Monday, July 3, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 15

Hey there race fans. Happy Fourth to ya'll. I know, I Know, it's actually the third, but c'mon, if I delayed the update to tomorrow nobody would read it because barbecues and what not. Anyways, that means I'm wishing ya'll happy Fourth today. Please be safe out there tomorrow. I don't want to hear about any of ya'll driving drunk or blowing your hands off with fireworks.

This weekend was chock full of specials, as most holiday weekends are. Mostly everybody that had a super late show scheduled this weekend got their show in, with the lone exception being Sleinsgrove, who rained out Saturday night.

The poll this week saw Alex Ferree make up some major ground on Jeff Rine for the top spot, as he scored three times (with two of them being victory points) and Rine scored only once. Another week or two of stuff like this and this poll will be as competitive as it's ever been.

Behind them, things are tightening up and it should make for a very interesting second half of the season. And guys technically aren't done scoring points this week, as Dog Hollow is actually running a show tonight, but as I said, I'm posting today because holiday tomorrow. The points for tonight will be reflected next week.

That said, let's get to these rankings.

1. Jeff Rine*******, 77 points. Jeff ran second at Bedford Friday night.

2. Alex Ferree******, 61 points. Alex came home fifth at Bedford Friday, and won both of Marion Center's features Saturday night.

3. Max Blair**, 41 points. Max got a second at Thunder Mountain Friday, and had a third at Eriez Sunday.

4. Matt Cosner**. 33 points. Matt was first under the checkers at Bedford Friday.

5. Coleby Frye, 32 points. Coleby ran third at Hesston Saturday.

6. Dave Hess Jr.****, 31 points. Dave got the win at Hesston Saturday night.

6. Michael Lake****, 31 points. Michael went scoreless this week.

8. Rick Eckert**, 28 points. Rick also took an 0fer this weekend. 

9. Dylan Yoder*, 26 points. Dylan came home fifth at Thunder Mountain Friday and got a second at Hesston Saturday.

10. Mike Marlar, 25 points. Mike had a scoreless weekend.

10. Chad Hollenbeck**, 25 points. Chad was also scoreless this week.

10. Michael Norris***, 25 points. Michael also too an 0fer this weeeknd.

And that's the top ten for this week. Check back next Monday to see what happened after this week's action. And again, please be safe tomorrow. One day of dangerous partying is not worth the possible consequences.

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