Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A World 100 preview or something.

So, yeah, some big late model racing party is happening starting Thursday on the other side of Ohio. I figured it best if we here at TDN wrote some stuff about it, so I'm doing my usual preview stuff. I'll do the typical six questions them some predictions. 

Who: 100+ of the very best dirt late model drivers in the country, roughly 20k rabid dirt racing fans, Roger Slack's pyromania, Ben Shelton's way too manicured for dirt racing hair, and Shane Andrews lack thereof.

What: The biggest and most well known race in dirt late model racing. 100 laps, 30 cars for 48k. I know, I know, other races do pay more than that, but I guarantee if you walk through the pits and ask dirt late model drivers which race they most want to win, it's this one. They can brag about winning  The Globe for years. 

Where: Some random dirt track near the Indiana border of Ohio. Ok, I'm kidding. It's at the most famous track in all of dirt racing. People who don't know shit about dirt racing know about Eldora. Yeah, some of that is because of the NASCRAP affair held there every July, but even before that, randoms who don't know that dirt racing even existed somehow knew about the World 100 and King's Royal sprint car shindig. 

When: Thursday night at 8PM through Saturday night at midnight or so.

Why: Because here in 'Murica, we really like displays of massive amounts of horsepower, and drinking beer whilst watching those vulgar displays of power (interestingly enough, I'm listening to Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power while I type this).

How: You could always drive on out to the other side of Ohio and buy some tickets to watch the races. Or, if you're not fortunate enough to do that, Eldora is offering a sweet PPV package for the race. Details can be found about that here.

Okay, let's do some predicting.

Who will win 

Scott Bloomquist has been crazy hot the last couple weeks after a lackluster (by his standards) start to the season. He's typically very, very good at Eldora. You add insane  momentum to a guy who's already good at The World and you've got to go with Bloomer for the win. You only have to look at his redonculous performance from last year as evidence to how good he is.

Who won't win

Tim McCreadie hasn't ever been that good at Eldora, and this year has been something of a struggle for him. I can't see this being the year he finally breaks through there. I'd love to see it, though. I'm a huge T-Mac fan. 

Who could shock The World

Davey Johnson will have some of the best equipment in the pits this weekend (pretty much the same stuff as Bloomquist) and when he's on he's on. He's very experienced in 100 lappers. If he qualifies well, I could absolutely see Davey J coming home with The Globe.

So that's my World 100 preview. Hope it was helpful.

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