Monday, May 22, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 9

Hey there fellow dirt track fanatics, it's Monday so that means I gotta write some words to keep ya'll updated on these here rankings I keep.

It was finally a petty full weekend of racing action that saw just about everybody who had a super late show scheduled get their show in. The only regular super late tracks that failed to get a show in were Port Royal, who had and off weekend scheduled, and Eriez, who rained out Sunday night. With that, not surprisingly, moves are starting to be made within these rankings. In a month or so, I'd bet that this list is tighter than it's ever been.

This coming weekend will have a full slate of action scheduled with a few specials, and the preliminary forecast looks pretty good at this point that they should be able to get those shows in. You should get out there and check one (or more) of them races out.The tracks can always use the support.

Now, let's get to the real reasons you guys read this column, the top ten for this week:

1. Jeff Rine****, 37 points. Jeff was first under the checkers at Bedford Friday, and came home second at Selinsgrove Saturday.

2. Alex Ferree*, 21 points. Alex ran fourth Friday at Lernerville, and picked up the win at Marion Center on Saturday.

3. Max Blair*, 20 points. Max went scoreless this week.

4. Chad Hollenbeck*, 19 points. Chad ran fourth at Selinsgrove Saturday.

4. Gregg Satterlee*, 19 points. Gregg took an 0fer this weekend.

6. Matt Cosner*, 18 points. Matt also went without scoring any points this week.

6. Coleby Frye, 18 points. Coleby came home third at Selinsgrove Saturday.

8. Dave Hess Jr**, 17 points. Dave didn't score any points this week.

9. Michael Lake**, 16 points. Michael got the victory at Dog Hollow Saturday.

10. DJ Troutman*, 12 points. DJ grabbed a second at Bedford Friday.

10. Greg Oakes, 12 points. Greg was held scoreless this week.

 And that's the top ten for this week. As I metioned, a busy weekend is upon us, with a bunch of races to be scored. with the top ten being so potent, I'd look for some pretty serious movement next week.

The balance of power on this thing seems to be skewing towards central PA at the moment, especially in the lad spot. They've had a ton of specials out that way, so they've had the opportunity to score more points. The schedule in the next month or two has a ton of specials scheduled on the west side of the state. It'll be interesting to see if that tightens this thing up.

Anyways, have fun this coming weekend. It's a holiday weekend. Please be responsible if you've had too much to drink and call an Uber or something to get you home safely. Also, please take moment to remember the brave men who fought to let us enjoy the freedoms that we have today.


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