Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 Late Model Power Rankings: Week 1

Hey there race fans, the season has started, and if you remember my last rankings last year, I said I was doing every race in the state of Pennsylvania all season. That's quite the change from previous years. There's quite a bit of changes from previous years, so let me run through them before I get started with the actual rankings. I decided to change the name from power poll to power rankings, because really, a results based format isn't actually a poll by definition.

As mentioned above, I will be scoring every super late model race in the state for the entire 2017 season, from the races this past weekend, all the way through the last race of the season (which I think is the Stampede at Lernerville).

In another change from previous seasons, specials will be scored as well, but every driver in the top five will be scored. No judgement calls on my part where I determined if I thought a particular driver was a  Pennsylvania local/regional. Now, If somebody like Josh Richards or Scott Bloomquist finishes in the top five in a race here, they'll get the points for that finish.

The points schedule for those specials will change from the normal weekly format. As always, in weekly competition, the winner will get five points, second will get four, third will get three... down to one point for finishing fifth. I only score the top five in any race.

If a special pays 5k or less, everybody's points get bumped up by two, meaning the winner will get  seven points, second will get six, etc down to three points. If a special pays 5k-10k, everybody's points go up by three. If a special pays 10k-20k, everybody's points go up by five, and for the 20k+ specials, the winner gets twenty points, and everybody else's points will go up by ten.

I stand behind my results for these things over the previous years, and I'm pretty sure not much would change if I went back and scored previous seasons with my new system, but still I feel this thing is going to be more accurate at determining strength than ever before come the end of the year.

As always, this column will list the top ten drivers in the rankings weekly. It'll generally be posted sometime on Monday.  The asteriks next to a driver's name designate a win. I'm only going to list the races where a particular driver scored his points on a weekend. No-more non-scoring blurbs.

All that said, let's get to week 1's rankings.

1. Gary Stuhler, 11 points. Gary ran second at Williams Grove Friday and came home third at Port Royal Saturday.

2. Gregg Satterlee*, 10 points. Gregg won at Williams Grove Friday and and was fifth at Port Royal Saturday.

3. Jason Covert*, 7 points. Jason got the win at Port Royal Saturday.

4. Kenny Moreland, 6 points. Kenny came home second at Port Royal Saturday.

 5. Matt Cosner, 5 points. Matt was third at Williams Grove Friday.

6. Mike Lupfer, 4 points. Mike ran fourth at Port Royal Saturday.

6. Coleby Frye, 4 points. Coleby was fourth guy under the checkers at Williams Grove Friday.

8. Tanner Horst, 3 points. Tanner was fifth at Williams Grove Friday.

I know, I know, That's only eight drivers, and I said I'd list ten weekly, but only 8 guys scored points this week, and being opening weekend, there wasn't ten different guys in the potential scoring spots. I'm sure that will work itself out in the coming weeks.

So, until next week, may your beer stay dirty.

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