Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trey Jacobs Ready to Tackle 2017

   (Wooster, Ohio)  Sometimes being the son of a famous sprint car driver doesn't mean you'll start your racing career at a young age. For Trey Jacobs childhood was spent on a wrestling mat and traveling with his dad, Dean Jacobs, and family to watch him race.
     “While my dad and brother were in the pits, my mom and I would shop for dinner. My first love was wrestling and I didn't have time to race,” Trey said.
     Spending time on the road with Dean didn't really sink in until Trey got older.
     “I realized how amazing it was to watch those guys race every night. Living out of the motor home and spending all season on the road with them. I'm thankful for that experience.”

     That all changed when Trey was 19 and had the opportunity to race a 305ci sprint car for an owner out of Mansfield, Ohio a few times. In 2014 Trey tried his hand at a 305ci full time at Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway. He spent two years in the 305ci division and in 2016 made the jump to 410ci sprints.
     “I loved 305. It was a blast. The 305 guys here are awesome. Everyone says I have done better in 410. I made a lot of personal changes. I grew up watching 410,” said Trey of the quick jump in divisions.
     The 2016 season had its ups and downs for Trey. In spite of losing a motor part way through the season, he still finished 13th in points at Attica Raceway Park and 14th in points with the Fremont/Attica Sprint Title (FAST) series in his Vib-ISO, Peit Electric & Plumbing; Harbach Electronics; Simpson; Butlerbuilt; Rod End Supply; Bell Motorsports Technology 3J.
     Trey credits fans for helping him finish the 2016 season. “People started to notice when I ran decent. It helps being Dean Jacobs son and people knowing who I am. Random fans would come up to me in the pits and help me with tires or fuel. I'm also signed under my dad's product sponsors for now and when I get going I'll sign my own deals.”
     On race nights he said fellow drivers Jordan Ryan and Kyle Capodice help a lot.
     “I'm kind of short handed and everyone around me helps out,” he said.
     Trey has also learned from Dean how to watch race tracks change during the night. “He helped me learn how to find a groove. He would run the 410 and I would watch. He would tell me top or bottom and to always watch the track.”
     His dad isn't his only competition that he has watched to better himself as a driver.
     “My brother raced 410 for a couple years. I watch a lot of YouTube videos in the off season. Donny Schatz amazes me and I could only dream to be like that. I also really look up to Dale Blaney. He started racing at an older age and I really admire that,” he said. “I also watch Broc Martin or Sheldon Haudenschild, a lot of my friends, even if I race against them.”
     Starting out at an older age doesn't worry Trey.
     “It makes me smarter because I know the value of my work to build the car.”
     Social media has become the fastest and easiest way for fans and drivers to interact and Trey hasn't shied away from being himself on his social media.
     “I'll give my opinion. No bull. What you see is what you get. But I've done a lot of soul searching and felt like I made too many enemies. I didn't plan to and I don't plan to continue doing that. I can't hate on a guy that has the same dream as I do,” he said.
     In December the World of Outlaws announced that they were going to impliment random drug testing and Trey has no worry about that on the local level.
     “I don't see a local problem,” he said. “I don't feel like the guys I race with use. No one wants to be on the track with someone under the influence. If I did think I raced with one I would want them tested.”
     In 2016, Trey's highlights included a sixth place finish at Attica Raceway Park followed by setting quick time at Fremont Speedway the next night and finishing third at Fremont behind Broc Martin and Cole Duncan.
     In 2017 he plans on racing for Attica, Fremont and FAST points and is looking forward to getting to race in local All Star Circuit of Champion races as well.
     Trey is currently looking for any additional sponsorship to help him throughout the 2017 season. Interested parties may contact Trey at 330-988-0153 or

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