Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Western Pennsylvania Super Late Model Power Poll: Week 8

Hey folks, I know it's a day late this week. I had some computer issues yesterday and couldn't get it done. I got 'em ironed out now, and everything seems to be cool, so that means it's time for my weekly update to the rankings.

This week, Lernerville, Dog Hollow, Roaring Knob, Marion Center, America's Raceway Park, McKean County Raceway and Eriez all got their shows in. Bedford had a special and PPMS rained/mudded out.

So let's get to some rankings...

1. Alex Ferree, 33 points. Alex remains at the top of the rankings despite only getting one scoring track in this week, Friday at Lernerville. He came home second.

2. Clate Copeman, 29 points. Clate stays in second this week. He came home second at Dog Hollow to score his only points of the weekend. He also ran Marion Center Center Saturday, but finished tenth and didn't score any points.

3. Mike Blose, 26 points. Mike had one of those dream weekends to boost him up in this points race. We won Friday at Dog Hollow and Saturday at Dog Hollow.

3. Rob Blair, 26 points. Rob only scored points this week at Eriez, but the points he scored were the five one gets for winning a feature. He was crewing for son Max at Bedford and Port Royal the other nights of the weekend.

3. Max Blair, 26 points. Max moves into a tie with his dad by finishing second to him at Eriez. As mentioned above, he was off chasing NDRL northeast races the rest of the weekend. He got fourth at Bedford and tenth at Port Royal.

4. Duane Stiner, 22 points. Duane only scored at one track this weekend, but picked up the big five points for winning Saturday night at AMP. I'm unsure if he ran anywhere Friday.

5. Luke Hoffner, 19 points. Luke only ran AMP this week too, and ironically, he came home second right behind Duane Stiner. I am also unsure if he ran anywhere Friday.

6. Ron Delano, 18 points. Ron only scored points at Roaring Knob Saturday, coming home fourth. I don't think he ran anywhere else during the weekend.

6. Russ King, 18 points. Russ didn't score any points this week, much like last week. He ran Lernerville Friday coming home an unlucky thirteenth. I'm not sure if he ran anywhere else this weekend.

7. Doug Glessner, 15 points. Doug's only scored points this week came on Saturday at Marion Center, where he came home third. I didn't see his name in the results anywhere else this weekend.

So that's it for this week. See yinz jags next week.

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