Monday, June 9, 2014

Western Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 6

Happy Monday rednecks and people with redneck tendencies. It's time for this week's update to the local super late model rankings. 

This week, out of the nine scoring tracks, seven of them got the show in (in Marion Center's case, they got two shows in, due to a make up feature). The only tracks that didn't run scoring show this weekend were PPMS, that had a monster truck "spectacular" instead of racing, and Eriez, who rained out.

1. Alex Ferree, 23 points. Alex stays at the top of the rankings, albeit tied for first, despite only scoring points at one track this weekend. He came home fourth at Lernerville. He's still leading the points at Lernerville, and I'm sure he'd like to keep that points lead until the Firecracker in a couple weeks.

1. Clate Copeman, 23 points. Clate moves up to a tie for the lead on the strength of a second at Dog Hollow Friday and a third and a fourth in Marion Center's two features Saturday. He's in the throes of having a damn good season.

2. Russ King, 18 points. Russ stays in second this week, with his only scoring track being Lernerville, where he finished third and tightened up the points race with Ferree to just two points. It's shaping up to be a pretty good battle between them at Lernerville.

3. Duane Stiner,17 points. Duane moves up one spot based on a second in one of Marion Center's two features. He also ran Dog Hollow this weekend, but didn't finish in a scoring position there or in Marion Center's other feature. 

3. Rob Blair, 18 points. Rob moves up one spot to third on the strength of a second at McKean County Raceway Saturday night. I'm sure he would have scored even more points if Eriez had managed to get the show in Sunday, but those are the breaks sometimes.

4. Mike Blose, 16 points. Much like Stiner, Blose moves up one spot based on a second in one of Marion Center's features. He also ran Dog Hollow Friday, but didn't score there or in Marion Center's other feature. 

4. Ron Delano, 16 points. Ron moves up three spots based on his win at Dog Hollow Friday night and a third at Roaring Knob Saturday. I'd say that's a pretty good weekend all the way around for him. 

5. Doug Glessner, 12 points. Doug moves into the top 10 with a win at Marion Center Saturday night. He finished just outside of the top five, thus didn't score any more points, in the second feature. I don't think he ran anywhere on Friday. 

5. Max Blair, 12 points. Young Max moves into the top ten for the first time this season with a win over his dad Saturday night at McKean. I doubt he'll stay on here though, because of the weekends he'll miss while touring with the NDRL.

6. Luke Hoffner, 11 points. Luke moves into the top 10 with a win at AMP on Saturday night. I don't know if he ran anywhere Friday night. 

So that's the top ten this week. See you silly little sailors next Monday. 

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