Monday, August 29, 2016

The TDN Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 17

Hey there folks. Tis' Monday, so it's time top catch ya'll up on these here rankings. This week, I'm also gonna add a short preview for the Working Man weekend at Lernerville.

But first, we'll talk about this past weekend's racing action and it's implications on the rankings. We've got one weekend left before I declare a champion. Obviously, Max Blair is still on top with a fairly substantial lead. Alex Ferree is the only other driver with a shot at catching him going into the last week. It's going to take a miracle, though. Basically, Alex would have to win one of the WoO features on Friday at Lernerville and go up to Eriez and finish at least two spots in front of Max. In all honesty, I can't see that happening. I can definitely see him winning one of the features at Lernerville, but I don't think he's ever been to Eriez, and I know his car owner isn't into traveling. So for all intents and purposes, Max is our champ.Considering the year he has had, this should not be a surprise.

This week, all of the tracks I score weekly got their shows in except Selinsgrove. They had the lights go out before any features ran, and the blackout caused the track to postpone all the features. Considering they were supposed to be regular weekly shows, I will score the makeup feature next week. PPMS had a special, so they scored on the >5k level. Roaring Knob still doesn't feel a need to update results, ever, so again, one driver scored points there because the only thing I can ever find is the winner.

Let's get to those rankings.

1. Max Blair*******, 78 points. Max won at Eriez Sunday.

2. Alex Ferree*******, 70 points. Alex ran third at PPMS Saturday. In non-scoring action, he was thirteenth at Lernerville Friday.

3. Jeff Rine******, 60 points. Jeff didn't score any points this week. In nonscoring action, he ran ninth at Bedord Friday.

4. Russ King**, 51 points. Russ didn't score any points this week. In non-scoring action, he was 15th at Lernerville Friday.

5. Jared Miley****, 50 points. Jared came home third at Lernerville Friday.

6. Dylan Yoder*****, 45 points. Dylan ran fifth at PPMS Saturday.

6. Rob Blair****, 45 points. Rob was second at Eriez on Sunday.

8. Michael Norris***, 42 points. Michael ran second at PPMS Friday and won Staurday at PPMS.

9. Andy Haus**, 38 points. Andy didn't score any points this week. In non-scoring action, he was eighth at Port Royal Saturday.

10. Joe Martin**, 37 points. Joe was fourth at Marion Center Saturday. In non-scoring action, he was sixth at Lernerville Friday.

And that's the top ten with one weekend to go. Next week I'll post the full standings on the year for everybody.

Now, let's get to talking about the re-imagined Working Man at Lernerville this coming  weekend. It's quite the departure from what the race has been the last couple years.  Where it used to just be a straight 50 lap 10k to win feature, It's become a two day show with hot laps, time trials and 3 2500 to win qualifying features on Friday, and 75 laps for 20k on Saturday for the World of Outlaws late models. It should attract most of the regional touring drivers and a national driver or two. Should be a fantastic show, and if you're a late model fan, you should absolutely head to Lernerville Friday night.

And that's it for this week. Check back next week for the final standings for 2016 in these here rankings.

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