Monday, February 13, 2017

2017 DIRTCar Nationals Pick'Em Contest

And we're back for the 2017 DIRTCar Nationals Pick'Em Contest. Have you ever won a TDN Gator? It's pretty cool, we send you a baby alligator in a shoe box for you to have as a pet. Well, we were until the ASPCA got a hold of us and made us stop, but still, it was a good deal while it lasted!

So since we can't do that anymore, damn it, we will offer some other top prizes

1st Place: $50 Visa Gift Card
2nd Place: Choice of tshirts from our great friends at R and R Racewear
3rd Place: The wonderful $15 Subway gift card!

Okay, so here's how we're doing it this year. Just follow the bullet points below

  • You will select 3 Sprint and 3 Super Late Model drivers and their feature finishes will be scored with a point system. The cars will be scored ONLY on World of Outlaw Sprint or World of Outlaw Late Model nights at Volusia. 
  • Do NOT forget to fill out all information!
  • Do NOT forget to WRITE DOWN YOUR PICKS.  You want to refer back to them to root for your drivers don't you? 
  • Please pay attention to the instructions. You may write in a selection this time in case you don't see a driver you'd like to use! 
  • Please....please do your homework!! Research your drivers! The drivers we have listed are not guarantees of appearance, but simply likely selections.  We won't have time to attend to the "I didn't know that driver wasn't or was coming" bit that has happened from time to time. And also, make sure you have six picks! We won't be chasing folks down who forgot one. 

Having said all that, we hope you have a great time and it makes the racing that much more fun for you! 

With that said, good luck and thanks as always for playing!  We'll be putting one of you in the National Dirt Racing Pick'Em Hall of Fame!

To Play TDN's 2017 DIRTCar Nationals Pick'Em Contest Click HERE

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