Wednesday, June 7, 2017

TDN's 2017 Dirt Late Model Dream Preview

Starting tomorrow night, there is a big dirt late model shindig happening this weekend on the west side of Ohio. It is our duty to inform you of the ins and outs of this happening, in our typical big race preview style. This means I'm going to ask (and answer) the proverbial five Ws and then give some predictions for the weekend on the back end. Let's get to that, shall we?

 Somewhere between 60 and 100 of the worlds best dirt late model drivers, as it always is for Eldora's biggies. Normally Eldora posts a list of pre-entries, this year it really hasn't. A grassroots effort at creating a pre-entry list is taking place over on 4M, The Most Opinionated Message Board in the Universe.


Three nights of racing beginning Thursday, June 8th through Saturday, June 10th. The first two nights have programs that separate the field into two groups,  who will each have hot laps, time trials, heats,
b-main's and a feature. The final night will cut out the qualifying and set up heats based on points scored by the drivers finishes on the prelim nights, b-mains, and a 100 lap feature paying a cool 100k to win. 


Eldora Speedway, arguably the most famous dirt track of them all, located in Rossburg, Ohio. Tony Stewart bought the track a number of years ago, and has been improving it by leaps and bounds since. It's a must see for any dirt racing fan, and if you've never been, put it on your racing bucket list now. Directions to the speedway can be found here.


I've said a couple times already it start's June 8th and runs through June 10th. A full schedule of the weekend's action can be found here.


Because dirt late model racing is fun. Duh. 


There are a couple of different way's to see the race. You could go to the race (using the above directions) and buy some tickets at the track or pick them up before you go here. There are also two different options to watch the race on PPV. You could purchase the event through Dirt on Dirt or you can order the PPV straight from the track here.  

Now that we've let's get to those predictions I promised. I will mention three drivers. One who I think will win. one who won't win, and one who just might shock the world. 

Who will win:

Scott Bloomquist. That nasty tiregate business is finally over for him, and Scott will be making his return to Eldora to race. I'm sure he's going to want to send a message and win the race with a 100% by the book legal car with 100% by the book legal tires just so he can tlak a little sh*t in victory lane, because that's Scott's style. Sure, everybody  who was involved likes to think they could do that, but seriously, when Bloomer is on a mission, he's damn near unstoppable. He's got to be the odds-on favorite going into the weekend. 

Who won't win:

 Josh Richards. Word on the street is that he doesn't even have a ride for the show. Seriously. His car owner, Best Performance, is the only holdover from tiregate that hasn't squared up with WRG yet, and after another indecent between the two parties happened at Lasalle (IL) Speedway earlier this
year that set the situation even further back. Josh is perfectly legal to race if he so desires, but as of this writing, nobody has put together a ride for him to run the Dream. Even if he does get a ride, it's going to be a little unfamiliar to him and it take a full team firing on all cylinders to win a race like The Dream. Can't see him winning any way you slice it, including if if Josh ends up driving one of his dad's (Rocket Chassis owner Mark Richards) house cars for the weekend. 

Who might shock the world:

Devin Moran. He's in the best equipment he's ever had at his disposal, and he's running at a familiar track. He's absolutely capable of pulling it off if the chips fall in his favor. By that I mean,  he makes it through the weekend without hurting the car at all, he qualifies well both nights, gets a plum invert for the heats on Saturday, and manages his tires well. If he did pull it off, I could totally see it being one of the biggest ractions anybody ever got at Eldora. 

And that's our preview. Hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Check back on Sunday after the race to see if any of our predictions came true!


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