Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 19

Hey there folks, it's Monday. so that means some words about super late model racing and stuff. There was some rain around this weekend, but there was still a pretty healthy amount of races that ran, so some points were scored.

Before I go on, I have to admit that I have made an error all season. These rankings are based on every super late model race in the state of Pennsylvania. Super late model means aluminum blocks. There's a track that has been running supers all season, Hummingbird Speedway, that I have failed to score. You see, for years they were a track that was headlined by steel block late models, and I assumed going into the season that's what they'd continue doing. However, I wrong. They started allowing aluminum blocks this season, and I hadn't realized it until earlier today. I went back in and scored all of their races up to this point in the season, and the rankings will reflect that. I will obviously be scoring them weekly from here until the end of the season now. I apologize to anybody I may have offended by omission.

This week saw Jeff Rine extend his already sizable lead on the rest of the field in this poll, with his closest competition, Alex Ferree, remaining idle this weekend due to rain. Coleby Frye went from being the guy that managed to be in the top 5 all season without winning to the guy who has won an back to back weekends. Charlie Powell had a great weekend, going 2 or 2 and picking up a couple  spots.

This coming weekend sees a few big races in the state to look forward too. Friday, Dog Hollow is paying 4k to win and Clinton County is paying 5k to win. Saturday, Marion center is paying 5100 to win. Should be some regional heavy hitters at all of them and would make for some entertaining shows. You should pick one and head on out to the races. I personally plan on heading up to Marion Center for the first time in a few years on Saturday.

Now let's get to them rankings.

1. Jeff Rine********, 92 points. Jeff was first under the checkers at Selinsgrove Saturday night.

2. Alex Ferree*******, 74 points. Alex went scoreless this week.

3. Max Blair****, 54 points. Max got the win at Eriez Sunday.

4. Coleby Frye**, 47 points. Coleby took home the first place check at Port Royal Saturday.

5. Charles Powell Jr. ******, 45 points. Charlie got the win friday and Backed it up with another win at Hummingbird Saturday.

6. Dave Hess Jr. ****, 43 points. Dave ran second at Eriez Sunday.

7. Michael Lake******, 41 points. Michael took an 0fer this weekend.

8. Doug Eck**, 38 points. Doug had a pair of thirds this weekend, Thunder Mountain Friday and Eriez Sunday. 

9. Dylan Yoder*, 36 points. Dylan went scoreless this week.

9. Matt Cosner**, 36 points. Matt came home third at Port Royal Saturday.

And that's the first ten names on my list of drivers this week. Tune in next Monday to see to get your updates on the weekend's action and see if anything changes.

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