Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The TDN Super Late Model Power Poll: The Final Week!

So it's come to this. The final week of scoring for this here poll.  I know, I know, I promised this Monday night, but truth is, I totally forgot, and by the time I did remember, I was hammered. Let's be honest here, though. Chances are you were hammered Monday night, too. So it's probably for the best that I delayed this until tonight. No ragerts.

By the pic in the header, it's pretty clear who won this thing this year. It's been the header damn near every week this season. Max had an incredible year. By the rules of this poll, he had seven wins. In reality, he has 26 wins this year between supers and crates so far. 26. And he's got a fair amount of races to run yet. 30 wins is looking pretty likely. That's straight insane. 

All that got me thinking here as I tally this all up for the year. I tried to include specials this year, because so many tracks had specials on their regular race nights that I almost had too, or this thing wouldn't be looking so good. However, as it pertained to WoO races, I had to make judegemnt calls about who i considered an area local/regional driver. I don't particularly care for any kind of judgement calls in stat based things. Stats should be above that. Also, specials not on a track's regular racing night precluded some drivers from running those regular race nights. That all skewed the results of this poll some, though I truly believe the top ten would would probably still be the top ten.

So in 2017, for this poll, I'm scoring any and all super late model races held in Pennsylvania from May 1st through Labor Day weekend.   Doesn't matter the night.This is going to be the breakdown. Regular weekly show: 5 point scale. Special paying less than 5k: 7 point scale. Special paying 5k to 10k: 8 point scale. Special paying 10k-20k: 10 point scale. Special paying 20k and up: 20 point scale. All drivers score. No judgement calls about locals/regionals. If somebody like Josh Richards or Jonathan Davenport wins one of those huge specials, they're getting the points in this poll for it.

But that's next year. Let's finish talking about this year. This is the final tally for all points scored by my rules in 2016. We'll do the weekend results for the top ten, then list every driver who scored a point this year in order.

1. Max Blair*******, 82 points. Max ran second at Eriez Sunday night.

2. Alex Ferree*******, 70 points. Alex didn't score any points this week.

3. Jeff Rine*******, 62 points. Jeff ran fourth at Selinsgrove Saturday.

4. Dylan Yoder*****, 56 points. Dylan ran second at Bedford Friday, and third at Port Royal Saturday.

5. Russ King**, 51 points. Russ didn't score any points this week.

6. Jared Miley****, 50 points. Jared didn't score any points this week.

6. Rob Blair*****, 50 points. Rob won at Eriez Sunday.

8. Matt Cosner*******, 44 points. Matt won at Bedford Friday.

9. Michael Norris***, 42 points. Mike didn't score any points this week.

10. Andy Haus**, 38 points. And didn't score any points this week.

And that's the top ten super late model drivers in western Pennsylvania in 2016 by the rules of this poll. 

And now for the best of the rest.

11. Joe Martin**, Keith Barbara**, 37 points. 

13. Coleby Frye***, 35 points. 

14.  Mike Blose***, 34 points. 

15. Matt Lux***, 33 points. 

16.  Tim Senic****, 30 points. 

17. Michael Lake****, 28 points. 

18.  Dave Hess Jr.*, 26 points. 

19.  Chuck Clise**, 25 points. 

20.  Greg Oakes*, 24 points.

21. Brandon Burgoon*, Chad Hollenbeck**, 23 points. 

23. Shawn Claar, 22 points. 

24. Mike Pegher Jr. **, Gregg Satterlee*, 21 points. 

26. Billy Eash*, 20 points. 

27. Dan Angeliccio*, Mat Sponaugle*, 19 points. 

29. Clate Copeman, Devin Friese**, 18 points. 

30. DJ Troutman*, Steve Campbell*, 17 points. 

32. Dave Blazavich**, Billy Holbert*. John Flinner**, Gene Knaub*,  16 points. 

36. John Mollick*, Bump Hedman, 15 points. 

38. Scott Rhodes*, 14 points. 

29. Tommy Beck, Mason Ziegler, Bryan Bernheisel, 13 points. 

32. Darrell Bossard, Christian Schneider*, Mike Lupfer, 12 points. 

35. Doug Glessner, Gary Stuhler, Cody Hardesty, Gary Dalton**, DJ Myers, 11 points. 

40. Kenny Moreland, Chris Hackett, Kyle Hardy*, John Volpe, 10 points. 

44. Matt Urban, 9 points. 

45. Jim Yoder*, Allen Brannon, John Over, Luke Hoffner, Kenny Schaltenbrand, Andrew Wylie*, 8 points. 

51. Josh Holtgraver, Dale Hollidge, Nick Dickson*, Tim Wilson, Tony Adams, Steve Kania, Dan Stone, 7 points. 

58. Devin Moran, Levi Sikora,Jeff Miller, Dutch Davies, 6 points. 

62. Hayes Mattern*, Jake Finnerty, Rick Singleton, Tim Smith Jr., Dave Zona, David Scott, John Lobb, 5 points. 

69. Andrew Yoder, Rich Gellner, Brian Booze, Kenny Pettyjohn, Mike Altobelli, Matt Cochran, Jake Gunn, Jason Schmidt, Robbie Scott, Chris Casner, Trent Brenneman, 4 points. 

80. Andy Fries, Dave Stamm, Donnie Schick, Doug Eck, Justin Weaver, Chub Frank, Danny Snyder, Chad Wright, Chad McLellan, Rich Gardner, Matt Parks, Tommy Schirnofer, 3 points. 

92. Gary Lyle, John Hershman, Scott Flickinger, Bobby Watt, Bob Gordon, Jason Smith, Dave Troutman, Meade Hahn, 2 points. 

100. Chuck Sarver, Ryan Christoff, Patrick Bryner, Butch Nupert, Joe Kelly, Daris Deneen, Dewayne Tanneyhill, Tommy Shafrer, Jimmy Kurpakus, Eric Andrusm John Meyer, Rich Sala, Tony Musolino, Bob Dorman, Michael Oakes, 1 point. 

And that's it for 2016. Congrats to Max Blair. We'll start this up again next May, so until then....

Keep looking at TDN, We're always coming up with new shit to read. So you should read it.


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  1. Thanks for the write up. Question though. Whats the scoring system? Whats the asterix mean? John Volpe, listed at 40 does not have an asterix. He won ULMS at thunder mountain. 7 points, correct? Thanks