2018 TDN "Silly Season" Page. 410's-Super Late Model-& NE Modified Updates

Welcome to the silly season! That great time of year where the rumors get thick with intrigue. And in our offseason, it's what keeps us warm until we get back to the track. Who's running where? Who's running what? What series is going to have which drivers gracing the clay come April? You've seen this section on various websites, but if you follow more than one division, it's multiple mouse clicks. Until now.....

We'll help keep you updated on the happenings in all three top divisions here at TDN. It's what we do, saving your fingers and keeping it all on the same page!
So check in periodically, we'll be updating this frequently and will announce via twitter/facebook when we've refreshed it!

410 Sprints:

Pat Miller Photo

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Confirmed World of Outlaws in 2017:
  • Donny Schatz  
  • Parker Price Miller
  • Daryn Pittman
  • Sheldon Haudenschild
  • David Gravel
  • Ian Madsen
  • Logan Schuchart
  • Jacob Allen
  • Greg Wilson
  • Shane Stewart
  • Brad Sweet
  • Jason Sides
  • Kraig Kinser
  • Jason Johnson
  • Clyde Knipp
  • Brent Marks
  • Dane Lorenc
Confirmed All Star Circuit of Champions Drivers
  • Dave Blaney
  • Max Stambaugh
  • Carl Bowser
  • Caleb Helms
  • Chad Kemenah
  • Jac Haudenschild
  • Cale Conley
  • Aaron Reutzel
  • Tyler Esh
  • Ayrton Olsen
USAC National Sprint Car Series Drivers
  • Justin Grant
  • Kevin Thomas Jr. 
  • Brady Bacon
  • Dave Darland
  • Tim Buckwalter
  • Tyler Courtney
  • Kyle Cummins
Drivers Looking for a ride:
  • Dale Blaney
  • Ryan Bernal
  • Chad Boespflug
  • Danny Lasoski
  • Giovani Scelzi

1/25/18- Skyar Gee and Robbie Price will both tour with the Lucas Oil ASCS series in 2018. 

1/24/18- Tim Shafer will most likely run a similar schedule to 2018, with a strong mix of WoO and ASCoC dates plus high paying shows in his geography with Demyan-Rudzik racing. 

1/23/18- Travis Rilat will run the Lucas Oil ASCS tour in 2018 for BDS Motorsports. 

1/22/18- Chase Dietz will focusing on 360 Winged events in 2018 and will also partake in the new USAC East Wingless series as well. 

1/18/18- Dominic Scelzi will race a similar schedule in 2018 for JE Inc./Red Rose Transportation

1/17/18- Cale Conley will be touring with the ASCoC in 2018 for Dave Jessup racing. 

1/17/18- Carl Bowser will be touring with the ASCoC in 2018 for Chiapelli Motorsports. 

1/17/18- Caleb Helms will be touring with the ASCoC in 2018 with Big Jerk as primary sponsor. 

1/17/18- Brian Brown will be runing a similar schedule in 2018 with 410 event touring and Knoxville racing highlighting the action. He will start the season in Florida with ASCoC and WoO dates.

1/15/18- Logan Wagner will race full time at Port Royal Speedway in the Zemco ride in 2018. 

1/12/18- Max Stambaugh will race with the ASCoC in 2018. 

1/9/17- Dave Blaney will race with the ASCOC for Pete Grove racing in 2018. 

12/30/17- Danny Smith will be running a similar schedule to 2017, starting the season in Florida. 

12/31/17- Brock Zearfoss will be involved in more touring in 2018, hitting more ASCoC and WoO shows close to home. 

12/30/17- Tim Buckwalter will run the USAC National Sprint Car Tour in 20178. 

12/27/17- Sye Lynch will race weekly at Lernerville while hitting special events at PPMS and Sharon Speedway in 2018. 

12/19/17- Josh Baughman will be scaling back his schedule in 2018 to two dozen 410 and 360 races while spending more time with his family. 

12/29/17- Aaron Reutzel will follow the ASCoC in 2018, teaming up with Josh Baughman racing. 

12/25/17- Shane Golobic will run for KWS/NARC championship in 2018 for Tarlton Motorsports. 

12/20/17- Sam Hafertepe Jr. will once again compete with the Lucas Oil ASCS in 2018 for Hill's Racing. 

12/19/18- Kasey Kahne will be racing in 25-410 races or thereabouts in 2018. 

12/18/17- Brad Sweet will run with the World of Outlaws for KKR once again in 2018. 

12/14/18- Sheldon Haudenschild will run with the World of Outlaws once again in 2018 for Stenhouse-Marshall Racing. 

12/13/18- Dave Darland will run the USAC National Sprint Car tour in 2018 and other select races for Matt and Gene Goodnight. 

12/12/17- Travis Philo run a 50 race schedule in 2018, centering around WoO and ASCoC shows in the Ohio area and other high paying races in close proximity. 

12/11/18- Greg Hodnett will race a similar schedule in 2018, focusing on Central,PA. The season will start in Florida for him.  Team has switched back to Maxim after trying XXX chassis in 2018. 

12/8/17- Danny Dietrich will be expanding his mix in 2018, racing 50% of his schedule in Central, PA while racing the remainder in select WoO and ASCoC dates. 

12/8/17- Brady Bacon will follow the USAC Sprint Car tour in 2018 once again for Dooling/Hayward/Richard Childress Racing.

12/8/17- Greg Wilson will return to the World of Outlaws in 2018. 

12/8/17- Shane Stewart will once again run with the World of Outlaws in 2018 with new owner Kyle Larson

12/7/17- Tyler Courtney will run the full USAC Sprint tour for Clauson-Marshall-Newman racing in 2018. 

12/5/17- Justin Grant will run the USAC Sprint Tour once again in 2018 piloting the TOPP Performance entry. 

12/5/17- Michael Koifoid will race 70 to 80 races for Van Dyke Motorsports running a true outlaw schedule with Lucas Oil as primary sponsor. 

12/5/17- Kyle Cummins will drive on the USAC National Sprint Tour in 2018. 

12/3/17- Matt Covington will run for the Lucas Oil ASCS championship in 2018. 

12/1/17- Cory Eliason will pilot the Roth Motorsports entry with a 60 plus true outlaw schedule including WoO, ASCoC and Knoxville. He will start the year in Volusia. 

11/30/17- Kyle Hirst will race for the NARC Championship and 360 Sprint Car Challenge Tour for Roth Motorsports in 2018. 

11/27/17- Kevin Thomas Jr will replace Chad Boespflug as driver of the #69 Mean Green Machine for Hoffman racing in 2018, driving on the USAC National Sprint Tour. 

11/20/17- Jamie Ball will race for Lucas Oil ASCS National Rookie of the Year per press release, driving for White Lightning Motorsports. 

11/16/17- Chad Boespflug is no longer in the Hoffman Racing #69 Mean Green USAC National Sprint Car

11/17/17- Josh Baughman will be racing more 410 events in 2018 with a true outlaw schedule. Will be based closer to the north east, expect more OH and PA appearances. 

11/11/17- Ian Madsen will run with the World of Outlaws in 2018

11/9/17- Kerry Madsen will be running a similar schedule to 2017 with more travelling. 

11/5/17- Brent Marks returns to the World of Outlaws for another season in 2018. 

11/5/17- Jacob Allen will return to the World of Outlaws in 2018.

11/5/17- Logan Schuchart will race with the World of Outlaws again in 2018. 

11/5/17- Jason Johnson will be following the World of Outlaws once again in 2018. 

11/5/17- Dannny Lorenc will run for World of Outlaws Rookie of the year in 2018 per press release

11/5/17- Daryn Pittman will run World of Outlaws in 2018. Kale Kahne steps dow as crew chief, replaced by Justin Adams. 

11/5/17- Sheldon Haudenschild will return to the World of Outlaws in 2018. No word on sponsors at this time. 

10/31/17- NY based Joe Trenca will split time running various World of Outlaw and ASCoC events in his 410 program while also running parts of PA and OH Speedweeks and some local central, PA shows in 2018 per IBRACN

10/31/17- Spencer Bayston will race around 40 events in assorted WoO and All Star action, touring more frequently with Kevin Swindell Motorsports.

10/30/17- Joey Saldana will race 60 times or so this season, splitting time between WoO and ASCoC. He will start the season on the sprint WoO West coast swing. 

10/30/17- Donny Schatz will race with the World of Outlaws for a 22nd season. 

10/14/17- David Gravel returns to World of Outlaws full team intact per IBRACN

10/4/17- Clyde Knipp will return to the World of Outlaws for 2018 per facebook post. 

10/4/17- Parker Price Miller will run the entire World of Outlaw schedule with Destiny Motorsports in 2018. 

Drivers Looking for 2018 Rides
  • Danny Lasoski
  • Paul McMahan
  • Max Stambaugh
  • Chad Boespflug
  • Ryan Bernal

2018 Major Schedules:  As Soon As They Are Announced!

Super Late Models: 

Daylon Barr Photo
  • please note driver commitments can and do change.

Drivers Committed To Lucas Oil Late Model Series:

  • Donald McIntosh
  • Kyle Bronson
  • Tim McCreadie
  • Earl Pearson Jr
  • Jonathan Davenport
  • Bobby Pierce
  • Don O'Neal
  • Scott Bloomquist
  • Jimmy Owens
  • Darrell Lanigan
  • Josh Richards
  • Dennis Erb Jr. 
  • Hudson O'Neal
  • Ryan King
  • Gregg Satterlee
  • Boom Briggs

Drivers Committed To World Of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series:  
  • Chris Madden
  • Timothy Culp
  • Chase Junghans
  • Mike Marlar
  • Brent Larson
  • Brian Shirley
  • Tyler Erb
  • Shane Clanton
  • Rick Eckert
  • Brandon Sheppard
  • David Breazeale
  • Tyler Millwood
  • Chris Madden
  • Chris Ferguson
  • Rusty Schlenk
  • Billy Moyer Jr. 
  • Mike Marlar
  • Colton Flinner
  • Brent Larson
1/20/18- Frank Heckenast Jr. will not pursue the World of Outlaw Late Model series title in 2018 due to medical reasons. 

1/18/18- Colton Flinner will chase the World of Outlaw Late Model title in 2018. 

1/16/18- Tyler Millwood will run for World of Outlaw Late Model Rookie of the Year in 2018. 

1/3/18- Rusty Schlenk will run with the World of Outlaw Late Models in 2018. 

1/2/18- Chris Ferguson will chase the World of Outlaw Late Models Rookie of the Year award in 2018. 

12/30/17- Bobby Pierce will chase the Lucas Oil Late Model title in 2018. 

12/21/17- Brandon Overton will run with the World of Outlaw Late Models in 2018. 

12/17/18- Ryan King will compete for Lucas Oil Series Rookie of the Year in 2018. 

12/8/17- Chase Junghans will re-join the World of Outlaw Series in 2018. 

12/8/17- Rick Eckert will return to the World of Outlaws in 2018

12/8/17- Shane Clanton will return to the World of Outlaws in 2018. 

12/8/17- Brandon Sheppard will return to the World of Outlaws in 2018. 

12/8/17- Tyler Erb will return to the World of Outlaws in 2018

12/8/17- Donald McIntosh will run for Lucas Oil Series Rookie of the Year in 2018 in his family owned equipment. 

12/8/17- Kyle Bronson will run for Lucas Oil Series Rookie of the Year in 2018 in a Longhorn with Durham Power. 

12/7/17- Louisiana based driver Timothy Culp will race with the World of Outlaw Series in 2018. 

12/6/17- David Breazeale will race for World of Outlaws Rookie of the Year in 2018. 

12/6/17- GR Smith Racing tapped Brian Shirley to take the wheel of the #22 on the World of Outlaws Tour in 2018. 

12/6/17- Minnesota based Brent Larson will run for World of Outlaws rookie of the year in 2018. 

12/6/17- Michael Lake will tour close to home in 2018 it was announced recently and will make the switch from Longhorn to Rocket for Bobby Lake Motorsports. 

12/2/17- Chris Madden will drive the Barry Wright house car in 2018 and will  return for another season with the World of Outlaws. 

12/1/17- Bobby Pierce will drive the Dunn/Benson entry in 2018 and will make the move to Rocket XR-1 in the process. Schedule to be determined. 

11/30/17- Alex Ferree will return to his own equipment and will travel more in the region in 2018. Ferree will bring his sponsors from the former #10 car. 

11/27/17- Bub McCool will make a return to racing in 2018 with Randy Thompson in a Club 29 car with Jay Dickens power. McCool had not raced in a year and a half due to having to focus on his logging business. It is expected that he will pick and choose races within his geography. 

11/24/17- Jared Miley will drive in the Joe Corrado #10 car previously driven by Alex Ferree in 2018. No word yet on a comprehensive schedule. 

11/22/17- 17 year old Spencer Hughes will pilot the #10 Henderson Motorsports entry in 2018. The car will be a Longhorn with Cornett power. 

11/16/17- Earl Pearson Jr. will drive Ronnie Stuckey/Stuckey Enterprises in 2018 with the Black Diamond house car on the Lucas Oil Series.

11/16/17- Steve Francis has retired from Super Late Model racing and will serves as technical director for the Lucas Oil Series in 2018. 

11/16/17- Casey Roberts will be taking over the Blount Motorsports ride in 2018, running a similar regional/true outlaw schedule featuring a few crown jewels. 

11/15/17- Earl Pearson Jr. has departed the Dunn/Benson team and will pursue another endeavor in 2018. Dunn/Benson Motorsports has a driver on board for 2018 and will announce as soon as possible. 

11/11/17 Rumors still swirling about the 2018 plans for Dennis Erb Jr. and Steve Francis, with plans up in the air for both. Expect possible announcements after both national tour schedules are released at PRI show. 

11/7/17- Chub Frank has retired from the World of Outlaws Late Model tour and will race a more regional schedule moving forward. 

11/4/17- Jonathan Davenport will race on the Lucas tour in 2018, driving for Lance Landers with Kevin Rumley as chief engineer. Car will be a Longhorn with Durham power. 

10/31/17- Dan Stone will undergo a chassis change, moving to Longhorn cars and will start the season in Florida in 2018. 

10/10/17- Per Dirt on Dirt, Jesse Sobbing has retired from racing following doctors orders after back surgery. 

2018 Major Schedules


Northeast Modifieds:

Daylon Barr Photo

*Complete weekly track by track info forthcoming in the spring. 

Super DIRTCar Series Projected Drivers

  • Matt Sheppard
  • Peter Britten
  • Mike Mahaney
  • Mike Maresca (potential)
  • Erick Rudolph (potential)
  • Billy Decker
  • Larry Wight
  • Max McLaughlin
  • Brett Hearn
  • Tim Fuller
  • Brandon Walters (potential)
  • Stewart Friesen(partial)
  • Jimmy Phelps
  • Keith Flach

1/30/18- Mat Williamson will race weekly at Freedom Motorsports Park in 2018 and will partake in the STSS North Division, driving a Jeff Behrent prepared car. 

1/24/18- Jimmy Wells will run weekly at Accord Speedway in 2018. 

1/24/18- Brian Krummel will run weekly at Grandview Speedway in 2018 in the Zubikowski 17z, and in the STSS North series as well as other specials. 

1/24/18- Tim Hindley will return to OFCS weekly in 2018. 

1/15/18- Matt Sheppard will race the entire STSS North and South regions in 2018, driving for Shawn Ward Racing. He will also race in the 92s at Outlaw Speedway on Friday nights weekly in addition to his own 9s team based in central, NY. 

1/11/18- Billy Pauch Jr. will call New Egypt Speedway home once again in 2018. 

1/11/18- David Van Horn will run at New Egypt Speedway again in 2018. 

1/11/18- Wade Henderickson will drive at New Egypt, Bridgeport and the STSS South region in 2018. 

1/10/18- Willy Decker will compete at Albany-Saratoga Speedway and other specials in the area with Dodson racing in 2018. 

1/10/18- Central PA limited late model star, Ron Kline, will be making a return to weekly modified racing action for the first time in over a decade. Kline has purchased a used Teo Pro Car and will compete weekly at Grandview Speedway. Kline currently sits 4th in the all-time late model win list at Grandview..

1/10/18- Sprint car star Davey Sammons will be scaling back his sprint car efforts in 2018 and going modified racing on a weekly basis. Sammons has purchased a Bicknell chassis and plans to run weekly at New Egypt Speedway in the modified division. Sammons will continue to run select local 410 and 360 sprint car shows along with his weekly modified racing schedule.

1/9/18- Dom Buffalino will join Pakenham Motorsports in 2018 aboard their #18 modified. Buffalino will join the weekly field at New Egypt Speedway and will travel with the teams big block equipment to select high paying events

1/8/18- Wade Hendrickson replaced Dom Buffalino aboard the Michaels Bros. Racing 51m. Hendrickson drove a second 51 entry at Bridgeport Speedway’s Turkey Chase Weekend in November after parting ways with Craig Pondish. Hendrickson and his new team will compete weekly at either New Egypt or Bridgeport and will also travel to select specials.

12/20/17- Rocky Warner is officially the driver of the Jake Spraker 1J in 2018. Warner and Spraker won 75 sportsman races together over the past 3 seasons, and Warner was awarded by taking over driving duties of the team's modified equipment when Spraker and former driver Ronnie Johnson parted ways in September to give Warner a chance to showcase that he was ready for the full-time move. Warner and Spraker will compete weekly at Fonda Speedway with the big-block and will run select small block and big block specials.

12/19/17- Danny Bouc will replace Wade Hendrickson aboard the Craig Pondish Racing #6. Bouc will continue to drive the family-owned #32 weekly at New Egypt Speedway while following the Short Track Super Series and other select high-paying events with the Pondish team.

12/8/17- Ronnie Johnson will be indenturing to the seat of his own #2 car in 2018 after parting with Jake Spraker. Johnson, a two time track champion at Fonda Speedway will return to Lebanon Valley Speedway on Saturday nights for the first time in over a decade. 

12/8/17- Demetrios Drellos will take over the duties at Nelson Motorsports #85 Big Block Modified which was driven part time by Erik Nelson in 2017.  Drellos and Nelson will drive weekly at Fonda Speedway in 2018. The family owned #111 Modified will be able to tour more extensively to Big Block and 358 Modified races in 2018. 

1/8/17- Sportsman standout Brian Papiez will take over driving duties for the #901 of Hewlett Racing, formerly piloted in high paying events by Ryan Godown. The team will compete weekly at New Egypt Speedway in 2018. 

11/30/17- Announced earlier in the year, Danny Johnson will run the Super DIRTcar Series once again in 2018 following a year off of full time tour chasing. He will run weekly at Fonda Speedway with Shackleton Motorsports. 

1130/17- Larry Wight and Pat Ward will not follow the entire Super DIRTcar Series this year. Wight will run weekly at Brewerton Speedway and Ward will run weekly at Brewerton, Fulton and Utica-Rome in 2018. 

11/30/170 Tad Cox is retiring from competition after running Bridgeport, New Egypt, Grandview and East Windsor in years past. 

11/30/17- Former 358 Driver Mike Stine is returning to the seat of a Modified joining Lernerville's weekly field in 2018.

11/30/17- Vetaran driver Bob Vedder is retiring from competition. He had been runing Glen ridge Motorsports Park and Fonda Speedway. 

11-20-17 At the current time, teams are formulating plans for 2018. Expect announcements very soon after the annual Gobbler Race and Race Parts Shows/Swaps 

11/20/17- Yan Bussiere is returning to 358 Racing to run weekly at Granby and Drummond and will still travel with a big block in 2018.

11/20/17- Bud Watson will be driving a Big Block Modified at Lernerville and Sharon Speedway weekly in 2018, leaving the E-Modified divisions. 

2018 Major Schedules: (As Soon As They Are Announced)

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