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2017 Jook George Memorial- LIVE Update Page

Imperial, PA (August 12, 2017) The annual Jook George Memorial  at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania's Motor Speedway is the highest paying race in RUSH Late Model Touring Series action. Teams have gathered here from the tri state area to take their best shot at the $4010 winner's share of the purse this evening.


Time Trials
Heats- 10 Laps
BMain Consolation Races
40 Lap Main Event
Non Qualifiers Race

Anticipated Drivers: 
Touring Series points leader Bryce Davis will be among the favorites as he looks to collect another series win. He'll be up against last year's champion, Michael Reft, local Super Late Model standouts Russ King and Mike Pegher Jr., and potentially Jacob Hawkins.  Andrew Wylie, fresh off his $5,100 Super Late Model Victory at Marion Center Speedway last Saturday night, will be in attendance as well as regional touring drivers such as John Waters, Brian Knowles, and top local competition  including Daryl Charlier, Justin Lamb, Reft, John Mollick and others.

We will be updating the page with information and result as it comes in! Check us out on twitter to seen when we're updated.  All updates will be posted below!

11:00 AM: Live Blog Online- Next update later this evening between 5 and 6 PM.

6;50 PM- 43 are in the pits tonight including Jacob Hawkins, Russ King, Dan Angellichio, Wayne Robertson, Bryce Davis, John Waters, Mike Pegher Jr. Andrew Wylie and several others.

6:55 Time Trials are underway, Mike Pegher Jr. is fastest 15 cars in with 19.797

7:05: Time Trials are completed, Here are your top Five:

1. Mike Pegher Jr (19.797) $200 Award
2. Ben Policz
3. Jacob Hawkins
4. AdrewWylie
5. Bryce Davis

Final Time Trial Results: 

Heat Lineups: 

We will have four heats, Top five will advance to the 40 lap feature. Top two will advance to the dash. There will be 2 BMain Consolations- 10 laps each. Top two will advance from those to the main show at this time with one PPMS provisional making for a 26 to 27 car A Main this evening:

7:18 PM: Sportsman are on the track for the first of their two heats. 13 cars in all for the Sportsman Stocks this evening.

7:29 PM: 6 Cylinder Late Models are on the track for their heat. Only one heat for these cars, (5)

7:33 PM: We're ready to go with the first of 4 heat races for the RUSH Late Models

Heat 1: Mike Pegher Jr. runs away from the field including Andrew Wylie in heat 1. Track is starting to widen out nicely, not too much cushion and a fairly smooth finish which is normally the case at PPMS:

1. Mike Pegher Jr.
2. Andrew Wylie
3. Steve Beatty
4. Justin Lamb
5. Jeremy Wonderling

Heat 2: Russ King made his way to the front in fairly quick fashion, passing series points leader Bryce Davis with a handful of laps to go. King and Davis had a thrilling battle at Lernerville in touring action this year with Mike Pegher Jr. King on the $2,000 to win feature back in June.

1. Russ King
2. Bryce Davis
3. Russ Matjeka
4. Ben Policz
5. Brian Swank

Heat 3: Wayne Robertson takes a wild ride in turn two bringing out the first caution of the night. He is okay. Jacob Hawkins has his raceiver checked, red flag. Robertson's spin was unassisted. Hawkins takes the win from the front row.

1. Jacob Hawkins
2. John Waters
3. Colton Flinner
4. Christian Schneider
5. Dan Angellichio

Heat 4: John Mollick cruises to the win over Daryl Charlier and last year's champion Michael Reft. Mollick's margin was over two seconds at the line.

1. John Mollick
2. Daryl Charlier
3. Michael Reft
4. Jamie Wrightsman
5. Jake Gunn

8:07 PM: Tonight's dash will include, Pegher Jr., Wylie, King, Davis, Hawkins, Waters, Mollick Charlier.

8:24 PM: Tonight's Dash Lineup
1. Russ King - 2. Mike Pegher Jr.
3. Bryce Davis- 4. John Waters
5. John Mollick- 6. Jacob Hawkins
7. Daryl Charlier- 8. Andrew Wylie

8:30 PM:  Two Bmains are about to hit the track. 10 laps each, top two to the show!

8:37 PM

BMain 1;  Eric Wilson and Jason Knowles run away from the field in the first consolation race.
Brian Knowles and Bill Kessler have been awarded provisionals this evening.

BMain 2:  Matt Latta and young Clinton Hersh make their way into the show tonight.

Dash: Russ King turns some 19 second laps en route to victory in the K and N Induction dash.

1. Russ King
2. Mike Pegher Jr.
3. Jacob Hawkins
4. Bryce Davis
5. John Waters
6. John Mollick
7. Daryl Charlier
8. Andrew Wylie.

8:55 PM

Tonight's Lineup for the 40 Lap Jook George Memorial.

9:45 PM It's time for the show, the field is set an ready to start parade laps!

9:52 PM 4 wide salute has been completed. Russ King and Mike Pegher Jr. will lead the field to green

10:00 PM About 16 laps in, Jamie Wrightsman spins in the top of turn two and collects Jacob Hawkins! Russ King also makes contact. Pegher will inherit the lead. Russ King to the pits.

10:06 PM Both Hawkins and Wrightsman appear to be okay, let's hope so. Jason Knowles also involved.   We are rolling. Caution cleaned up.

Running order:
1. Mike Pegher Jr.
2. Bryce Davis
3. John Waters
4. John Mollick
5. Daryl Charlier

10:13 PM  Mollick gets a great jump on the outside and takes second, Davis slides underneath out of turn number four to take it back with Pegher out front.  Matt Latta and Bill Kessler spin in turn one. 19 laps down.

10:19 PM  Eric Wilson tags the wall in turn four. 26 laps complete

Running order:

1. Mike Pegher Jr.
2. Bryce Davis
3. John Waters
4. Colton Flinner
5. Daryl Charlier

10:27 PM  Justin Lamb gets a great jump on the restart moving into third just as Flinner slows in turn two to bring out the caution flag.  Only one lap was completed. Pegher looks to be the class of this field.

Running order:
1. Mike Pegher Jr.
2. Bryce Davis
3. Justin Lamb
4. John Waters
5. John Mollick

10:35 PM  Mike Pegher Jr. is your 2017 Jook George champion. Pegher was passed on the final restart on the outside by Bryce Davis, but re took the position just a lap later and took a three second lead. Davis slashed some of the margin down while Pegher was in lapped traffic, but it was too little too late as Pegher who had the fastest car made his way to victory lane and is now $4010.00 richer!


1. Mike Pegher Jr.
2. Bryce Davis
3. Justin Lamb
4. John Waters
5. Jeremy Wonderling * from 17th, Hard Charger
6. Ben Policz
7. John Mollick
8. Dan Angellichio
9. Mike Reft
10. Daryl Charlier
11. Jake Gunn
12. Clinton Hersh
13. Christian Schneider
14. Steve Beatty
15. Brian Knowles
16. Bill Kesser
17. Russ Matjeka
18. Matt Latta
19. Colton Flinner
20. Brian Swank
21. Eric Wilson
22. Jason Knowles
23. Jacob Hawkins
24. Russ King
25. Jamie Wrightsman
26. Andrew Wyile

11:05 PM Chuck Medved takes the $175 to win, 10 lap Non Qualifiers race this evening. 8 cars took part.

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