Monday, April 17, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 4

Hey there race fans, it's Monday, and it was a pretty fantastic weekend weather wise, so that means it's time for me to update these here rankings I keep.

It was the busiest weekend we've had yet in 2017, with four scoring shows, and one of those shows ended up being a special up at Mercer Raceway Park. whichj carries along it with it the expanded points system. We've seen more movement this week than previous weeks because of it. The movement is what keeps these updates interesting.

This coming weekend, we'll see Dog Hollow entering into the picture as their season gets started. Traditional poll stalwart Lernerville also opens up this Friday, but they have given late models the night of as Sharon has a Lucas Oil late model series show scheduled the same night, and they figured many of their weekly competitors will be headed there (and they're probably right).

All of that said, let's get to the rankings. Here's this week's top ten.

1. Jeff Rine**, 18 points. Jeff ran fourth at Bedford Friday, and came home third at Port Royal Saturday.

2. Gary Stuhler*, 11 points. Gary was scoreless this week.

3. Coleby Frye, 10 points. Coleby ran second at Port Royal Saturday.

3. Gregg Satterlee*, 10 points. Gregg went 0fer this past weekend too.

5. Mike Lupfer*, 9 points. Mike had a scoreless weekend as well.

5. Matt Cosner, 9 points. Matt also scored 0 points this week.

7. Trent Brenneman*, 8 points. Trent picked up the win at Port Royal Saturday.

8. Dave Hess Jr.*, 7 points. Dave was first under the checkers at Mercer Saturday.

8. Jason Covert*, 7 points. Jason was scoreless this week.

10. Alex Ferree, 6 points. Alex ran second at Mercer Saturday.

10. Tony Adams, 6 points. Tony was second at Selinsgrove Saturday.

10. Kenny Moreland, 6 points. Kenny had a scoreless weekend, too.

And that's the top ten (or so) for this past week. As I said, this week Dog Hollow opens up, so the chance we might see some new names appear next week is pretty good, especially if a lot of these names head west to Ohio for the 10k show Friday night.

I had planned to hit the Sharon show myself, however, I have to work till five Friday, and won't be on the road to the track till 6ish, and trying to cross Pittsburgh to get to 79 at rush hour just isn't going to happen. I get that. So I've decided to hit Dog Hollow instead to get my super late fix instead. I can make it out there in an hour and change with a lot less hassle.

See yinz jags next Week,


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