Monday, May 15, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super late Mopdel Power Rankings: Week 8

Hey there race fans. It's Monday, so that means I gotta update these here rankings I keep. You may have noticed that I skipped a week in these columns and went from 6 all the way to 8, but the thing is, there was a week 7, it's just that literally every super late model race in the state was rained out last weekend.

A good many of them were rained out this past weekend, too. The only tracks to get their shows in were Thunder Mountain (who now runs supers weekly, apparently), PPMS, Port Royal, and Eriez,  all weekly shows. Everybody else was rained out, as mother nature apparently hates super late model racing on Pennsylvania tracks. The forecast is looking really crappy for racing this coming weekend, too, unfortunately. These rankings are starting to get a little tighter, though, because certain guys havn't been able to get points while others have with all the rain in some places, and none in others.

All that said, let's get to those rankings.

1. Jeff Rine***, 27 points. Jeff went scoreless this week.

2. Max Blair*, 20 points. Max ran third Friday ay Thunder Mountain and came home second at Eriez Sunday.

3. Gregg Satterlee*, 19 points. Gregg had an 0fer weekend.

4. Matt Cosner*, 18 points. Matt also had a scoreless weekend.

5. Dave Hess Jr.**, 17 points. Dave took home the win at Eriez Sunday.

6. Chad Hollenbeck*, 16 points. Chad took a 0 for the weekend.

7. Alex Ferree, 14 points. Alex came home second at PPMS Saturday.

7. Coleby Frye, 14 points. Coleby was held scoreless as well.

9. Greg Oakes, 12 points. Greg ran third at Eriez Sunday.

10. Rick Singleton*, 11 points. Rick was victorious at Port Royal Saturday.

10. Michael Lake*, 11 points. Michael ran fourth at Thunder Mountain Friday.

10. Dylan Yoder, 11 points. Dylan came home fifth at Port Royal Saturday.

10. Gary Stuhler, 11 points. Gay took an 0fer this weekend as well.

And those are the names in the first ten positions on my list after this weekend's racing action. Hopefully the forecast and weather improve so we can get a full slate of racing action in next weekend. I mean, I still haven't been to a race yet this year, and this coming weekend mah wife isn't on call so I can hit a track.  Of course the forecast sucks. The way it's looking anymore, I might not see one till June.


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