2017 Lernerville Pickem- Presented By Turner's Premium Tea

Welcome to the eighth season of Lernerville Pick'Em! For the first timers here, we know you have two questions. What is it, and how do I play? It's the ultimate complement to the racing action at Lernerville each Friday night. Pick one driver for each division (we'll explain later) and then one wild card driver that can be from any division. Then we score it all by feature finishes, add it up, and we have a season long contest that runs through the last regular season date in August.  

What's at stake? We'll have prizes for the top three finishers at the end of the season, provided by our terrific sponsors, and also, should you play a perfect week (select all four winning drivers) you'll receive a $15 Subway Gift Card! Plus there's also a rookie of the year award , the annual "David James Gardham Rookie of the Year Award" named after a great player and great person who is very much missed! He was and is part of what we call our Lernerville Pick'em Family! Which is what you now are as soon as you play for the whole season!  

So what does it take? First off, it would be helpful to follow on twitter @TheDirtNetwork or follow us on Facebook as we do a lot of announcements via social media. We even remind you if you haven't turned in your selections yet, as best we can anyway. How's that for customer service! Next, it takes the commitment to play EVERY WEEK. With the amount of players we have, it's very difficult to win this if you skip a week or two. And lastly, it takes a little work on your end. Find out if a driver you pick may be touring on a particular Friday. Expect invaders when certain series are off, do a little homework on social media now and then.

Before we get into the rules, let us just say that the best reason for doing this, is because it's very fun and it makes the racing more interesting and provides bragging rights moments for you and your friends. We love putting it on, and the players who have been with us for years on end love it too! 

Now let's get to that rules/how to play thing...

1. You will click a link on the bottom of this page, the one that says "Click HERE", yes, that's the one. when announced normally on Sunday nights. Remember to bookmark this page so you can find the link.

2. When you click the link, it will redirect you to a separate pick entry page.  Simply follow the instructions. You will select ONE driver per each of the fab four divisions and then you will be prompted to WRITE IN a wild card selection. Once you've submitted picks, there will be NO CHANGES. 

3. The scores of your picks will be according to their feature finishes.

Win - 8 points
Top 5- 4 Points
Top 10- 2 Points

4. From time to time, we will announce double points nights, either for a specific division or for all picks. Sometimes we'll get a wild hair and decide to double the wild card pick too. It helps to keep everyone from being on auto pilot so to speak!

5. If there is a rain out, every player that submitted picks will receive 10 show up points, so don't miss a week even if the weather is in doubt.  When rain outs do occur, we will make new picks for the following Friday night. 

6. Only ONE set of picks can be submitted per player per week,

That's pretty much it. After the week is over, we'll update any new news on this page with fresh standings and announcements for the following week! 

So make your picks when we make our announcement that we're open for the week! We hope you have a great time and enjoy yourselves! Thanks for playing!

Well, now that week two has been completed, we'd like to say congrats to our weekly winners, and in week four as well! Looks like a great field this year. Okay, We're going to post the week 2 and week 4 scoring tables at this time. Remember, if you made picks for week 3 you received 10 show up points.

Okay, so here's your week 2 scores!  

And here's your Week 4 Scores! 

Week 5

Week 6 Standings:

Week 7 Standings: 

Week 8 Standings

 Here is your up to date Season Standings!! as of 7/8/2017


And we're back it it with Lernerville Pick'Em Week 10! This week, it's our Annual Subway Sandwich Gift Card Giveaway. Just tell us what Sandwich you'd buy with a $15 Subway Gift Card and why you chose it in your selections this week (special box is there for you) and you will be entered in a random drawing! Let's keep the Sprint Selection Doubled this week! 
Good luck and thanks as always for playing!

Week 1 Winner (Annual Icebreaker): John Hartman, Joey Koteles 
Week 2 Winner: Cole Perkins, Jake Gunn, Trever Steele (Team TDN) Mike Bordt
Week 3 Winner: We all got 10 we're all winners really!!! (Show Canceled)
Week 4 Winner: Bob Pakozdi, Kaleb Dietz, Ryan Edder
Week 5 Winner: Joey Koteles, John Hartman, Nate Langer, Frank Iudiciani (Team TDN),
Rod Kacin, Wes Libert, Steve Prince, Rodger Ewing. 
ASCoC Pick'Em Winner: Teddy Homol
Week 6 Winner: Joey Koteles, Tyler West, Steven Prince, Andrew Loria, Don Gmitra, Teddy Homol, Christopher Speer all tied with 44 Points
Week 7 Winner: Jeff Compton, Brian Wilkinson, Dylan Morando all tie with 44 points! 
Week 8 Winner: John Hartman, Sarah Kamouh, Teddy Homol, and Chris Speer all tie with 24 points!
Week 9 Winner: Mother Nature. 10 Points for Everybody that played! 
Week 10 Winner: 

To play Lernerville Pick'Em Week 10 CLICK HERE

2017 Prizes:

We're still working on our 2017 prize package. More info posted as it becomes available. 

Rest in Peace David James Gardham...

2016 FINAL Standings: CLICK HERE

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