Thursday, September 8, 2016

Top 25 National Sprint Car Poll - Week 15

Sheldon Haudenschild won both ASCoC events over the weekend

Sorry to be a day late with these rankings. Maybe you've come accustomed to looking for these on Wednesdays, and you're whole week was thrown off by waiting an extra day to see the National Top 25 poll. Just chalk it up to the holiday weekend, I suppose. Worse things have happened.

For the 2nd straight week, Sheldon Haudenschild was the driver that our voters had to keep an eye on. Fresh off an All Star win last weekend, Lil' Haud swept the tour's doubleheader at Attica Raceway Park and Wayne County Speedway. The Wooster, OH native has taken a leap up into the Top 10 for the first time in nearly two months.

David Gravel was also 2-for-2 in his weekend endeavors. The Watertown, CT driver won both events at Skagit Speedway, which proved to be enough to regain him the second spot in our rankings. Gravel also snatched one of the first-place votes away from season-long poll leader Donny Schatz for the first time in months.

Improving a ranking's best 7 spots this week is none other than Kerry Madsen. The Aussie native piloted the Matt Wood Racing no. 17W for the second consecutive week, and it didn't take long for the duo to find success. After finishing an average 8th on the first night of the Jackson Nationals, Madsen drove to the front to claim the $25,000 winner's check in the finale.

Our panel of voting members for Week 15 included the following:
Anthony Corini, Blake Anderson, Brian Liskai, Bobby Gerould, Kyle Symons, Mike Leone, Mike Mallett, Shawn Miller, Tony Bokhoven and Tyler Beichner.

1. Donny Schatz, 199 points (7)
Recent Results: His recent hotstreak comes to an end with 5th & 7th place finishes at Skagit.
Previous Ranking: 1st (NC)

2. David Gravel, 192 points (1)
Recent Results: The CJB Motorsports team found victory lane both nights at Skagit Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 3rd (+1)

3. Daryn Pittman, 167 points
Recent Results: Failing to crack the Top 5 at Skagit, he had finishing runs of 6th & 8th.
Previous Ranking: 2nd (-1)

4. Brad Sweet, 166 points
Recent Results: Knocking on the door all weekend, Sweet manages 4th & 2nd place finishes.
Previous Ranking: 6th (+2)

5. Jason Johnson, 152 points
Recent Results: Notched a pair of strong runs in the northwest by finishing 3rd & 4th over the weekend.
Previous Ranking: 4th (-1)

6. Dale Blaney, 150 points
Recent Results: Grabbed a pair of 3rd place runs in ASCoC action at Attica and Wayne County.
Previous Ranking: 5th (-1)

7. Greg Hodnett, 148 points
Recent Results: Had a great weekend in Central PA with a win, runner-up, and two 3rd place finishes.
Previous Ranking: 9th (+2)

8. Sheldon Haudenschild, 145 points
Recent Results: Swept the All Star weekend with wins at Attica and Wayne County.
Previous Ranking: 12th (+4)

9. Shane Stewart, 129 points
Recent Results: Failed to challenge for a win at Skagit, he wound up with finishes of 7th & 19th.
Previous Ranking: 7th (-2)

10. Kerry Madsen, 108 points
Recent Results: Rebounds from an 8th place prelim run to claim the $25,000 Jackson Nationals.
Previous Ranking: 17th (+7)

11. Logan Schuchart, 104 points
Recent Results: Continued his streak of great runs with a pair of Top 5's at Skagit Speedway.
Previous Ranking: 13th (+2)

12. Chad Kemenah, 103 points
Recent Results: Improves on his 10th place run at Attica to place 4th the following night at Wayne County.
Previous Ranking: 11th (-1)

13. Joey Saldana, 100 points
Recent Results: Showed speed at Skagit with 3rd & 6th place finishes to show for it.
Previous Ranking: 10th (-3)

14. Danny Lasoski, 89 points
Recent Results: Had runs of 3rd & 8th at the Jackson Nationals.
Previous Ranking: 8th (-6)

15. Ian Madsen, 70 points
Recent Results: After a slow August, Madsen puts up finishes of 2nd & 4th at Jackson Motorplex.
Previous Ranking: 15th (NC)

16. Lance Dewease, 66 points
Recent Results: Finished 4th at Williams Grove in his only start of the weekend.
Previous Ranking: 18th (+2)

17. Brian Brown, 61 points
Recent Results: Won the preliminary night at Jackson before going on to finish 3rd in the finale.
Previous Ranking: 21st (+4)

18. Danny Dietrich, 59 points
Recent Results: Captured a win and runner-up at Port Royal in preparation for Tuscarora weekend.
Previous Ranking: 25th (+7)

19. Stevie Smith, 57 points
Recent Results: Found victory lane and added a runner-up finish in his two Williams Grove starts.
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

20. Rico Abreu, 49 points
Recent Results:
Previous Ranking: 14th (-6)

21. Mark Dobmeier, 45 points
Recent Results: Mechanical failure kept him from starting the feature at River Cities.
Previous Ranking: 15th (-6)

22. Sammy Swindell, 43 points
Recent Results: Finished 2nd & 3rd in the two features at Jackson.
Previous Ranking: 19th (-3)

23. Brent Marks, 41 points
Recent Results: His best finishes were in Ohio with the All Stars; 4th at Attica & 6th at Wayne County.
Previous Ranking: 20th (-3)

23. Craig Dollansky, 41 points
Recent Results: Rebounds from a 22nd place prelim finish to notch a Top 5 in the finale at Jackson.
Previous Ranking: 16th (-7)

25. Doug Esh, 33 points
Recent Results: Scored three Top 5's in his four weekend starts, the best of which was a win at Williams Grove.
Previous Ranking: Not Ranked

Dropped Out of Rankings
Brian Montieth (23), Bill Balog (24)

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