Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Story From Eriez: Drivers Show Support for Rohrer Family, Miley wins ULMS Mike Farr Memorial

On Sunday morning news of Bob Rohrer’s passing spread quickly thru the racing community. Many drivers, owners, crew members, and fans proclaimed on social media a trip to Eriez Speedway on Sunday evening as a fitting memorial in Bob’s honor.  155 cars in all packed the pits.  There was a different feeling than a typical race night and following many stories, memories, and hugs, all cars in attendance took to the track.  Bob’s son, Bobby Rohrer, lead a 4 wide salute in memory of his father around the speedway.

Super Late Models

The ULMS Late Models “Mike Farr Memorial” saw John Volpe and Russ King on the front row to take the green flag. Volpe jumped out to an early lead, however caution would come out quickly for a multi car incident on lap 2. The 53 of John Volpe would again take the lead and by lap 7 he would have a straight away lead over Russ King negated when Chad Hollenbeck and John Weaver tangled. Volpe would again take the lead on the following restart, and by lap 9 the sixth starting Jared Miley would find himself passing King for the second spot. The caution would wave again on lap 12 when Bobby Rohrer would clip the back stretch wall and collect John Weaver.

On the subsequent restart King would take back the second spot only to be passed again by Miley on lap 13. Volpe, Miley, and King would be joined by seventh starting Max Blair on lap 24 when Blair got around King for the third position. Soon after the leader would find himself having to maneuver thru lap traffic. As the laps ticked thru the 30s Volpe would have issues getting past several different lap cars allowing Miley and Blair to become nose to tail with him. As the white flag flew both Miley on the high side and Blair on the low side sought the opportunity to pass Volpe making it 3 wide in turn 2. Miley would take the checkers followed by Volpe and Blair.

Jared Miley continued to be very good at Eriez Speedway

Top 10 (27 Cars)

1. Jared Miley ($4,100)
2. John Volpe
3. Max Blair
4. Russ King
5. Bump Hedman
6. Doug Eck
7. Greg Oakes
8. John Lobb
9. Dave Hess Jr.
10. Steve Kania


The emods would see John Schenker and Cale Crocker lead the field to the green flag, with Crocker taking the early lead. Crocker and Schenker would be challenged by Casey Bowers for a couple side by side laps before Bowers could complete the pass and take the lead on lap 5. The caution flag would fly on lap 7 finding Bowers leading Crocker and Bob Page. Bowers would continue to lead the field with Page moving up to the second spot. Caution would again fly on lap 15 as David Lamphere spun in turn 2. On this restart Bowers lead Page and a eighth starting John Boyd in third, with Boyd reading the start perfectly and rocketing to the lead with 4 to go. He would go on to win over Bowers in second and Josh Ferry in third.

Top 10 (24 Cars)
John Boyd and Mike Kinney in heat race action

1. John Boyd
2. Casey Bowers
3. Josh Ferry
4. Jacob Eucher
5. Cale Crocker
6. Steve Rex
7. Alan Atkinson
8. Percy McDonald
9. David Lamphere
10. Calvin Thompson

Rush Crate Late Models

The RUSH crate late models would see Andy Boozel jumping out to an early lead with Dave Lyon giving chase until the yellow flag waved on lap 11. It would wave twice more on the consequent restarts before the field would get under way again. On lap 13 eleventh starting Max Blair moved into the top 5 in a 3 car battle with Chad Wright and Bruce Hordusky. The field would be slowed once more for a lap 17 caution brought out by Brady Raynor. On the following restart the 14L of Dave Lyon make a move to the bottom in an attempt to get under Boozel that would once again fail. The caution would fly for the last time on lap 19 freezing the field for a 1 lap shootout. Despite the field’s best efforts Boozel would prevail over Lyon, Zimmerman, Blair and Wright.
Andy Boozel in heat race action

Top 5 (22 Cars)

1. Andy Boozel
2. Dave Lyon
3. Max Blair
4. Kyle Zimmerman
5. Chad Wright

Street Stocks

Jackson Humanic and Rod Laskey led the field of Street Stocks to the green, with Laskey taking the early lead until he had problems on lap 3 bringing out the caution on lap 3 and relinquishing the lead to Humanic. On the following restart Humanic would lead James Scharba and Eric McCray who would be passed on lap 6 by Jim Kennerknect. Scharba would be joined in a 3-wide battle for second by Brandon Groters and Chris McGuire on lap 12. The race would be slowed for caution on lap 14 when Scharba would spin in turn 2 leaving Kennerknect nowhere to go but into Scharba’s rear axle, knocking it out from under the car. As the green and white flags were waving to restart on the final lap, Humanic was followed by Groters and McGuire. Groters was able to make the high line work, passing Humanic in turn 4 for victory.
Brandon Groters on his way to victory

Top 10 (27 Cars)

1. Brandon Groters
2. Jackson Humanic
3. Chris McGuire
4. John Boardman
5. Gary Fisher
6. Don McGuire
7. Wesley McCray
8. Leigh Wheeler
9. Garrett Calvert
10. Eric McCray


Kyle Reinwald and Chuck Steinle Sr. lead the Economod field to the green with Steinle taking the early lead. Caution would come out for the first time on lap 2 for a Ty Rhoades spin. The Lap 2 restart saw Steinle leading Kyle Reinwald and Mike Boyd. Boyd would use the high line on lap 4 to take the lead as Bob Vogt Jr. moved into the third spot. Hard charging eleventh starting Brandon Blackshear would take the lead on lap 7 from Boyd.

That lead would be short lived as he would bring out the caution with help from Boyd in turn 4 of that lap. Mike Boyd would be issued the Black flag. This would line up Steinle over Dustin Eckman and Vogt for the lap 7 restart. There would be 3 straight cautions deep in the field on lap 7 restart attempts. Bob Vogt Jr. was able to complete the pass for the lead on lap 8 and would not look back. He would take the checkers over Steinle Sr. and Geoff Conn.

Bob Vogt Jr. would not be stopped

Top 10 (24 Cars)

1. Bob Vogt Jr.
2. Chuck Steinle Sr.
3. Geoff Conn
4. Mitch Wright
5. Dustin Eckman
6. Mike Boyd
7. Gary Olson
8. Brandon Blackshear
9. Eric Reinwald
10. Kyle Reinwald


Dylan Green and Bob Swanson started on the front row and quickly brought out the caution as they completed the first lap with Swanson spinning Green at the flag stand. Swanson would be black flagged from the event. Green would lead Aaron Marcy and Spencer Marcy on the restart. Eighth starting “sharkfin” Gary Troyer charged in between the Marcy cars for second place and would take the lead on lap 5. Troyer would face a late race challenge from Andy Proper but Troyer would not be denied the checkers.

Gary Troyer in heat race action

Top 5 (33 Cars)

1. Gary Troyer
2. Dylan Green
3. Andy Proper
4. Aaron Marcy
5. Brandon Huffman

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