Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Rankings: Week 3

Hey there race fans. It's time for my weekly update to the rankings. This week had more than two tracks running for the first time this season, so there's been a bit of movement here.

Port Royal, Selinsgrove, and Bedford all got their regular weekly shows in this past weekend. It was a good weekend for the big half miles of the state. It also saw some new faces score some points this week, and to me, that's always a good thing. It keeps this thing pretty interesting.

What else is interesting, is that we're still a few weeks out on the rest of the tracks in the state to open up and start running some shows. A part of me is wondering if it's going to put the central PA guys so far out in front that it's going to be tough for anybody else to catch up. I'm hoping it isn't. Of course, much of the rest of the state will be running later in the season than the tracks in Central PA, and the largest percentage of those late season shows are specials, which carry an expnaded point format with them. Might not close the gap until September or so, and then it'll close in a hurry.

But I digress. The point of this column isn't for me to ramble on about my thoughts. It's to post the top ten in the standings, so without further ado, here's the top ten....

1. Jeff Rine**, 13 points. Jeff won at Selinsgrove Saturday, and came home third at Bedford Sunday.

2. Gary Stuhler, 11 points. Gary didn't score any points this week.

3. Gregg Satterlee*, 10 points. Gregg went scoreless this week as well.

4. Mike Lupfer*, 9 points. Mike picked up the win at Port Royal Saturday.

4. Matt Cosner, 9 points. Matt came home second at Bedford Sunday.

6. Jason Covert*, 7 points. Jason had an 0fer this weekend.

7. Kenny Moreland, 6 points. Kenny also had a scoreless weekend.

8. Coleby Frye, 6 points. Coleby ran fourth at Port Royal Saturday.

9. Chad Hollenbeck*, 5 points. Chad picked up the win at Bedford Sunday.

10. Steve Campbell, 4 points. Steve was second at Selinsgrove Saturday.

10. Matt Parks, 4 points. Matt ran second at Port Royal Saturday.

10. Devin Friese, 4 points. Devin had a scoreless weekend.

 And that's the first ten (well 12, but ties and whatnot) names on my list this past week. This upcoming weekend looks a little sketchy weatherwise, so let's hope all the tracks get their shows in.

Until next Monday, may your beer stay dirty, and for those of you (like me) who haven't been to a race yet, I hope you get your fix soon.


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