Monday, August 7, 2017

The Story From Dog Hollow; Davenport's Blisters Field For $4,000 Victory

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From TDN Area Reporter John McConnell

Strongstown, PA (August 6, 2017) Word throughout the early afternoon on social media, and at Dog Hollow Speedway leading up the the running of the rescheduled Shawn Sheets McGarvey Memorial $4000 to win Super Late Model Special, was that Superman was on his way. Midway Speedway (OH) had rained out and The GR Smith owned team was looking for a race. Arriving in plenty of time, Davenport did not appear for his heat race.  The transporter's generator wasn't working and they could not unload the car. Davenport was allowed a few laps prior to the B main in which he ran 3rd allowing him in the A main with a 23rd start starting spot.

When the main event got underway, Lewisttown, PA pilot Waylon Wagner took the lead and battled with 2nd running Kyle Hardy of Winchester Va. The whole time the action from the back was intense as 19th starting Alex Ferree of Saxonburg and Blairsville, Georgia's Davenport were slicing their way through the field with authority.

Howie Balis Photo

With a lap 17 restart Davenport went from 5th to 3rd with an outside move in one and two and again the same move paid off on a lap 27 restart from 3rd to the lead around Harvey and Wagner. A few late race cautions still could not deter the eventual winner as he went onto the $4,000 victory over Hardy, Michael Lake, Ferree, and Robbie Black.

When asked what he liked about Dog Hollow Davenport replied "It's a neat dirty little track like the West Virginia tracks that these XR-1 Rockets are always so good on. And once the track cleans off it's racey."

Howie Balis Photo

Davenport later on described how the deal with GR Smith came about "after he left Barry (Wright) Brian a former crew guy that works for GR called and said let's go race, so it's just four guys that like to race".

Davenport plans to go to Florence from here to compete in the annual North/South 100, $50,000 to win Lucas Oil Series race, but hasn't ruled out an appearance at the Knoxville Late Model Nationals later on this year.

Feature Finish: $4,000 to win Super Late Models; 45 Laps

Jonathan Davenport, Kyle Hardy, Michael Lake, Alex Ferree, Robbie Black, Devin Friese, Rance Garlock, Dave Blazavich, Mike Altobelli, Andy Fries, Bernie Whiteford, Billy Dickson, Jayme Beck, Brett Bingaman, Waylon Wagner, Kyle Knapp, Ryan Christoff, Andrew Wylie, Ryan Montgomery, John Wayne Weaver, Robby Marhefka, Mason Zeigler, Shawn Claar, Joe Petyak,

5 cautions
1 red flag
28 Cars

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