Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Night 1 Results - 2017 Knoxville Nationals Pick 'Em

Your position in the standings are hard to analyze right now as only half of the field has ran their preliminary night. Some contestants may have had 1 or 2 drivers take to the track this evening, meanwhile someone else may have had all 6 of their drivers included on Preliminary Night #1.

Nonetheless, Jary Thompson (@skullpuppy6) leads the way with 194 over Joe Hartsel and Jason Renninger (@jasonrennn).

A four-way tie ensues for the fourth position between Jeff Barnes, Matthew Nye (@Thehoneypot07), Corey Kneeshaw (@CoreyKneeshaw) and Tyler Burk.

Here is the full field rundown following Night #1 of the Knoxville Nationals. Be sure to check back tomorrow night for the updated standings as we head into the Saturday finale!

Pos. 1-60

Pos. 61-120

Pos. 121-180

Pos. 181-240

Pos. 241-300

Pos. 301-357

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