Monday, June 19, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 13

Hey there race fans, it's Monday, so that means it's time for me to update these here rankings.

This weekend, we had spotty action, as a few tracks were rained out and one didn;t have late models scheduled in the first place. Bedford and Dog Hollow rained out Friday and Eriez raind out Sunday. On Saturday, all of the regularly scheduled tracks got their stuff in, however, Port Royal didn't have late models on the schedule this week. Everybody else got their shows in, and the only special was Saturday night's Herb Scott Memorial at PPMS.

That said, although the top two spots didn't change in order, Alex Ferree closed the gap some by having a strong weekend, and Rine only ran once. I tend to think this coming weekend will be much of the same, where Alex will have three, maybe even four chances to score, but Jeff will likely only run Selinsgrove, as his other typical weekend joints have the weekend off. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Speaking of this coming weekend, we have the biggest race weekend of the year for the state of Pennsylvania in Sarver, PA at Lernerville Speedway, and a nimber of tracks who have the weekend off, likely due to the fact that Lernerville is running such a show. Not to mention that there's a WoO show happening tomorrow night up at the McKean County Raceway that'll score a bunch of points as week. A whole lot of points will be scored over the course of all those races, and it'll be interesting to see how it impacts this poll. I get that national drivers will score most of those points, but if one of those national drivers somehow sweeps all of the wins (looking at you, Brandon Sheppard), he would vault into the top three. If somebody local managed to do it, like an Alex Ferree, Michael Lake or Michael Norris  or somebody did it, they'd vault into the top spot over the course of four races. What could happen is pretty fascinating  and definitely adds another storyline to the races, for me, at least.

Let's get to the current rankings before it all starts, though:

1. Jeff Rine*******, 72 points. Jeff got the win at Selinsgrove Saturday.

2. Alex Ferree****, 49 points. Alex came home second at Lernerville Friday, and Picked up the win at PPMS Saturday.

3. Michael Lake****, 28 points. Michel ran fourth at Lernerville Friday.

4. Matt Cosner*, 27 points. Matt went scoreless this week.

5. Chad Hollenbeck**, 25 points. Chad also took an 0fer this weekend.

5. Michael Norris***, 25 points. Michael ran third at Lernerville friday, and came home third again at PPMS Saturday.

5. Coleby Frye, 25 points. Coleby had a scoreless weekend.

8. Rick Eckert*, 21 points. Rick went scoreless this weekend.

9. Doug Eck*, 20 points. Doug ran second at Thunder  Mountain Friday.

9. Dave Hess Jr.**, 20 points. Dave took an 0fer this weekend.

9. Max Blair*, 20 points. Max also had a scoreless weekend.

And that's the top 10, well, 11 because ties. Will be interesting to see how many of them get into the possible WoO points scoring bonanza to be had this week. I know I'll be attending at least rheee of these shows (may hit tomorrow night at McKean if some things fall into place for me).

Look for our preview for the Firecracker Wednesday night.

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