Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TDN 2nd Annual Super DIRT Week Pick'Em Contest Presented by Dirt Track Digest

Oswego brings a different set of circumstances......

Welcome to the 2016 Super Dirt Week Pick'Em Contest Brought to you by!

We hope you have fun and enjoy it! One thing we can't reiterate enough, is that you must add responses to ALL selections and complete ALL pages for your entry to be scored. Including this intro page, there are  7 pages. Be sure to add your name and email address on the final pages! This contest is completely free to play and the winner ends up in the TDN Pick'Em Hall of Fame! 

You will make choices on a number of drivers arranged by three tiers. Please pay attention to the number of drivers you select on all three pages (tiers)

Jeremiah Fish Photo

Your selections will then be scored with the following system:

If your one of your selections sets the overall quicktime= 10 points

For the Triple 20's:

The following points will be awarded if any of your drivers finish in the following positions:

Win= 15
Top 5 = 10
Top 10= 5

For the 300:

Win = 30
Top 5 = 20
Top 10 = 15
Top 15 = 10
Make The Show = 5

If any of your drivers are the leader at the 150 lap mark (halfway), you will receive an extra 10 point bonus!


1st Place: $50 Visa Gift Card
2nd Place: Official Dirt Track Digest TShirt
3rd Place: $15 Subway Gift Card

So with that said, please proceed to the selection pages and don't forget to add your name and email!  Good Luck and Have Fun!!

The Deadline for this contest will be Thursday October 6th at 10:00 AM  ..all entries must be received by then. 

About Dirt Track Digest: 

The premier source for both north east modified and nationwide dirt track racing, Mike Mallet's Dirt Track Digest is an industry leader among promotional dirt racing websites and a great source of news, commentary, and resources. Make sure it becomes a daily click for you, you'll thank us!! 

TO PLAY 2016 Super DIRT Week Pick'Em   CLICK HERE

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