Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 ASCOC Ohio Sprint Speed Week Preview

Friday, June 16th marks the kick off of the 35th Ohio Sprint Speed week. This year teams and fans can hit eight races in nine nights across the state of Ohio.

Attica Raceway park will host the week's opening night. Last year the Speed Week opener pulled in 49 teams and fans can expect large car counts through the week this year as well. The current All-Star teams will do battle with not only Ohio racers and outsiders from all over the country but Australian drivers like Sean Zemunik, who calls Ohio home for the summer, and NASCAR stars like Kyle Larson.

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This could also be a make or break week for teams vying for All-Star points. As of June 11th, current point leader, Chad Kemenah, sits in first place with 180 point advantage over Caleb Armstrong. The competition heats up with Armstrong, Ryan Smith and Caleb Helms in third through fourth place respectively having only 50 points separating them.  Any of these three drivers could have an amazing week and take over these top spots.

This year teams that visit victory lane multiple times will be awarded bonus money. A $500 bonus will be given to any team that can park it twice and it just gets better from there. Three wins will earn an additional $3,000, four wins will award $4,000 and any team with five wins will take an extra $5,000 for a grand total of $12,500 at the end of the week.  Each night of the week will payout $5,000 to win which means the one lucky driver that can win five times will earn an incredible $37,500.

Chad Kemanah is coming into Speed Week with three ASCOC wins so far this season and a huge lead over second place Caleb Armstrong. He's my obvious choice to win not only Speed Week points but I'm willing to bet he can bring home his fair share of the bonus money for multiple wins.

Caleb Armstrong is my break out prediction of the week. He has already scored eight top ten finishes this season, three of which came in Florida in February against some of the toughest competition in the country.

All of the All-Star drivers may have to watch out for Tim Shaffer.  He has been truly running an outlaw schedule this season and has proved on more than one occasion that he is still at the top of his game. Even though Shaffer isn't running the full All-Star schedule he has already racked up an amazing six top three finishes with the tour.

Can't make a night and want to keep up on the action? and have you covered, Saturday, June 17th from Eldora Speedway will be broadcast on their website for $19.95. The rest of the week, with the exception of Limaland Motorsports Park on Friday, June 21st, will be available on Check out for nightly prices.

2017 ASCOC Ohio Sprint Speedweek Schedule: 

June 16- Attica Raceway Park. Gates open at 4 pm. Racing begins at 7:45 pm. General admission $22
June 17- Eldora Speedway. Gates open at 4 pm. Racing begins at 7:30 pm. General admission $20.
June 18- Waynesfield Raceway Park. Gates open at 5 pm. Racing begins at 7 pm.
               General admission $22
June 19- Wayne County Speedway. Gates open at 3 pm. Racing to follow hot laps at 6 pm.
               General admission $22
June 20- Sharon Speedway. Gates open at 4 pm. Racing begins at 7 pm. General admission $25.
June 21- Potential rain date for any event rained out the first half of Speed Week.
June 22- Muskingum County Speedway
June 23- Limaland Motorsports Park. Gates open at 5 pm. Racing begins at 7;30.
              General admission $22
June 24- Atomic Speedway.

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