Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 14

Hey there folks, it's Monday, so that means some words and numbers and such to update these here rankings that I keep. Tons of points scored this week because of specials, but interestingly enough, the top two scored none, because most of those points were scored by guys that rarely run in the state of Pennsylvania.

When I talk about all they were highlighted by one 6 point scale race at Lernerville, the Uncle Sam 30, one 7 point race, the afternoon Firecracker preliminary show, also at Lernerville, one 10 point show, the WoO show at Mckean Tuesday night, and of course, the 20 point Friecracker 100. As I said, though, most of those points were scored by national touring invaders, with Mike Marlar making out the best pointwise out of those guys with an incredibly consistent Saturday at Lernerville.

Other action was a little light this week. Friday saw nobody run because Lernerville rained out and everybody else who usually runs Fridays (Thunder Mountain, Dog Hollow, and Bedford) had on off weekend scheduled anyways. Saturday, both Marion Center and PPMS took the weekend off, but Port Royal and Selinsgrove did actually get shows in. Sunday night, Eriez finally got a nice day and got their show in.

This coming weekend should see most tracks get back to normal, provided, of course, Mother Nature is polite enough to let everybody get back to racing. We've crossed the halfway point of the season, it would be nice if we could finally get some sustained nice weather to get some of these races in consistently. I implore ya'll to not do any rain dances.

Anyways, let's see who made this week's top ten.

1. Jeff Rine*******, 72 Points. Jeff had the super rare (for him) scoreless weekend.

2. Alex Ferree****, 49 points. Alex also took an 0fer this weekend.

3. Max Blair**, 32 points. Max brought home the huge win at McKean Tuesday night, and came home fourth Sunday at Eriez.

4. Michael Lake****, 31 points. Michael got fourth in the Uncle Sam Saturday at Lernerville.

5. Rick Eckert**, 28 points. Rick got a fourth Tuesday at McKean.

6. Matt Cosner*, 27 points. Matt failed to score any points this weekend.

7. Dave Hess Jr.***, 25 points. Dave was first under the checkers at Eriez Sunday.

7. Mike Marlar, 25 points. Mike ran second in the prelim feature at Lernerville Saturday, and backed it up with another second place in the Firecracker main event.

7. Coleby Frye, 25 points. Coleby went scoreless this week.

7. Chad Hollenbeck**, 25 points. Chad also went scoreless this week.

7. Michael Norris**, 25 points. Michael also failed to score this week.

And that's the top ten this week. Ok, well, 11 because ties, but still. Rine still has a commanding lead in the thing, but there a lot of season left, and a lot of races to be run yet. Any of the guys from 2nd to 4th could easy get very hot and eat into that lead and take the top spot. Will be interesting for sure.

That's it for this week. Tune in next Monday to see how your favorites fared.

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