Thursday, March 23, 2017

Driver Profile: FAST Standout Steve Rando

     Lindsey, Ohio- Steve Rando is one of the stand out drivers in the 305ci sprint car division at Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway. Every weekend fans can watch him wheel his North Coast Sealing, North Coast Asphalt, Davis Fabricators, Parkmont Wealth, Whetsel Salvage, Loadmaster Trailer, Gressman Powersports, Tony and Dawn, MBMZ, High Side Motorsports, Attitudes Hair Salon 19R.

     The 32 year old from Lindsey, Ohio started his dirt track racing career 13 years ago in the dirt truck division and after three years moved in the the 305ci sprint car. He has won a 305/360 challenge and also currently holds the 305ci sprint car track record at Eldora Speedway. Rando's biggest win so far happened at Waynesfield Raceway Park with the Fremont/Attica Sprint Title (FAST) in 2015.
     The FAST series will hit the road numerous times again this summer and Rando is looking forward to the challege.

     “It can be very challenging. Especially seeing them for the first time you have no idea what to expect or how the car will react. I enjoy going to Waynesfield. It is a real small but fast track and pretty racey,” he said of traveling to new tracks.
     Seeing tracks for the first time has it's ups and downs for Rando.
     “Sometimes you don't overcome the challenges and you go home scratching your head. Other times everything goes your way and that makes the night. We just can't give up and have to keep going back for more,” he said.
     On the track Rando looks up to racers like Kasey Kahne but off the track he looks up to his father.
     “If it wasn't for him wanting me to race I would have never made it on the track,” he said.
     Opening night at Attica Raceway Park is coming very soon and Rando is ready to shake off the rust of the long off season.
     “I'll usually look over my setups from last year and hope it is at least close. I don't know any practice sessions to run the car so I show up a little dusty on the first night. Usually after the first set of hot laps it all comes right back to me,” he said.
During the off season he spends time with his daughter.
     “Racing takes a lot of time so when I'm free I do what I can with her.” he said, “I also enjoy riding anything like motorcycles, four-wheeler, three-wheeler and snowmobiles.”
     In 2017 Rando plans on competing with the FAST series again and trying to notch a few more wins.
     “I would love to get a few more wins and possibly a track championship but everything has to work in your favor to accomplish that,” he said of this season plans.
Rando handles his own car and balances life as best he can. In the future he stills sees himself racing given the right chances come along.
     “It is very difficult financially and trying to balance time between racing and spending time with my daughter. Hopefully things will continue to work for me though,” he said.
Would the seasoned 305 driver jump in a 410ci sprint car? Of course if the opportunity presented itself.
     “I would love to but there is no way I could do it on my own. If I had the support financially and a setup guy I definitely would be in a 410,” he said.
     Every driver has a race or two on a list of must wins, Rando is no different. If he had his way he'd win them all.
     “That's the goal every night we show up to the track but with racing that's just not possible,” he said.

     Rando would like to send out special thanks to his parents along with Scott, Mike and his Uncle Leroy for everything they do, his sponsors and Gressman Powersports and his girlfriend Kayleah.

Photos provided by Campbell Photography


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