Monday, June 30, 2014

Western Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 9

Hey Folks, much like the rest of western Pennsylvania's late model fanbase, I was at Lernerville Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the Firecracker and had a great time, but that doesn't mean I was going to slack off on my love for the weekly racing scene and forgo the rankings this week. I kept a close eye on the results from all the weekly tracks I use to to compute these scores and added them on to my spreadsheet that I reference for this article every week.

Obviously, Lernerville didn't score this week, because of the Firecracker. Eriez didn't score because it rained out. Bedford ran a sprint special and no super lates, so they didn't score either. Dog Hollow, Marion Center, AMP, McKean, Roaring Knob and PPMS (who ran a regular late model show in companion to their sprint special Sunday night) all got regular shows in this weekend, and drivers scored their points as usual.

1. Alex Ferree, 37 points. Alex remains at the top of the rankings this week, despite spending the weekend at Lernerville (where he had a very solid weekend for a local against an extremely deep field of national invaders). He ended up running PPMS Sunday, finishing second to his dad Ed, who won his first race in quite some time.

2. Mike Blose, 31 points. Mike jumps up to second in these rankings based on his win Friday night at Dog Hollow. He also ran Marion Center Saturday, but finished a disappointing eighth and didn't score any points.

3. Clate Copeman, 29 points. Clate didn't score any points this week, but obviously, the strong results earlier in the season keep him in striking distance of the lead. He ran Dog Hollow Friday, though and came home seventh. I didn't recall seeing his name in the results anywhere else this weekend, though.

4. Duane Stiner, 26 points. Duane scored a fifth at Dog Hollow and third at AMP to keep himself near the top of these standings too.

4. Rob Blair, 26 points. Rob didn't score any points this weekend, as he spent most of the weekend at Lernerville crew-chiefing for his son Max. He attempted to run Eriez on Sunday, though and even won a heat. One would have to think that he'd have ended up scoring some points if they got the whole show in, but those are the breaks.

4. Max Blair, 26 points. As I just referenced, Max was at Lernerville most of the weekend running with the WoO. He had a rather disappointing three nights, though. Just never seemed to hit the setup right. He attempted to salvage the weekend by running Eriez with his dad Sunday, but alas, mother nature declared that not to be so. In a bit of deja vu', in the heat race they did get to run at Eriez, much like Alex Ferree finishing second to his dad, Max finished second to his.

5. Luke Hoffner, 23 points. Luke finished a strong third at AMP to keep himself alive in these rankings. I am unsure if he ran anywhere else this weekend. I didn't see his name in any results.

6. Shawn Claar, 21 points. Shawn had a pretty good racing weekend by most standards, coming home third at Dog Hollow Friday and second at Marion Center Saturday.

7. Doug Glessner, 20 points. The only place I saw Doug's name in the results this weekend was Marion Center, but he he had the best night of them all, coming home with the win.

8. Russ King and Ron Delano both have 18 points. Neither scored any points this weekend. Russ struggled most of the weekend at Lernerville, only making one feature out of three. The only place I saw Ron's name this weekend was Dog Hollow and he came home a disappointing (for him, at least) 14th.

That's the top ten (okay, eleven because of a tie) folks, I'll see ya next week, same bat time, same bat place. 

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