Thursday, May 11, 2017

Top 25 National Sprint Car Poll - Week 8

Abreu's NARC win propels him to No. 12 in our Top 25 Rankings

This past weekend, eleven 'Winged 410' Sprint Car races were completed across the country. That put us at over a 50% success rate as eight events were lost to rain. This week, our voters' ballots take into consideration all of the races that were contested from May 5th-7th.

Following a sweep of the World of Outlaws events at Missouri State Fair Speedway and 81 Speedway over the weekend, Donny Schatz reclaims the No. 1 spot in the poll for the first time since early April. He was awarded all ten first-place votes from our panel.

Dropping one spot to No. 2 is David Gravel, who is still within striking distance of Schatz for the top spot heading into this weekend. Brad Sweet and Jason Johnson hold down the No. 3 and No. 4 positions for the fourth week in a row. Joining the top five for the first time since February is Daryn Pittman, who finished on the podium in both World of Outlaws events this weekend.

The three drivers moving up into our Top 25 Rankings this week are Kyle Hirst (22), Mark Dobmeier (23) and Tim Kaeding (25). Hirst returns to the poll for the first time since April 9th, meanwhile Dobmeier and Kaeding are each making their season debuts. Making room for that trio of drivers was Paul McMahan, Freddie Rahmer and Doug Esh who drop out of our Top 25.

Our hard chargers for the week were Rico Abreu and the Madsen brothers. Abreu's $8,000 Bradway Memorial win at Silver Dollar Speedway moved him forward seven spots. Matching him by moving up seven spots was Kerry Madsen, who used two strong runs to claim a pair of top fives over the weekend. Not to be outdone, Kerry's brother Ian Madsen surged ahead six spots in the rankings following his win at Knoxville Raceway.

Our panel of voting members includes the following:
Anthony Corini, Blake Anderson, Brian Liskai, Bobby Gerould, Kyle Symons, Mike Leone, Mike Mallett, Shawn Miller, Tony Bokhoven and Tyler Beichner.

Previous rankings: Preseason Week 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

1. Donny Schatz, 250 points (10)
Recent Results: Swept the World of Outlaws weekend at Missouri State Fair and 81 Speedway
Previous Ranking: 2nd (+1)

2. David Gravel, 240 points
Recent Results: Followed up an uncharacteristic 9th at Missouri S.F. with a podium finish at 81 Speedway
Previous Ranking: 1st (-1)

3. Brad Sweet, 218 points
Recent Results: Ran 7th and 5th over the weekend at Missouri State Fair and 81 Speedway, respectively
Previous Ranking: 3rd (NC)

4. Jason Johnson, 207 points
Recent Results: Rebounded from a tough last weekend to finish 4th & 6th at the WoO shows
Previous Ranking: 4th (NC)

5. Daryn Pittman, 206 points
Recent Results: Earned a pair of runner-up finishes at Missouri S.F. and 81 Speedway
Previous Ranking: 8th (+3)

6. Lance Dewease, 204 points
Recent Results: After picking up the win at Susquehanna, he has now won in 4 of his 5 starts this season
Previous Ranking: 7th (+1)

7. Brian Brown, 201 points
Recent Results: Ran 5th at Missouri S.F. with the Outlaws prior to his 2nd place finish at Knoxville
Previous Ranking: 5th (-2)

8. Sheldon Haudenschild, 162 points
Recent Results: Failed to crack the Top 10 in either World of Outlaws events over the weekend
Previous Ranking: 6th (-2)

9. Shane Stewart, 155 points
Recent Results: After an 11th place run at Missouri S.F., he finished just outside the Top 5 at 81 Speedway
Previous Ranking: 9th (NC)

10. Chad Kemenah, 130 points
Recent Results: Made the trek to the Midwest where he ran 4th at Knoxville Raceway
Previous Ranking: 14th (+4)

11. Ian Madsen, 129 points
Recent Results: After recording a DNF at Missouri S.F. he found victory lane at Knoxville Raceway
Previous Ranking: 17th (+6)

12. Rico Abreu, 124 points
Recent Results: After running 10th on Night 1, he earned $8,000 for his Bradway Memorial win at Silver Dollar
Previous Ranking: 19th (+7)

13. Jason Sides, 113 points
Recent Results: Recorded finishes of 13th & 9th at Missouri State Fair and 81 Speedway
Previous Ranking: 11th (-2)

14. Logan Schuchart, 110 points
Recent Results: Ran 12th & 7th at the WoO events in Missouri and Kansas over the weekend
Previous Ranking: 13th (-1)

15. Dale Blaney, 103 points
Recent Results: Rain ruined any plans the team had of racing this weekend
Previous Ranking: 10th (-5)

16. Danny Dietrich, 86 points
Recent Results: Sat out Sunday's race at Susquehanna following rain-outs at Williams Grove and Lincoln
Previous Ranking: 12th (-4)

17. Kerry Madsen, 82 points
Recent Results: Ran 3rd with the Outlaws at Missouri State Fair before claiming 7th place at Knoxville
Previous Ranking: 24th (+7)

18. Joey Saldana, 81 points
Recent Results: Followed up a Top 5 run at Missouri State Fair with a 14th place at 81 Speedway
Previous Ranking: 18th (NC)

19. Lucas Wolfe, 72 points
Recent Results: Ran 4th at Susquehanna to continue his string of consistent runs in Central PA
Previous Ranking: 16th (-3)

20. Tim Shaffer, 66 points
Recent Results: Rained throughout the Northeast kept him from entering any events
Previous Ranking: 15th (-5)

21. Greg Hodnett, 61 points
Recent Results: Found some speed on his way to a runner-up finish at Susquehanna Speedway
Previous Ranking: 22nd (+1)

22. Kyle Hirst, 39 points
Recent Results: Won the unsanctioned prelim at Silver Dollar before registering a DNQ the next night
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

23. Mark Dobmeier, 37 points
Recent Results: Finally in action, Dobmeier won at River Cities before notching a Top 5 at Knoxville
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

24. Brent Marks, 30 points
Recent Results: Showed consistency has he finished 12th & 10th at Missouri S.F. and 81 Speedway
Previous Ranking: 23rd (-1)

25. Tim Kaeding, 28 points
Recent Results: Landed on the podium at Knoxville Raceway with his 3rd place run on Saturday
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

Dropped Out of Rankings
Paul McMahan (19), Freddie Rahmer (21), Doug Esh (25)

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