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This Week in DIRT: Marlar Delivers Tennessee Beatdown in Knoxville; Dr Johnson Halt's Sheppard's Dominance; Other Assorted Stories And Stuff To Read

So, you've come to that point of the year where you've started paying more attention to your fantasy football league than dirt racing! Shame on you! Not to worry though, we've got you covered on the major news throughout dirt nation over the weekend. It's our job at TDN, to help folks that had something take their focus off the sport for brief periods of time. get back on track, no matter how silly the reason might be! So enjoy what we've put together here as we present another edition of This Week in DIRT!

Marlar Delivers Tennessee Ass Whoopin in Knoxville

Ah yes, the Tennessee Ass Whoopin'. Not the one you may have been looking for. But nonetheless, it was great to see.  Veteran pilot Mike Marlar held another maker of Tennessee Ass Whoopin's, Mr. Scott Bloomquist to take home $40,000 at Knoxville Raceway on Saturday night in his first crown jewel victory of his career. After a good many close calls over the years, Marlar made the most of the weekend by putting one of the toughest fields in the country behind him in the win. It is always a pleasure watching a true outlaw take home a large paycheck, especially one that needs it just as much if not more than any sanction based driver. And Saturday night's performance was no exception.

Full Press Release Here: 


1. Mike Marlar  2. Scott Bloomquist 3. Bobby Pierce 4. Shane Clanton 5. Billy Moyer 6. Jimmy Mars
7. Tim McCreadie 8. Kyle Bronson 9. Dennis Erb Jr 10. Darrell Lanigan 11. Don O'Neal
12. Chad Mahder  13. Tim Lance 14. Josh Richards 15. Brandon Sheppard 16. Rodney Sanders
17. Jonathan Davenport 18. Steve Francis 19. Chad Simpson 20. Shannon Babb 21. Colton Flinner
22. Dale McDowell 23. Earl Pearson Jr. 24. Tyler Erb 25. Chris Simpson 26. Spencer Dierks
27. Jimmy Owens 28. Chase Junghans 29. Joey Moriarty 30. Jason Rauen 31. Kent Robinson
32. Gregg Satterlee

Sweet Charged With Posession:

Yes. The recent mugshot image confirms this. Legendary race car builder Randy Sweet has been charged with possession of gray hair, green eyes, two ears, one nose...............and meth. There's tons we could say, but a lot we won't say since we're simply not aware of the whole story. However that having been said, if a problem may exist, we hope Mr. Sweet gets help and overcomes the demon so to speak as we would anybody that may have tried substances or been addicted.

Here's all that anybody really knows right here: Sweet Charged With Posession

Daylon Barr Photo

Dr Johnson Finds Viagra; Beats Sheppard With Small Block To End Streak

Weedsport NY;

Part time tour announcer  Shane Andrews often says, "Grandpa....take your Viagra pill" during pre race festivities at many Super DIRTCar touring events . Dr. Danny Johnson was paying attention on Saturday night and made immediately for his pill box to take one in the hopes it would help him recover from a flaccid Friday night performance at Brewerton.

It worked.  Johnson looked reborn en route to his first tour victory of the season at Weedsport Speedway and in the process, halted points leader Matt Sheppard's four race winning streak where it was.

Johnson, perhaps more inspired since it was a race which very much looked as if it might actually end by his normal bedtime, even brought out the small block 358 engine for the event which didn't exactly sit well with Sheppard in the post race interview.

"First off, congrats to Danny, nobody needed it more than those guys. Unfortunately its bullsh_t that they let a 358 run with a 100 pound weight break against us so it was Danny's advantage, good for him, he had the advantage from the get go. Did I mention he had that advantage? That 358 advantage? But good for him, I mean he really did need it more than I did and he had us covered tonight.  Did I mention about that..."

Johnson remarked afterwards that he just really hoped the win may propel him to the cover of AARP magazine. When asked if he really meant "AARN" he replied "No, the first one"


1. Danny Johnson 2. Matt Sheppard 3. Tim Fuller 4. Stewart Friesen 5. Larry Wight 6. Billy Decker
7. Mike Mahaney 8. Pat Ward 9. Justin Haers 10. Rob Bellinger 11. Mat Williamson 12. Chad Phelps
13. Jimmy Phelps 14. Keith Flach 15. Max McLaughlin 16. Justin Wright 17. Ryan Arbuthnot
18. Tim Kerr 19. Mike O'Brien 20. Rich Scagliotta 21. Mike Maresca 22. Roy Bresnahan
23. Peter Britten 24. Frank Cozze 25. Chad Brachmann 26. Brett Hearn  27. Ryan Phelps
28. Vince Vitale 29. Gary Tomkins 30. Dave Allen 31. Alan Johnson

In other SDS action this weekend,  Matt Sheppard took care of business at his former Friday night home track winning his fourth tour event in a row. No small block sightings were reported.


1. Matt Sheppard 2. Tim Sears Jr. 3. Billy Decker 4. Stewart Friesen 5. Larry Wight 6. Chad Phelps
7. Jimmy Phelps 8. Tim Fuller 9. Brett Hearn 10. Pat Ward 11. Rob Bellinger 12. Peter Britten
13. Bobby Varin 14. Michael Maresca 15. Frank Cozze 16. Max McLaughlin 17. Ryan Bartlett
18. Billy Whittaker 19. Rich Scagliotta 20. Chad Brachmann 21. Adam Roberts 22. Ryan Arbuthnot
23. Mat Williamson 24. Keith Flach 25. Chuck Bower 26. Vic Coffey 27. Justin Wright
28. Justin Haers 29. Mike Mahaney 30. Danny Johnson

Dale Calnan Photo

Price Miller Takes Canadian Sprint Car Nationals

One of the most talked about sprint car drivers in terms of plans for the upcoming 2017 season, left another mark on 2016 as young, Indiana based wheel man Parker Price Miller etched his name on the record books with a convincing win in the annual Canadian Sprint Car Nationals at Ohsweken Speedway on Sunday night.

The win, in which Price Miller kept a stout field of 360 sprinters behind him, earned him $12,000 and opened even more eyes to what he has been accomplishing over the second half of the season. It was not Price Miller's first podium finish at the famed Ontario oval, Miller had finished third in a previous World of Outlaw feature last season.

Full Press Release Here


1. Parker Price Miller
2. Steve Poirier
3. Jessica Friesen
4. Chuck Hebing
5. Dustin Daggett
6. Sam Hafertepe Jr.
7. Coleman Gulick
8. Ryan Susice
9. Mitch Brown
10. Bryan Howland
11. Mark Smith
12. Jared Horstman
13. JordanThomas
14. Jim Huppunen
15. Carson Macedo
16. Mikey Kruchka
17.  Yan Bilodeau
18. Parker Evans
19. Shane Donath
20. Dylan Westbrook
21. Jake Brown
22. Glenn Styres
23. Amber Balcean
24. Scott Kreutter
25. Devin Carron
26. Tyler Hendricks

Schatz and Saldana Split Outlaw Action:

Yes, Donny Schatz won again on Friday night at Clay County Fairground Speedway (IA). No, we have no idea how many Schatz's Shots to award since the press release does not indicate the number of lapped cars. It turns out Schatz stole the win away from Daryn Pittman on the last two laps en route to his 22nd year of the season.

Full Press Release Here:

But the Outlaws weren't quite ready to display the white flag on Saturday night as Joey Saldana registered his first tour win since June 22 at US 36 Raceway in Missouri with NSL drivers in attendance. Danny "The Dude" Lasoski took home NSL honors with a sixth place finish.

Full Press Release Here:

Wolfe Sets New Track Record and Destroys Field at Selinsgrove:

Lucas Wolfe pretty much destroyed any hope of a competitive Jim Nace Memorial at Selinsgrove Speedway on Saturday night as he set a track record, race record, earned a heat win, and almost lapped all the way up to half the field.  The annual race serves as one final test and tune before the eyes of central PA turn to Lincoln Speedway for the annual Dirt Classic $20,000 to win show this Saturday night.

Full Press Release Here:


1. Lucas Wolfe 2. Greg Hodnett 3. Ryan Smith 4. Brent Marks 5. Blaine Heimbach 6. Doug Esh
7. TJ Stutts 8. Aaron Ott 9. Jason Schultz 10. Danny Dietrich 11. Brock Zearfoss
12. Steve Buckwalter 13. Curt Stroup 14. Rick Lafferty 15. Kody Lehman 16. Dustin Baney
18. Michael Walter II 19. Derek Locke 20. Vince Snyder 21. Charlie Anderson 22. Eric Tomecek

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