Monday, May 25, 2015

The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 4

Hey there folks. It's Monday, and that means it's time for me to update these rankings. I know, I know, this is posted a few hours before it normally is. I have today off work and I'm going to watch the Bucs tonight, so it's getting posted now. Chances are you ain't working today either, so use my little writeup to pass the boredom.

This week, points were a little hard to come by. The only regular weekly shows to be had in the state this weekend were Lenerville, Dog Hollow,  Roaring Knob, Marion Center and Eriez. Everybody else had a special this week. Of course, that's not really all that surprising on a holiday weekend. I imagine even less tracks will have weekly shows on July 4th weekend.

Roaring Knob once again can't be bothered to post full results, so only the winner was scored this week. When somebody from there actually cares enough to update their page, I'll update these rankings accordingly. They really need some people down there who care.

Anyways, that said, let's get to some rankings.

1. Clate Copeman, 24 points. Clate continues to dominate these rankings. His points came from yet another win at Dog Hollow Friday night.

2. Mike Blose, 17 points. Mike ran third at Dog Hollow to pick up his points this week.

3.  DJ Troutman, 16 points. DJ won at Roaring Knob Saturday night and got 5 points for his efforts.

4. Tim Senic, 11 points. Tim didn't score any points this week.

5. Russ King, 10 points. Russ make his first appearance in the top ten on this poll with a win at Lernerville Friday night.

5. Steve Campbell, 10 points. Steve didn't score any points this week. 

5. Dylan Yoder, 10 points. Dylan didn't score any points this week.

5. Matt Parks, 10 points. No points for Matt this week either.

6. Wally Fox, 9 points. Wally won at Marion Center Saturday night for his points this week.

6. Jeff Rine, 9 points. No points for Jeff this week.

6. Mel Minnick Jr. 9 points. No points (yet) for Mel this week.

And that's it for this week. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and I'll see yinz jags next week.

Weekend Scoreboard

Happy Memorial Day weekend DIRT Nation! There's so many races traditionally this time of year that not all of them make the list, only so many hours in a day. But here's our scattered, covered and smothered results so far. We'll keep adding to it so keep checking back!

Noteworthy this weekend:

  • Josh Richards sweeps WoO Late Model Shows at Tyler Co Saturday and Sunday
  • James McFadden finishes 1st and 2nd at Fremont in back to back ASCoC action at Fremont
  • Tim Shaffer snags $10,000 at Fremont for biggest win in well....quite some time
  • Tim Fuller collects first weekly big block win at Utica Rome on Sunday
  • Donny Schatz wins WoO Sprint feature in Charlotte, Lawerenceburg Cancelled on Monday
  • Decker and Haers snag home track wins on Saturday
  • Alan Krimes with a $5,000 win on Saturday at Lincoln

Sunday May 24

World of Outlaw Late Models at Tyler County Speedway (WV)

1. Josh Richards  2. Chub Frank  3. Shane Clanton  4. Chase Junghans  5. Brandon Overton
6. Jared Hawkins  7. Tim McCreadie  8. Chris Ferguson  9. Darrell Lanigan  10. Morgan Bagley
11. Tim Senic  12. Frank Heckenast Jr  13. Mason Zeigler  14. Steve Casebolt  15. Eric Wells
16. Rick Eckert  17. Jacob Hawkins  18. Corey Conley  19. Colton Burdette  20. Boom Briggs
21. Kyle Thomas  22. Mike Benedum  23. Chris Garnes  24. Steve Weigle

ASCoC Sprints at Fremont Speedway (OH) $10,000

1. Tim Shaffer  2. James McFadden  3. Dale Blaney  4. Rico Abreu  5. Byron Reed
6. Danny Holtgraver  7. Greg Wilson  8. Brady Bacon  9. Cap Henry  10. Travis Philo
11. DJ Foos  12. Cody Darrah  13. Chad Kemenah  14. Lee Jacobs  15. Cole Duncah
16. Sheldon Haudenschield  17. Logan Forler  18. Chris Andrews  19. Ryan Smith
20. Kenny Jacobs  21. Broc Martin  22. Gary Taylor  23. Caleb Helms  24. Steve Kinser
25. Parker Price Miller  26. Nate Dussel

UFO Late Models at Hesston Speedway (PA)

1. Keith Jackson  2. Dan Stone  3. Brian Tavenner  4. Jerry Bard  5. Nick Dickson  6. Dylan Yoder
7. Dwayne Tanneyhill  8. Andy Haus  9. Tim Wilson  10. Mike Altobelli Jr  11. Andy Fries
12. Devin Friese  13. Tim Smith Jr  14. Keith Barbara  15. Tom Decker  16. Kyle Hardy
17. Jason Schmidt  18. Andrew Yoder  19. Tom Decker III  20. Jeremy Ohl  21. Coleby Frye
22. Tyler Horst  23. Jason Miller  24. Dan Angelichio  25. Justin Kann  26. Mike Lupfer
27. Cole Amsden

Big Block Modifieds at Utica-Rome Speedway (NY)

1. Tim Fuller  2. Pat Ward  3. Mike Mahaney  4. Vic Coffey  5. Marc Johnson  6. Matt Sheppard
7. Rob Bellinger  8. Alan Johnson  9. Erick Rudolph  10. Stewart Friesen  11. Anthony Perrego
12. Dave Rauscher  13. Chris Mackey  14. Tim Mayne  15. Brett Wright  16. CG Morey
17. Larry Wight  18. Mike Bowman  19. Andrew Ferguson  20. Matt Hulsizer  21. Danny Varin
22. Dave Moyer

410 Sprints at Selinsgrove Speedway (PA)

1. Greg Hodnett  2. Brent Marks  3. TJ Stutts  4. Lucas Wolfe  5. Aaron Ott  6. Pat Cannon
7. Kevin Nouse  8. Steve Buckwalter  9. Blaine Hemibach  10. Curt Stroup  11. Ryan Kissinger
12. Frankie Kerr  13. Colby Womer  14. Jim Campbell  15. Mike Walter II  16. Brock Zearfoss
17. Chase Dietz  18. Dustin Baney  19. Justin Barger

Spring Nat'l Late Model Series at Rome Speedway (GA)

1. Casey Roberts  2. Jake Knowles  3. Austin Smith  4. Donald McIntosh  5. Clint Smith
6. Billy Ogle Jr  7.  Jody Knowles  8. Steven Roberts  9. Dale Thurman  10. Ivedent Lloyd Jr
11. David Payne  12. Derrick Rainey  13. Matthew Turner  14. Joe Gorvy  15. Jason Croft
16. Matt Dooley  17. Jim Manka  18. Dillon Tidmore  19. Ryan Gifford  20. Dylan Ames
21. Bo Eaton  22. Matt Larson

Saturday May 23

World Of Outlaw Late Models at Tyler County Speedway (WV)

1. Josh Richards  2. Shane Clanton  3. Brandon Overton  4. Chris Ferguson  5. Tim Dohm
6. Darrell Lanigan  7. Steve Casebolt  8. Morgan Bagley  9. Rick Eckert  10. Eric Wells
11. Chris Garnes  12. Derek Doll  13. Frank Heckenast Jr  14. Chase Junghans  15. Chub Frank
16. Boom Briggs  17. Jordan Yaggy  18. Kyle Thomas  19. Anthony Kincade  20. Shane Hitt
21. Jared Hawkins  22. Tim McCreadie  23. Butch McGill  24. Mason Zeigler

ASCoC Sprints at Fremont (OH)

1. James McFadden  2. Cap Henry  3. Greg Wilson  4. Cody Darrah  5. Dale Blaney
6. Chris Andrews  7. Chad Kemenah  8. Brian Lay  9. Tim Shaffer  10. Steve Kinser  11. Rico Abreu
12. Travis Phily  13. Ryan Smith  14. Sheldon Haudenschield  15. Stuart Brubaker  16. Lee Jacobs
17. Kenny Jacobs  18. Danny Holtgraver  19. Duane Zablocki  20. Logan Forler  21. Nate Dussel
22. Caleb Helms  23. Parker Price Miller  24. Rob Chaney  25. Brady Bacon  26. Brian Smith
27. Andrew Palker

410 Sprints at Lincoln Speedway (PA)

1. Alan Krimes  2. Tim Glatfelter  3. Brian Montieth  4. Nikki Young  5. Tyler Ross  6. Jim Siegel
7. Freddie Rahmer  8. Steve Owings  9. Chase Dietz  10. Cory Haas  11. Kyle Moody
12. Billy Dietrich  13. Tim Wagaman  14. Gerard McIntyre  15. Scott Fisher  16. Dwayne Gutshall
17. Danny Dietrich  18. Adam Wilt  19. Matt Boland  20. Shane Hoff  21. Brandon Rahmer
22. Glenndon Forsythe  23. Austin Hogue  24. Robbie Kendall

410 Sprints at Port Royal Speedway (PA)

1. Steve Buckwalter  2. Aaron Ott  3. Greg Hodnett  4. Brock Zearfoss  5. Brent Marks
6. Dylan Cisney  7. Lucas Wolfe  8. Doug Esh  9. Ryan Taylor  10. TJ Stutts  11. Logan Wagner
12. Davey Sammons  13. Mike Wagner  14. Blaine Heimbach  15. Trenton Sheaffer  16. Nate Snyder
17. Rick Lafferty  18. Tyler Bear  19. Joey Hershey  20. Ed Aiken  21. Curt Stroup  22. Kevin Nouse
23. Justin Barger  24. Dave Hahn

Spring Natl's Late Model Series at Dixie Speedway (GA)

1. Donald McIntosh  2. Casey Roberts  3. Billy Ogle Jr  4. Dale McDowell  5 Derek Ellis  6. Jacob Grizzle  7. TJ Reaid  8. Dylan Ames  9. Jason Croft  10.Wayne Echols  11. Steven Roberts
12. Austin Smith  13. Frank Ingram  14. Jody Knowles  15. Jeff Smith  16. Michael Page
17. Jamie Oliver  18. Ivedent Lloyd Jr  19. Stacy Boles  20. David Payne  21. Jake Knowles
22. Jason Hiett

Big Block Modifieds at Canandaigua Motorsports Park (NY)

1. Justin Haers  2. Vic Coffey  3. Chad Homan  4. Matt Billings  5. Gary Tomkins  6. Tim Fuller
7. Matt Sheppard  8. Steve Paine  9. Dan Wisener  10. Ryan Susice  11. Erick Rudolph
12. Dave Rauscher  13. Gil Tegg Jr  14. Alan Johnson  15. Brian Sage  16. James Maier
17. Henry Maier  18. Ron Cartwright  19. Derrick Podsiadlo  20. Eldon Payne

358 Modifieds at Merrittville Speedway (Ontario, CAN)

1. Boyd McTavish  2. Chad Brachmann  3. Fred Carleton  4. Billy Dunn  5. Scott Wood
6. Pete Bicknell 7. Mark D'ilario  8. Tim Jones  9. Tommy Flannigan  10. Wayne Conn
11. Chris Steele  12. Mat Williamson  13. Mike Bowman  14. Todd Gordon  15. Bill Bleich
16. Travis Miller  17. Tyler McPherson  18. Dennis Giancola  19. Chris Bellamy

Big Block Modifieds at Fulton Speedway (NY)

1. Billy Decker  2. Danny Johnson  3. Tom Sears Jr  4. Rob Bellinger  5. Jimmy Phelps
6. Tim Sears Jr  7. Chris Hile  8. Larry Wight  9. Pat Wart  10. Billy Whittaker  11. Joe August Jr
12. Matt Fink  13. Tim Schneider Jr  14. Tim Kerr  15. Chuck Bower  16. Adam Roberts
17. Roy Bresnahan  18. Andrew Ferguson  19. Roy Shields  20. Ryan Phelps  21. Jim Witko Jr
22. Matt Hulsizer  23. Chad Phelps  24. Kyle Fink  25. Tim Harris.

Friday May 22

World of Outlaw Sprint at Charlotte (NC)

1. Donny Schatz  2. David Gravel  3. Daryn Pittman  4. Shane Stewart  5. Paul McMahan
6. Kraig Kinser  7. Brad Sweet  8. Logan Schuchart  9. Dave Blaney  10. Kerry Madsen
11. Jason Sides  12. Joey Saldana  13. Brent Marks  14. Jamie Veal  15. Cole Duncan
16. Jacob Allen  17. Wayne Dadetto  18. Kory Crabtree  19. Lance Moss  20. Eric Riggins
21. Brad Wickham  22. Mark Cole

ASCoC Sprints at Plymouth Speedway (IN)

1. Dale Blaney  2. Rico Abreu  3. James McFadden  4. Cody Darrah  5. Logan Forler  6. Byron Reed
7. Cap Henry  8. Greg Wilson  9. Duane Zablocki  10. Gary Taylor  11. Caleb Helms
12. Steve Kinser  13. Ryan Smith  14. Brady Bacon  15. Travis Philo  16 Ryan Ruhl
17. Danny Holtgraver  18. Chad Kemenah  19. Sheldon Haudenschield  20. Kody Kinser
21. Tyler Gunn  22. Andrew Palker  23. Cale Thomas  24. Hunter Schuerenberg
25. Stewart Brubaker  26. Parker Price Miller

Spring Natl Late Model Series at Boyd's Speedway (GA)

1. Donald McIntosh  2. Derek Ellis  3. Dale McDowell  4. Ivedent Lloyd Jr  5. Billy Ogle Jr
6. Mike Marlar  7. Skip Arp  8. Jay Scott  9. Riley Hickman  10. Chris Wilson  11. Stacey Boles
12. Jason Welshan  13. Dylan Ames  14. David Payne  15. Ronnie Johnson  16. Jason Croft
17. Ronnie Lee Hollingsworth  18. Brandon Kinzer  19. Neil Baggett  20. Austin Smith
21. Skylar Marlar  22. Dane Dacus

Super Late Models at Bedford Speedway (PA)

1. Gregg Satterlee  2. Steve Casebolt  3. Jason Covert  4. Coleby Frye  5. Matt Parks
6. Jeff Rine  7. Dan Stone  8. Chad Hollenbeck  9. DJ Troutman  10. Andy Haus
11. Byran Bernheisel  12. Chuck Clise  13. Dylan Yoder  14. Jim Deneen  15.Mike Altobelli Jr
16. Brian Tavenner  17. Eric Zembower  18. Wayne Johnson  19. Jason Schmidt  20. Gary Stuhler
21. Tim Wilson  22. Cody Robbins  23. Matt Cosner  24  Justin Kann  25. Dave Stamm

410 Sprints at Williams Grove Speedway (PA)

1. Brian Monteith  2. Danny Dietrich  3. Lucas Wolfe  4. Greg Hodnett  5. Aaron Ott
6. Don Kreitz JR  7. Stevie Smith  8. Alan Krimes  9. Steve Buckwalter  10. Lance Dewease
11. Rodney Westhafer  12 .TJ Stutts  13. Austin Hogue  14. Brock Zearfoss  15. Ryan Wilson
16. Frankie Herr  17. Rick Lafferty  18. Glenndon Forsythe  19. Jay Galloway  20. Tim Glatfelter
21. Pat Cannon  22. Daryl Stimeling  23. Justin Barger  24. Cory Haas

Big Block Modifieds at Brewerton Speedway (PA)

1. Tom Sears Jr  2. Chad Phelps  3. Jimmy Phelps  4. Matt Fink  5. Tim Sears Jr  6. Vinnie Vitale
7. Pat Ward  8. Mike Bowman  9. Matt Sheppard  10. Ryan Phelps  11. Matt Billings
12. Vic Coffey  13. Rob Bellinger  14. Billy Decker  15. Jim Witko Jr  16. Matt Hulsizer
17. Chris Hile  18. Chris Mackey  19. Chuck Bower  20. Tim Kerr  21. Andrew Ferguson
22. Larry Wight  23. Joe August Jr  24. Ryan Bartlett

358 Modifieds at Ransomville Speedway (NY)

1. Erick Rudolph  2. Tyler McPherson  3. Scott Kerwin  4. Tommy Flannigan  5. Ryan Susice
6. Randy Chrysler  7. Pete Bicknell  8. Mike Bowman  9. Scott George  10. Steve Schumacher
11. Rick Richner  12. Danny Johnson  13. Brandon Easey  14. Brian Sage  15. Chad Brachmann
16. John Smith  17. Bill Bleich  18. Nick Joy  19. Phil Vigneri Jr  20. Boyd McTavish
21. Kenny Wills  22. Jeff McGinnis

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Matus Bests BOSS field in Wild Race at Mercer, McGinley Scores Emotional Win

Brandon Matus doesn't take the wings off of his sprint car very often, but when he does he always seems to run near the front.

The Wampum native led a strong local contingent across the finish line against the Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS series regulars at Mercer Raceway Park Saturday night.

It was the first non-wing 410 sprint car win of his career. Matus also has a midget win to his credit at Montpelier Speedway in Indiana a couple years ago.

Matus inherited the lead after Brandon Spithaler endured some misfortune under caution and didn't look back.

While the field was pacing under yellow for a synchronized spin by three cars in turn four on lap nine, the radiator in Spithaler's car decided to relieve itself. Water poured out of the car causing steam to cascade off his number 57 sprinter. It ended the Evans City native's night.

"I seen it and I knew what happened," Matus said. "I was pretty good though. I think I was going to give him a race. He's notorious for dominating this place and I told him that earlier tonight."

Once Matus was out front he maintained a comfortable lead the rest of the way and nailed every restart. Gale Ruth Jr, who was borrowing his father, Gale Sr.'s, Hillbilly Racing 1R, was second and defending BOSS series champion Mike Miller completed the podium.

The local knowledge helped Matus on what was a tricky race surface.

"One and two had a nice cushion that you could run really fast, which I leaned on," Matus said. "I set my car up to run the cushion because I knew it would be there. I think that's what won the race for me because I wouldn't have been able to make moves early if I was stuck on the bottom."

Ruth was able to move up from his fifth starting position to claim the runner-up spot. He battled Jack Sodeman, Jr for the second throughout most of the race. They even made contact once, but it was no harm, no foul. Sodeman looked as if he would make it an all-local podium, but he spun late in turn two somehow keeping the Seger Racing 25 off the wall while doing 360's. He recovered to finish eighth.

 "I seen Ruth working the bottom in the heat race and I knew he'd be fast," Matus said. "Under the red flag they said the lineup and I was like I better look out for him."

Spithaler wasn't the only driver who had misfortune in the race as it was slowed by several cautions. Last year's BOSS winner at Mercer, Dustin Smith, was involved in two cautions in the feature before retiring. There was also a red flag on lap 11. It was an accordion effect crash involving four cars in which Justin Owen and Chuck Wilson got upside down.

Mercer outlaw sprint warrior regular Andy Feil led the race early from the outside pole, but spun in front of the field in turn four on lap three. He collected BOSS regular Shawn Westerfield. Feil was done for the night, but Westerfield continued before bowing out a few laps later.

Ruth, Westerfield, Feil, and Spithaler were victorious in the heat races and Chad Wilson won the B Main.

In the 358 modified division JR McGinley led from wire to wire, but had to stave off a challenge from Lonny Riggs after a late race caution to score an emotional victory. McGinley's mother passed away last week after a battle with cancer.

"I saw Lonny's nose and was like it's time to go," McGinley told track announcer Mike Dutko in a post-race interview. "I really needed this one."

McGinley took a victory lap after the race and received a standing ovation from the Mercer crowd.

Other feature winners on the night included Cody Bova in the outlaw sprint warriors, Curt Bish in the stock cars, and Tyler Fulton in the mini stocks.

Darren Pifer got his first career Mercer outlaw sprint warrior heat race win a little over a year after being severely burned in an accident at Sportsman's Speedway. Pifer finished fourth in the feature.

B.O.S.S. Sprints: (30 Cars)

Top 10: 

1. Brandon Matus
2. Gale Ruth Jr
3. Mike Miller
4. Cooper Clouse
5. Kent Walters
6. Arnie Kent
7. Chad Wilson
8. Jack Sodeman Jr
9. Aaron Middaugh
10. Bob McMillan

358 Modifieds: (16 Cars)

Top 10: 

1. JR McGinley
2. Tommy Kristyak
3. Lonny Riggs
4. Kyle Fink
5. Richard Whitney
6. Jimmy Holden
7. Clyde Gumpp
8. Brian Schaffer
9. Max Smoker
10. Frank Guidace

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Story from Lernerville- King Repels Outlaws; Krummert Earns First Win; Bowser Runs Down Field; McPherson Comes From Behind

*Photos By Pat Miller

There was a little bit of everything on display at Lernerville on a beautiful if chilly Friday evening. A  few wayward members of the World ofOutlaws late models put in an appearance and were bested by one Russ King. A  more physical type of affair in the Diehl Automotive Group Modifieds saw Garrett Krummert take his first ever Lernerville victory.  And a very racy surface greeted the drivers on hand as evidenced by three feature winners who came from 9th or further back at the start of their features to win including Carl Bowser, King and sportsman stock winner Corey McPherson.  

Late Models:

World of Outlaw tour regulars Darrell Lanigan, Chub Frank and Boom Briggs stopped in to pay a visit on Friday night at the action track, perhaps to gain a little more seat time in preparation for next month's Firecracker 100.  However if any of them had the notion of coming out of the night with an easy victory, they were wrong on this particular evening. 

Frank drew the pole for the 25 lap main event and bolted out to the early lead with Lanigan close behind him in the early going as well as a pack of local drivers including Michael Norris, Alex Ferree and Brian Swartzlander.  Frank started approaching lapped traffic on lap five which allowed Lanigan to close in while behind them, Russ King starting mounting a forward charge. 

An early pair of caution flags around the halfway mark would stall the forward momentum for the front runners, and shortly after a lap 11 restart, King and Ferree would find their way around Norris to take over the third and fourth positions.   Norris had battled hard for much of the race, and had actually overtaken Lanigan for a brief period before succumbing to King and Ferree.

Meanwhile, Frank and Lanigan were setting a torrid pace with the latter gaining ground on the leader until another caution on lap 19 slowed the action. On the ensuing restart, Ferree and King were engaged in a hard fought battle for third with the laps counting down as Lanigan would attempt to dive underneath Frank on lap 22 in an effort to take the lead, but Frank would hang on for the meantime. 

King then let it all hang out in an effort to go for the win, first picking off Lanigan on lap 22 then on lap 23, King threw a breathtaking slide job on Frank in turn two and made it stick, keeping enough momentum to stay ahead of Frank going down the backstretch.  King never looked back the rest of the way, and found himself in victory lane for the third time in 2015. 

"It was hard to get it going with all the cautions tonight," King remarked.  "I knew our stuff was really good tonight, our car is just really awesome and we get so much traction here at Lernerville, to get by and pass Chub was really special, he's taught me a lot through the years." 

Top 10:

1. Russ King
2. Chub Frank
3. Darrell Lanigan
4. Alex Ferree
5. MIke Pegher Jr
6. Jared Miley
7. Kenny Schaltenbrand
8. Boom Briggs
9. John Mollick
10. Michael Norris


The gloves came off somewhere in the middle of the modified feature and when the dust settled, a steadily improving driver put an exclamation point on his first career win at Lernerville. 

Jeff Miller and Shawn Fleeger started on the front row of the main event, but it was Rex King Sr who got out to the early lead putting a half a straightaway between himself and Fleeger in the early going. Jim Rasey, making his first Lernerville appearance of the season, brought out the first caution for a spin on lap four. And on the following restart. both Mat Williamson and Rex King Jr got good jumps and found themselves in the top five. 

By lap 11, King Sr was getting reeled in by Krummert and Williamson with lapped traffic starting to become a factor. The top three were within a second of each other and primed for a battle for the win.  On lap 14, King Jr got around Krummert to take the third spot as the second running Williamson managed to squeeze through some very tight spaces to keep King Sr in his sights while Krummert made his way back around King Jr on lap 17. 

With his car finally in clean air, King Sr tried to put Williamson behind him for good, but the points leader and last week's winner ran King Sr down and looked to make the pass for the win on lap 21. Williamson's attempted pass came with a great deal of contact that sent King Sr into a spin, causing damage to both cars in the process as the caution flag waved for the last time in the main event.   

The last four laps saw a wild finish with a series of slide jobs that were slightly more than contact free to say the least.  Krummert found a way to throw such a slide job on Williamson on lap 22 which put him in the lead and helped King Jr find his way around to retake the second spot which Williamson would eventually earn back. Behind them, Dave Murdick and Brian Swartzlander would come from further back in the field to grab the third and fourth spots as the checkered flag waved. 

Krummert stood in victory lane for the first time in his career at the action track, and it was a hard earned victory to say the least. 

"I figured we had one shot, he (Williamson) left the bottom open and he slid me earlier so I figured I'd get him back," said Krummert. "We bought this car two weeks before the season opened and haven't changed a thing, it's been awesome."

Top 10: 

1. Garrett Krummert
2. Mat Williamson
3. Dave Murdick
4. Brian Swartzlander
5. Rex King Jr
6. Mike Turner
7. Shawn Fleeger
8. Jim Rasey
9. Tom Winkle
10. Steve Feder


Carl Bowser won for the second time in three weeks, and it would not be an easy victory to say the least. Bowser charged forward from his 9th starting spot without much in the way of cautions and restarts in the win, and had to rundown a formidable trio in Brandon Matus, AJ Flick and Ed Lynch Jr. 

Lynch Jr and Scott Priester would lead the field to the green flag, but it would take an early restart in the first few circuits before Bowser's assualt on the field began.  Once the racing resumed, Lynch Jr, Priester and Flick all made for the topside of the speedway and would remain in the top three positions for the first eight laps. 

Behind them, Matus and Bowser started picking up the pace, each climbing into the top on lap nine, and they would make up significant ground on the front three when they both got a stroke of good luck on lap 12 when the caution flag waved for Ryan Fredericks. 

On the ensuing restart, Bowser powered around Flick to take the second spot while Jack Sodeman Jr began a forward progression of his own, climbing from 11th to the top five in the middle portion of the feature. 

Meanwhile, Lynch Jr was looking at a good deal of lapped traffic in front of him, and on lap 18, Bowser was able to rocket around him to take the lead which he would never relinquish despite some late pressure from Flick who would make one last ditch effort in the last set of turns in an attempt to steal the victory. The move would come up short though, and Flick found himself in familiar territory at the end of 25 laps with his fourth second place finish of the season. 

"Hats off to the track crew," Bowser said in victory lane. "That's a really good track when you get two good grooves like that it made for some great side by side racing. When I got into traffic I knew I was slowing down and there were so many of them and I was so good up top that I didn't want to come down.  It's been feast or famine this year, we're either here in victory lane or we're in the pits with 10 laps to go, but I think we've really got this thing figured out now." 

Top 10:

1. Carl Bowser
2. AJ Flick
3. Ed Lynch Jr
4. Jack Sodeman Jr
5. Brandon Spithaler
6. Brandon Matus
7. Scott Priester
8. Dan Kuriger
9. Brent Matus
10. Dan Shetler

Sportsman Stocks: 

Wayne Carbo was so close, but yet so far away. The veteran driver was well on his way to a win in the sportsman stocks when a late race caution and restart led to heartbreak city. 

Brett McDonald and Joey Zambotti made up the front row for the start of the 20 lap main event.   A pair of early cautions kept the momentum down in the first two laps. But, when the dust settled, Mcdonald, Wayne Carbo and Terry Young found themselves battling for the early lead.  Carbo emerged from the threepack with a brief lead in the early laps while perenniel favorites Corey McPherson and Jim Fosnaught made their forwart charge filling in positions three and four.  

Carbo maintained the advantage and showed no intent of slowing down as he approached lapped traffic at the midway point of the feature. Carbo was smooth in dispatching one lapped car behind him after another, but when Terry Young cleared the pack, the race for the lead was on.  Young was set to overtake Carbo for the lead on lap 14 as he appeared to pass Carbo as the caution flag waved, however Carbo retained the top spot. Meanwhile, Corey McPherson had managed to climb from his 11th starting spot to fourth with a precious two laps remaining. 

On the ensuing restart. Fosnaught  and Joe Kelley entered the equation as well as Bob Egley while Carbo maintained a slim advantage. But the hotly contested battle for positions behind him helped him gain seperation, and he looked to be on his way to victory lane when the caution came out on lap 18. 

On the following restart McPherson got a great jump and made his way past Carbo to take his third win of the season going away. Behind them, Jim Fosnaught moved into a podium spot while Egley and last week's winner Joe Kelley rounded out the top five.  

"Whenever I saw all of those guys running the low side, I saw the cushion was open and I decided to go for it," McPherson said. "Whenever there's a cushion you just have to find a way to be able to turn on it and we were able to do that. I think that's the fastest way around the track.  

Top 10:

1. Corey McPherson

2. Wayne Carbo
3. Jim Fosnaught
4. Bob Egley
5. Joe Kelley
6. Brett McDonald
7. Joey Zambotti
8. Mike MIller
9. Scott Byers
10. Aaron Easler

Thursday, May 21, 2015

On Tap: Busy Memorial Day Weekend Highlighted by Show Me 100; WoO Sprints head to Queen City; Tyler County Hosts Jackpot

This week, On Tap is brought to you (or should be brought to you) by the fine folks that make a great beer....Blue Moon. It's a great summertime ale, but you can drink it when it's five below zero in February too as you ask yourself why you're drinking beer outside in the snow. 

It's crisp, refreshing and has subtle tones of summer enhanced by a fruity profile, but not a bitter finish by any means. It's kind of a transitional beer. Some look upon anyone drinking it as if they were a beer snob. "Go get yourself a PBR ya lightweight!" a more traditional beer drinker may chirp. 

While other's ask "Wasn't blue moon like five years ago?" which can be overheard by beer snobs themselves when they see you drinking one.  

We don't give a crap either way. We like it, and we're going to keep drinking it! In fact, we're having some right now as we give you a weekend preview of the action ahead at dirt tracks across the country. It's a stacked card all over so we'll just hit some highlights to be watching. If you can attend ANY of these races depending on where you are, please get there, there's nothing on the list a true dirt fan in the area should miss! 

So without any further ado, here's what's on tap in DIRT Nation this Memorial Day Weekend!

"If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them."

We remember those who gave all, so we can live free!

Lucas Oil Late Models- Show Me 100

It is now time to kickoff the late model crown jewel season in style at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO this weekend as the Lucas boys entertain the best of the mid-western heavy hitters in the Show Me 100.

It's a three day weekend in store for everyone in attendance as Thursday night will see an entire MLRA late model program before their very eyes, followed by qualifying and heats Friday night and the $30,000 to win 100 lap main event on Saturday. 

The series drivers will tangle with the likes of Moyer, Mars, Feger, Wallace, Marlar, Terry Phillips and many more as the first leg of the Lucas Crown Jewel Cup hits the stage at the legendary dirt palace.  Expect a great driver turnout, and if you're nearby and have never been, do yourself a favor and get there, it's an elaborate facility that rivals the finest tracks in the country!

Series Points Coming Into the Weekend: 

1. Earl Pearson Jr- 2300
2. Don O'Neal- 2210
3. Jimmy Owens- 2180
4. Jonathan Davenport- 2175
5. Devin Moran- 2050

Past Show Me 100 Winners:

Scott Bloomquist- 5  Billy Moyer- 3  Jimmy Owens- 3  Wendell Wallace- 3  Freddy Smith- 2
Ray Cook- 2  Rick Aukland- 1  Brian Birkhofer- 1  Terry Phillips- 1  Don O'Neal-1

When: Thursday, Friday and Saturday May 21-22-23

How to Follow: 

The best way to follow this one will be on as their live updates will be updated in near real time. Also follow @lucasdirt on twitter for timely updates

Check This Out:

Our own Jerin Steele recently did a feature story on Lucas Oil Speedway general manager
Dan Robinson.  To read what Dan goes through in his operation give it a read: Here

World of Outlaws at the Dirt Track at Lowes (NC) and Lawrenceburg Speedway (IN)

The fastest things that play in the clay make two stops this Memorial Day weekend, first in Charlotte at the Dirt Track at Lowes (Speaking of great, and at the legendary Lawrenceburg Speedway.  Coming into the weekend, Donny Schatz has been on fire, already racking up 10 feature wins before June. He'll not encounter much from an invader perspective in Charlotte, but keeping Paul McMahan who's traditionally very strong there, at bay will be a challenge. 

The Charlotte race used to be broadcast on SPEED channel back in the day, (we still miss you SPEED), and it was a great night of racing. Last time out, Brian Brown scored an emotional victory there at the World Finals. He won't be there this weekend, but could there be a new winner in victory lane this Friday?  

On Monday, the Outlaws take on some tougher company at Lawrenceburg on Monday. Last time out, Donny Schatz took home the was only his fourth win of the season in 2014 up to that point. 

Points Coming Into the Weekend: 

1. Donny Schatz- 3885
2. Shane Stewart- 3734
3. Brad Sweet- 3634
4. Kerry Madsen- 3626
5. Paul McMahan- 3606

Ways To Follow: 

There will be live PPV on dirtvision on Friday night and live and free audio from both nights as well there. 

World of Outlaw Late Models at Tyler County Speedway (WV) Sat-Sun May 23-24's jackpot time!

Shane Clanton leads the Outlaws into battle this weekend at the four wide bullring known as Tyler County Speedway located in the hills of West by god Virginia. (Did we do that right?), and it won't just be outlaws he hopes to keep behind him, but rather a strong contingent of invaders led by the red hot Chris Ferguson.  The young NC based wheel man has been on a tear of late and has been more visible in the upper mid Atlantic than at any time in his career in recent weeks. 

There'll be two shows this weekend, an $8,000 to win purse on Saturday and a $10,000 to win on Sunday. Last year, Davey Johnson took home the $20,000 grand prize. This year, it's anybody's guess. If you've never been to the place, it's more than worth checking out. Just remember to camp, everybody camps there for some reason, bring a fishing pole and tackle, a cooler full of beer and have a blast. It's a great atmosphere and the racing is phenomenal!

Points Coming Into the Weekend: 

1. Shane Clanton- 1972
2. Darrrell Lanigan- 1882
3. Josh Richards- 1878
4. Chub Frank- 1846
5. Tim McCreadie- 1786

Ways To Follow: 

There's live audio on dirtvision, it can sometimes be a 50/50 proposition of course being so remote, but the cell reception has improved there. We'll try to Retweet updates as best we can as well! 

All Star Sprints at Plymouth (IN) and Fremont Speewday (OH)

Three races are on tap for the All Star Sprints this weekend as they take to the clay on Friday night at Plymouth Speedway and wind up with two dates at Fremont on Saturday and Sunday.  The second night at Fremont features a $10,000 to win purse as the best of the Ohio area take on Dale Blaney and company.

Chad Kemenah looks to keep his hot hand rolling into the weekend, the veteran pilot has been turning up the wick a bit in his last few races as he's climbed into the top five in points and has become a fixture in the top five come feature time. Newcomer Ryan Smith is also one to watch out for as he lies third in points in his first go round with the All Stars.  Expect 40+ cars and a battle royal at all three races this weekend. It'd be a great one to check out all three and do a little camping at each. 

Points Coming Into the Weekend:

1. Dale Blaney- 846
2. Cody Darrah- 836
3. Ryan Smith- 798
4. Chad Kemenah- 782
5. Sheldon Haudenschield- 780

Ways to follow: 

In the Guy Webb years, the ASCoC twitter handle was a joke, but under new ownership, it's as good as any for keeping updated. Be sure to follow: @ASCoC and be sure to keep your handy Race Monitor app up on your cell phone or computer. 

Also this week: (Get to one of these if you can!!) 

  • NSL Sprints at  Jackson Speedway (MN) PPV on Speedshift TV $24.00
  • B.O.S.S Wingless and weekly racing at Mercer Raceway Park (PA)- Saturday
  • UFO Super Late Model Series Opener at Hesston Speedway- Saturday
  • Spring Natl's Late Models at Boyds (TN), Dixie and Rome (GA)
  • 410 Sprints at Williams Grove- Friday 
  • 410 Sprints at Lincoln and Port Royal Speedway (PA) Saturday
  • Big Block Modifieds at Canandaigua, Fulton, and Fonda Saturday
  • Fab Four Action at Lernerville Friday
  • 358 Modifieds at Ransomvile Friday and Merrittville Saturday
 Now get to the track and have a great weekend! Stay DIRTY

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Rigorous Road of a Traveler

Ah yes, life on the road. Spectacular right? We hear it all the time from fans and new-coming racers. "I just wish I was able to follow (insert favorite national series here)."

Think back about 3 months ago to when we were all anxious for the racing season to get started as drivers of all shapes and sizes ventured down South for Florida/Georgia Speedweeks. "Who's following this series? Which drivers will we see at all of that series's races?"

As the month-long excursion takes place and each series breaks off down their respective paths, we begin to see drivers fall off the road, seemingly dropping like flies, one by one. As fans, some of us understand, whilst some rant and rave about how drivers/owners plan poorly, were in above their heads, or were silly for thinking they could make it out on the road.

That's where we have to draw the figurative line in the sand. When taking into account all variables it's more remarkable that any driver can follow those series that everyone wants to watch. You know, those races that are a definite MUST-SEE when certain drivers are coming to your local track. The World of Outlaws Sprints and Late Models, and the Lucas Oil Late Models come to mind. The rejuvenated All Star Circuit of Champions and newly-formed National Sprint League are beginning to fit the mold also.

I won't feed you a load of crap. Much like every other race fan in the world, I have my favorites when a traveling series comes to town, and I certainly have those that I root against. But beneath all of that is a level of respect for the drivers, crew members, and owners that voluntarily take on this daunting task.

How daunting is it, you may ask? Well, here's some food for thought...

The WoO Sprints (admittedly the most extreme touring series in the world) began 2015 with right around 90 events on the schedule. Okay so what, that just means they get to race a lot. Right? An opportunity to win more money.

I'm going to throw a few numbers at you. The Outlaw schedule, encompassing 90+ races and nearly 10 months of time, requires 28,000 miles of travel from track-to-track. That's if the team never goes back to the shop, which we already know is impossible. Assuming they can get the toterhome up to the speed limit while climbing the hills of America, that's 430 hours on the road. Remember now, this is only if the team doesn't make a single trip to a hotel, restaurant or race shop.

430 hours = 18 days; That means that each team spends at least 18 days, or 5% of their entire year, just riding down the road to the next speedway on the schedule.

Let's continue on, shall we? What financial ramifications come with just getting to the track? We'll ignore racing equipment for the sake of time because we could go on all day about those ungodly costs. We'll be generous and say the average toterhome averages 9 mpg's. At the country-wide average of $2.90 for diesel, you're spending nearly $10,000 in diesel to get to the track. You might as well shove the smiles and winner's check of your first win right into the tank.

It's not just the Outlaw Sprints, either. World of Outlaws Late Models...14,000 miles. All Star Circuit of Champions...7,000 miles. The list goes on.

Emotionally and financially, just considering the trips to the track is enough to make people weak in the knees. Then, for the sake of the argument, consider a driver that has been struggling over span of a few weeks. All of the sudden the tire and car prep that's required to be competitive isn't fun anymore - it's pointless in their eyes, a waste of time.

We won't go any further into detail, but just consider the obstacles that you face with tires, worn equipment, crew members, owner's money...the list goes on and on.

There is more to following a tour than meets the naked eye. So next time you boo an invader, or write-off a driver and question there desire to race, consider what I've talked about.

Instead, display additional respect and gratefulness towards the drivers (and owners, crew, family, etc.) that continue to sacrifice so much to do what they love, and what we love to watch them do. Sometimes we take things for granted. Let's not let this be one of them. The next time you're in the pit area when a traveling series comes to town, take a few minutes to thank the guys that dedicate their lives to this.

It takes a special person to be able to take on such an endeavor, and for that they deserve our praise and gratitude.