Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Pick'Em Contest

It's time once again for the annual TDN Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Pick'emContest!  If you played our Firecracker Pick'em Contest, then you're already familiar with the way it goes, and if not, it's fairly simple.

Our prizes this year go as follows: 

1st Place: $50 Visa Gift Card
2nd Place: 2015 Silver Cup Tshirt
3rd Place: $15 Subway Gift Card

Our prizes are courtesy our wonderful sponsors:

R and R Enterprises
Turners Premium Iced Tea
Bryan Decals

How it works:

After you input your name and email address (email addresses kept confidential, used as a way of contacting a prize winner) , you will type in your own selections when prompted by our survey monkey site!

Your selections will be scored with the race results in the following manner:

Feature: 1st(30), 2nd(27), 3rd(24), 4th(22), 5th(20), 6th(19), 7th(18), 8th(17), 9th(16), 10th(15), 11th(14), 12th(13), 13th(12), 14th(11), 15th(10), 16th(9), 17th(8), 18th(7), 19th(6), 20th(5), 21st(4), 22nd(3), 23rd(2), 24th(1)

Time Trials: 1st(5), 2nd(4), 3rd(3), 4th(2), 5th(1)

So, are you ready to play? It's free as are all our contests at TDN. We strive to provide new ways to enhance the racing experience and have some fun!

Just click the link below to enter your selections!

2015 Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Pick'Em Contest

So good luck, have fun, and thanks for playing from all of us at TDN!


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