Thursday, April 30, 2015

Just a Reminder Folks... The TDN Weekly Super Late Model Power Poll Starts Tomorrow Night

Hey there dirt peeps. The tremendously popular weekly super late model power poll is back for the 2015 season. This year's poll is going to look pretty different. Weekly super late model racing is dwindling in the area, and I lost McKean, AMP, and McKean as venues that actually scored points.

That led me to make the decision to spread the poll out to every track in the state of Pennsylvania that runs super late models weekly. The following tracks will be scored: Lernerville, Dog Hollow,  Bedford,  Marion Center, Roaring Knob, Selinsgrove, Port Royal and Eriez. That takes me back up to 8 tracks avaiable to score points.

Now remember, just like last year's poll, ONLY weekly events will be scored. I thought about maybe adding a show up point system for tracks that run specials on regular race nights, but that takes away from the spirit of what I'm doing here. I'm trying to determine the best weekly racer in the state.

As far as those points, I'm using the same straight forward scoring system I did last year. A win equals 5 points and each position after that drops on point down to 1 point for 5th. Why don't I go all the way back through the fields? Because, if I'm trying to determine who's best, 6th through the tail aren't that, ya know?

Drivers will score points from May 1st through August 30th, and whoever has the most points is champion.

Pictured above is 2014 champ Alex Ferree. We'll see if he can defend that title.

See yinz jags Monday for the weekly update. 

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