Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings; Week 16

Hey there race fans, it's Monday so that means I'm writing some stuff to update these rankings I keep. It was a decent weekend of racing, that actually started scoring points last Monday night at Dog Hollow.

This past weekend saw all of the tracks scheduled to run super lates get their shows in with  he exception of Lernerville, who rained out Friday night and Roaring Knob, who actually had super lates scheduled this past Saturday, but rained out. Dog Hollow actually rained out this past  Friday, too, but had a rain date scheduled Sunday and they got that show in.

The rankings got a bit of a shakeup this week, as just about everybody in the top ten scored points, with the exceptions being Rick Eckert, who was out west with the WoO tour and Matt Cosner, who is out of action unti he heals up from neck injuries sustained in an accident a few weeks back. Let's hope Matt heals quickly and can get back on track very soon.

This coming week should see just about everybody get their show in, with the exception of  Marion Center, who has a truck and tractor puling event scheduled instead of racing. Bedford and PPMS have specials scheduled with increased purses, and that means extra points will be scored at those races.

Let's get to those rankings:

1. Jeff Rine********, 83 points. Jeff got the win at Port Royal Saturday.

2. Alex Ferree*******, 66 points. Alex was first under the checkers Saturday at Marion Center.

3. Max Blair**, 44 points. Max ran third at Eriez Sunday.

4. Michael Lake*****, 36 points. Michael came home first at Dog Hollow Sunday.

4. Coleby Frye, 36 points. Coleby was third at Port Royal Saturday.

6. Dave Hess Jr.****, 35 points. Dave ran second at Eriez Sunday.

7. Dylan Yoder*, 34 points. Dylan ran fourth at Dog Hollow last Monday and came home second at Port Royal Saturday.

8. Matt Cosner**, 33 points. Matt didn't score any points this week.

9. Rick Eckert***, 28 points. Rick was also scoreless this week.

10. Doug Eck*, 27 points. Doug came home third at Thunder Mountain Friday.

10. Jared Miley***, 27 points. Jared ran third at Dog Hollow last Monday.

10. Chad Hollenbeck**, 27 points. Chad ran fourth at Bedford Friday. 

And those are the guys at the top of the list this week. Check back next Monday to see where your favorites finish!

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  1. Incredible. Ferree came north to Eriez sunday night and could barely keep up. I wish you'd include the whole region ie Stateline and maybe into Ohio too...