  20. Landon Simon
21. Dallas Hewitt  22. Jon Stanbrough

Big Block Modifieds at Brewerton Speedway

1. Larry Wight  2. Ryan Phelps  3. Chad Phelps  4. Tom Sears Jr.  5. Tim Sears Jr. 
6. Matt Sheppard  7. Ryan Bartlett  8. Chris Hile  9. Chuck Bower  10. Pat Ward  11. Rob Bellinger
12. Andrew Ferguson  13. Matt Hulsizer  14. Tim Kerr 15. Vic Coffey  16. Joe August Jr.
17. Rich Scagliotta  18. Vinnie Vitale  19. Max McLaughlin  20. Jim Witko Jr.  21. Jeff Blackburn
22. Jimmy Phelps  23. Mike Bowman

Big Block Modifieds at Albany Saratoga Speedway

1. Marc Johnson  2. Stewart Friesen  3. Neal Stratton  4. Elmo Reckner  5. Ronnie Johnson
6. Kenny Tremont Jr.  7. Bodie Bellinger  8. Rich Ronca  9. Matt Delorenzo  10. Don Ronca
11. Matt Depew  12. Mark Kislowski  13. Brett Hearn  14. Kris Vernold  15. Keith Flach
16. LJ Lombardo  17. Rob Pitcher  18. JR Heffner  19. Jimmy Cottrell  20. Brian Gleason
21. Hector Stratton  22. Todd Morey  23. CG Morey  24. Ricky Davis  25. Brian Whittemore
26. Ray Hoard  27. Jesse Mueller  28. Bobby Hackel IV  29. Justin Barber  30 Jim Nagle

358 Modifieds at Ransomville Speedway

1. Erick Rudolph  2. Mike Bowman  3. Tommy Flannigan  4. Jeff McGinnis  5. Ryan Susice
6. Pete Bicknell 7. Chad Brachmann  8. Kenny Wills  9. Scott George  10. Phil Vigneri Jr.
11. John Smith  12. Adam Wills  13. Jim Zimmerman  14. Dave Flannigan Jr.  15. Nick Joy
16. Russ Zimmerman  17. Steve Schumacher  18. Tyler McPherson  19. Robbie Krull

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Story From Lernerville; Miley Holds Off King, Williamson Takes Thriller by .004; Flick and McPherson Cruise

There were heavy hearts both in the grandstands and the pits as the weekly Fab Four divisions took to the action track on Friday night, without it's legendary announcer, Dow Carnahan. Fans, drivers, and track officials took part in a touching pre-race ceremony to remember it's former man behind the microphone before the action took place.

And once the night on the track unfolded, one thing was perfectly clear, it was a night Carnahan would have been proud to call as the action in the four feature events provided moments of intensity, and fantastic finishes . Perhaps his spirit looking over the speedway made the difference, it could be felt virtually everywhere.

Jared Miley looked to be well on his way to his 24th feature victory only to watch Russ King's last chance bid for the win come up short by a very close margin in the Precise Late Models while Mat Williamson went the opposite direction for his first victory of the season, coming from deeper in the pack to barely nip Jimmy Weller III at the line by .004 seconds in the Diehl Automotive Group Modifieds. AJ Flick scored his first feature win of 2016 by holding on during a fierce battle with Adam Kekich until a mid race accident gave him a clear path to victory in the Peoples Natural Gas Sprints, and Corey McPherson drove away from a hungry pack of pursuers to take his second feature win of the year in the Millerstown Pic-A- Part Sportsman.

Precise Late Models

Making only their second appearance of the season, the Precise Late Models looked like a rusty bunch in parts of their feature event as evidenced by steady stream of cautions that plagued the first half of the race. But once the rust wore off, the race became smoother and the action became thrilling as Jared Miley managed to hold off a furious last second charge from Russ King.

Michael Lake, who'd looked extremely impressive in his only Lernerville appearance this year led the field to the green flag flanked by Miley. Lake won the drag race to the first set of turns while behind him, former track champion Dave Hess Jr. floated above the cushion coming out of turn two causing him to fall back several spots from his fourth starting position.  Ed Ferree brought out first of several caution flags in the early going, and on the first restart, Lake made for the top side of the speedway followed by Miley, John Flinner, Matt Lux, and a hard charging Russ King.

Pat Miller Photo

Following a caution for a Dan Swartzlander spin eight laps into the main event, Miley found his way to the inside of and past Lake while King jumped into the top three. Lake would not give up and made a desperate attempt to re take the lead while behind them, 18th starting Michael Norris had worked his way up ten spots in less than ten laps. On the eleventh circuit, Lake's car stopped on the backstretch, and Hess Jr's hopes were dashed when Tony Musolino made hard contact to bring out yet another caution, which was followed with a caution for the hat trick for Swartzlander on lap 12. Norris would slide off the surface in turn four on the ensuing restart to end his forward progress for the night, and the table was then set for a frantic finish.

The final restart on lap 13 saw Miley take command of the race followed by King, Flinner, Ferree and Lux. The top five all stayed up top in nose to tail fashion as Miley started to pull away from his closest pursuers, but behind himself and the second running King, Flinner, Ferree and Lux battled hard for positions three through five as Lux tried desperately to take the fourth spot away from Ferree.  The first lapped traffic started to emerge on lap 19 and Miley floated through it with ease, putting distance between himself and King.  Flinner slowed on lap 23 and exited the surface, sparing the yellow flag, but just as it seemed Miley was destined for victory lane, King made up ground in a hurry and was in position to make one last effort for the win in the last set of turns when he went to the bottom to try to move up in front of Miley at the last second, but he would come up short as Miley crossed the line first to take his 24th career Lernerville victory.

"It was pretty treacherous out there on the cushion," Miley said. "It was really rough. It was frustrating tonight with all the cautions especially when you have to start on the the outside in the rough stuff. I want to dedicate this win to Dow, he was a great guy and a great announcer."

Top 10

1. Jared Miley
2. Russ King
3. Alex Ferree
4. Matt Lux
5. Gary Lyle
6. Chuck Sarver
7. Tommy Schirnhofer
8. Brandon Wearing
9. Eric Andrus
10. Ed Ferree

Diehl Automotive Group Modifieds

Jimmy Weller III drew the pole, and was almost not caught in 25 laps...almost. And at the start of the Diehl Automotive Group Modified feature, it looked as if it might be Garrett Krummert's win to take. The two drivers put on a great show in the early going with Weller III flexing his muscle on the top side of the surface while Krummert elected to use the bottom. Behind them, Brian Swartzlander, Mat Williamson and Kevin Bolland rounded out the top five in the early going. Weller then entered lapped traffic on lap eight which Swartzlander used to catch up to the back bumper of Krummert.

But Krummert was able to follow through the lapped cars cleanly, using all three grooves, and Swartzlander followed suit, followed by Williamson who looked to be patiently waiting for his perfect moment. In front of him, Krummert and Weller were door handle to door handle as the two began to trade the lead on lap 13. But the party came to a stop on lap 16 when Dave Murdick spun on lap 16 to bring out the only caution of the feature event.

Through those 16 laps, Weller had hung on for dear life, and a hungry pack of pursuers had been keeping him within reach.  On the restart, Mat Williamson proved to be the hungriest. He made his way around Swartzlander and Krummert to put himself firmly behind Weller. Williamson had lived on the top of the speedway in the early going, but found the bottom much more to his liking as the laps would down as he started to focus all his attention on catching and passing Weller.  It would be no easy task as Weller's car carried a great deal of momentum out of turns two and four which were also the only places that Williamson could gain any significant ground. It looked as if it was going to be Weller's night until the final set of lapped traffic came into play.

Pat Miller Photo

As the two leaders weaved in and out of the traffic, Williamson began to pick up tenths of a second on every lap while Krummert watched the action in front of him from the third spot. The leaders appeared to be out of the lapped traffic with just two laps to go when the lapped car of Dave Reges would become a factor.  On the final lap with Williamson and Weller running neck and neck, Reges found himself in turn three with the leaders approaching. Williamson made a hard dive for the bottom which put Weller directly behind Reges in the final set of turns, and the well timed strategy paid off as Weller had to slow much more than he wanted to avoid hitting Reges while Williamson hugged the bottom, gathered some momentum and made slight contact with Weller in turns three and four.  But the contact was not enough to alter trajectory completely as both cars stayed upright and deadlocked in a drag race for the win which Williamson would receive as he edged Weller the line to take his first Lernerville trophy of the year.

"That was a close race," Williamson said. "You never want to touch on the last lap on the last corner, it was definitely one of those bonzai moves. We certainly don't like to race like that, this car comes home clean every night. It was just a racing deal, Jimmy ran a great race. I could see him starting to get tight towards the end of the race and I had to do something, I knew we were coming up on a lapped car so I kind of pinned him up against him and he was trying to go around him and it was just a great race."

Top 10:

1. Mat Williamson
2. Jimmy Weller III
3. Garrett Krummert
4. Kevin Bolland
5. Brian Swartzlander
6. Jeremiah Shingledecker
7. Rex King Jr.
8. Eric Gabany
9. Steve Feder
10. JR. McGinley

People's Natural Gas Sprints

For the better part of 14 laps, Adam Kekich and AJ Flick dazzled the crowd with a slide job show that was breathtaking to behold. But a slide job gone wrong put an end to the party and when the dust settled, Flick found himself holding the trophy at the end of twenty five laps.

Kekich and Flick started on the front row and traded their first round of sliders in the first two laps until Zach Morrow brought out the caution flag. On the ensuing restart, Kekich stretched out modest lead over Flick while Scott Priester, Ralph Spithaler and Dan Kuriger occupied positions two through five in the early going. Kekich entered his first taste of lapped traffic on lap six which opened the door for Flick to make up ground as the two chased each other through the slower cars. Flick was able to use the high side to get around Kekich on lap eight and he immediately put two lapped cars between himself and Kekich at the lap nine mark, but Kekich was able to deal with those efficiently and made a desperate attempt to get the lead back closing in on the halfway point.

Pat Miller Photo

On lap 12, Carl Bowser and Zach Morrow got together coming out of turn two and both ended up going over the backstretch to bring out the caution flag. Once action resumed, Kekich resumed chasing Flick while behind them, the seventh starting car of Brandon Matus began making his presence known. Matus had been the hard charger of the race to that point and the lap 12 caution had given him new life, but on lap 14, Matus drove in deep into turn four and caught Kekich while he was emerging onto the front stretch. Both cars went upside down, causing an extended red flag period and dashing both of their hopes.

When the race got back underway, Flick was in clean air and he used it to stretch out his lead with Priester still running second and Jack Sodeman Jr. who'd come from his eighth starting spot, had entered a possible podium finish position. With more lapped traffic coming into play, it appeared the battle between Priester and Sodeman Jr would be an intense one to the end. But Sodeman Jr. came to a stop at the top of turn two on lap 21 to bring out the yellow flag.

On the ensuing restart, Flick checked out for good as all eyes turned to the emerging second place battle between Priester and the now third running Dan Kuriger. The caution flag then waved for the final time on lap 24 when Michael Wagner came to a stop setting up a green-white-checkered finish.   Flick remained calm, and drove away for his first Lernerville feature win of the season.

"Adam made me earn this one for the first twelve laps," Flick said. "I don't know what happened behind me. We were going through lapped traffic and we had to pull sliders and the cushion got real high up top and I knew if I could at least keep him in my sights when we reached lapped traffic I knew I had a chance."

Top 10:

1. AJ Flick
2. Scott Priester
3. Dan Kuriger
4. Ralph Spithaler
5. Brent Matus
6. Brandon Spithaler
7. John Garvin Jr.
8. Dan Shetler
9. Alex Paden
10. Cale Grubb

Millerstown Pic-A-Part Sportsman

Corey McPherson may have drawn the pole, but some changes he made to the car this week may have been what made the performance he turned in on Friday night look so easy. McPherson kept a stout challenge from Terry Young behind him en route to his second feature win of the season.

On the initial green flag, McPherson went straight to his office at the top of the surface while Young looked for a way around in the early going. A lap two caution re-stacked the field, and when action got back underway, McPherson went back up top and resumed command as Young was able to keep him in sight. Behind them, Brandon Wearing and Aaron Easler started up an intense battle for the third spot that would eventually go to Easler in the early going.

McPherson entered lapped traffic on lap eight and while he was making his way through it, Young caught back up as if he'd been shot out of a cannon. But to catch Cory McPherson and to pass him are two different things. By lap 14, Young was applying serious pressure to take the top spot away, eventually drawing almost even to the leader coming out of turn two. Young had found the bottom and found it to his liking as he made a feverish attempt make the pass for the lead by diving low going into the turns, but his bid came up short, and on lap 16, Young hit the front stretch wall, ending his night.

Pat Miller Photo

McPherson then more or less checked out for good, but behind him, the action was just heating up as Bob Egley made his way around Wearing and Easler for the second position.  All looked to be said and done, but a lap 19, four car melee in turn three involving last week's winner, Joe Kelley, put some uncertainty back in the mix as a green-white-checkered finish was in order.  On the final restart, McPherson drove away from the field to collect his second Lernerville win of the season. Behind him, Egley finished his battle with Easler to wind up second.

"We totally changed our car from last year over the winter," McPherson said. "We won opening night but I kind of got lucky there because I felt like my car wasn't that great. The past few weeks we've been struggling, changing stuff and this week we spent a ton of hours in the garage and found some stuff that wasn't right and we tweaked it and it feels like I've got a great car right now."

Top 10:

1. Corey McPherson
2. Bob Egley
3. Aaron Easler
4. Brandon Wearing
5. Joey Zambotti
6. Brett McDonald
7. Tyler Dietz
8. Jeff Miller
9. Paul Schreckengost
10. Brian Stivenson