Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 14

Hey there folks, it's Tuesday and I'm updating the rankings I keep for the super late models in Western PA. I know, I know, it's day later than usual, but let me explain. I delayed it for two reasons.

1: Yesterday was national day of mourning for the dirt racing community. I'd write the reason why, but Gary summed it up perfectly here.  R.I.P Bryan Clauson

2: I don't know if I'd ever mentioned it here before, but the AC in my house was busted for the past month or so. We finally got a guy out to the house yesterday to see what was up and I'm currently in my  home office where it is a comfortable 70 degrees.

This week, all the tracks in my poll got their shows in except Roaring Knob, who didn't have super late models scheduled this week. Marion Center had their biggest purse race ever, paying a cool 5k to win, so they got the expanded specials points. Selinsgrove had two super late model features (one was a make up race from earlier this season) so drivers there had the opportunity to double up on their points.

Now lets get to those rankings,.

1. Max Blair******, 66 points. Max ran second at Marion Center Saturday and picked up the win at Eriez Sunday.

2. Alex Ferree*****, 59 points. Alex Ran second at Lernerville Friday and got a fourth at Marion Center Saturday.

3. Jeff Rine*******, 53 points. Jeff ran fourth at Bedford Friday, and won one of the two features at Selinsgrove Saturday. In non-scoring action, he got seventh in Selinsgrove's other feature.

4. Russ King**, 48 points. Russ got the win Friday at Lernerville.

5. Dylan Yoder*****, 42 points. Dylan won Saturday night at Port Royal. In non-scoring action, ran second in Clinton County's special Friday night.

6. Jared Miley****, 38 points. Jared didn't race at all this weekend.

6. Rob Blair***, 38 points. Rob ran second at Eriez on Sunday.

8. Joe Martin**, 35 points. Joe didn't score any points this weekend. Only place I saw any other results for him was Dog Hollow, where he ran seventh.

9. Michael Lake****, 28 points. Michael won at Dog Hollow Friday.

9. Andy Haus**, 28 points. Andy didn't score any points this week. Only place I saw his name in results was Port Royal, where he ran tenth.

9. Keith Barbara**, 28 points. Keith won at Marion Center Saturday.

And that's the first ten spots on my list this week. With just a few weeks remaining and the season Max Blair is having, I'm not sure anybody can catch him, but there will be a whole lot of points up for grabs at Lernerville Labor Day Weekend, so if anybody is going to catch him, that's the weekend it's going to happen.

That said, I totally wanted to put Katie Ledecky number one in this week's polll. The ass-whopping she laid on the field the other night was Bloomquist levels of dominance. I was a little disappointed she didn't get out of the pool and crotch chop the camera. That would have been fun.

This week, the preliminary weather reports once again look sketchy for this weekend, so hopefully we get some shows in. Until next week, may your beers stay dirty and your tracks racy. And most importantly, let's all start thinking of ways to make racing safer. There's been way too much tragedy in dirt racing the last decade or so, most of it in open wheel racing. We've got to find a way to minimize the chances for injury or worse.


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  1. we all knew rob could teach his son how to be a good races driver but now he is one of the best. [go MAX]