Tuesday, August 1, 2017

2017 Knoxville Nationals Pick 'Em Contest

Race fans, it's August already which means it's time for arguably the world's biggest dirt track event, the Knoxville Nationals! This year's running of the event at the famed Marion County fairgrounds in Knoxville, IA will mark the 57th edition since its inception.

As has become customary here at TDN, we're back to provide a FREE fantasy pickem game for the most prestigious sprint car race on the planet. The contest link is posted at the bottom of the page.

Here's all the details you need to know for this year's Knoxville Nationals Pickem contest:

The contest entry deadline will be on Wednesday August 9th, at 12:00 noon CST (Knoxville time). To change your picks after submission, simply click the on the contest link again. Your most recent entry is the only one that will be counted.
Prize List:
1st - $100 Visa Gift Card
2nd - Choice of t-shirt from R&R Racewear
3rd - $15 Subway Gift Card

How it Works:
Each contestant will pick 6 drivers from our predetermined driver groups. Those drivers will be scored based on their preliminary night performances (Wednesday or Thursday) and how well they do on Saturday. No points will be awarded for the Friday show.

Scoring Procedures:
Preliminary Time Trials - 1st(30), 2nd(28), 3rd(26), 4th(24), 5th(22), 6th(20), 7th(18), 8th(16), 9th(14), 10th(12)

Preliminary Night Heat Win - 10 points

Preliminary A-Main - 1st(30), 2nd(28), 3rd(26), 4th(25), 5th(24), 6th(23), 7th(22), 8th(21), 9th(20), 10th(19), 11th(18), 12th(17), 13th(16), 14th(15), 15th(14), 16th(13), 17th(12), 18th(11), 19th(10), 20th(9), 21st(8), 22nd(7), 23rd(6), 24th(5)

Saturday A-Main - 1st(75), 2nd(65), 3rd(60), 4th(55), 5th(50), 6th(48), 7th(46), 8th(44), 9th(42), 10th(40), 11th(38), 12th(36), 13th(34), 14th(32), 15th(30), 16th(29), 17th(28), 18th(27), 19th(26), 20+(25)

Saturday B-Main - 15 points; Saturday C-Main - 10 points

Any questions can be directed to us on Twitter at either of these accounts (@TheDirtNetwork, @tyler_beichner), or by email at

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  1. Wow these drives look so good! my husband enjoys these a lot so i am also developing a taste for these and looking for information