Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016 World Finals Pickem Contest

Welcome back for our final fantasy Pickem contest of the season! It feels like just yesterday that I was creating a post for the 2016 DIRTcar Nationals contest. Where has the time gone?

In a change from recent contests that we've held, I've altered the scoring for the World Finals to the point where only feature finishes are scored. This change has been made for a number of reasons:

1. Differing formats make it hard to fairly distribute points across the divisions
2. Less complex and easier for contestants to calculate on their own
3. After getting back to the hotel at 3AM last year and having to score everything, I want less to do :)

With that said, here are some important contest details.

  • Deadline to submit an entry is Thursday, October 27th at 12 noon EST.
  • Limit 1 entry per contestant. If you submit multiples, your latest entry will be the one that counts.
  • You'll pick 8 drivers total from our predetermined groups: 3 sprint, 3 SLM, and 2 BB
  • We make no guarantees that a given driver will be in attendance. Do your research, and pick at your own risk.

Prize List:
1st - $75.00 Visa gift card
3rd - $15 Subway gift card

Scoring Procedures:
1st (50), 2nd (45), 3rd (42), 4th (40), 5th (38), 6th (36), 7th (34), 8th (32), 9th (30), 10th (28), 11th (26), 12th (24), 13th (22), 14th (20), 15th (18), 16th (16), 17th (14), 18th (12), 19th (10), 20+ (8)

Remember, drivers only receive points for their feature results.

Any questions can be directed to us as a comment to this post, or on Twitter to @thedirtnetwork or @tyler_beichner

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