Sunday, January 22, 2017

Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Pick-Em - Final Standings

Before we get started, thanks in advance to all 315 contestants that entered into one of our largest Pick-Em contests ever.

Shenae Hyder claims the top spot overall and wins the Australian contest, while 2nd place goes to Mike Holder (@MikeHolder15) who claims the top spot in our American contest.

Here are the final results. All names highlighted in blue within the Top 30 are Australian contests, the others are Americans. The 3rd Australian spot will be determined by one of our tiebreakers.

Please keep in mind that the Top 3 Australian and American players will each receive a prize!

Pos. 1-60

Pos. 61-120

Pos. 121-180

Pos. 181-240

Pos. 241-300

Pos. 301-315

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